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Gary Bettenhausen and Larry Dickson in unison and in the zone.
(Al Console Photo)

November 1, 2009


It’s Sunday morning, November 1.

Like a few million other folks, I suppose, my attention has turned once or twice to what might happen on those banks at Talladega this afternoon.

To watch the Sprint Cup gang negotiate en masse the sprawling superspeedway for 500 miles, often in perfect three-deep, row-by-row formation, is beyond amazing. What a testimony to incredible driving skills, mutual trust – and guts. There is nothing quite like it in the world.

Obviously, this kind of spectacle could not take place at some 30- or 50-lapper on a short track. However, short tracks have often been host to another kind of driving exhibitionism, which might just be called getting in the zone.

Sometimes a couple of racers, when both are really hooked up, seem to be able to transcend the normal relationship between cars and track. Incredibly, such was the case for four straight years when Larry Dickson and Gary Bettenhausen offered up the “Larry and Gary Show,” sharing the USAC Sprint Car title just among themselves from 1968 through 1971. Joyce Standridge writes about the phenomenon in Win It or Wear It.

…it’s difficult to explain the magic that occurred. “It was a privilege to watch Gary and Larry race,” says a contemporary. “…you were just racing for third place and in awe of the show in front of you. I don’t think they were ever pals – the stakes were too high – but I doubt they respected anyone on the track more than they did each other.”

It can happen on a single night, as well. In his new book I’ll Never Be Last Again, Bill Wimble recalls pulling into Airborne Park Speedway in Plattsburgh, N.Y., in the early sixties and seeing a buddy from distant race nights past, Buck Holliday.

Over the years Buck and Floyd (Geary, Buck’s car owner) raced more in the Northern Territory, while I traveled south after NASCAR laurels. Buck and I came across each other occasionally along the way, renewing our somewhat unusual combination of friendship and rivalry. Several years later, I was in the McCredy #33 on a Sunday night and there was an extra distance race at Plattsburgh. Buck pulled in the pits with the C-38, and did we ever go at it, lap after lap after lap. It was as if no other cars were there. Never had two drivers been farther on the edge than we were that night on that wide and racy dirt. I don’t know why we didn’t wreck, but somehow we never touched. We passed each other over and over. In the end I won – and it is one of the races I actually remember winning.

Tom Avenengo, the Pennsylvania-based racing historian and all around good guy, recently sent around the clip below from It’s likely Australia in the late fifties or sixties. No question the two drivers featured stretched rather frighteningly the normal zone of human performance, much to the delight of the 35,000 fans.

Sure, they were not going 200 mph as the NASCAR boys will be doing this afternoon in Alabama, and it was a five-lap match race, not a 500-miler. But those dudes down under had no cages over their Cromwell helmets, no Randy Lajoie seats, no Nomex, no nerf bars, no soft walls.

Which do you think is the better show?

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