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Expanded Edition


Today’s Sprint Kings,
Vol. 1

Today’s Sprint Kings,
Vol. 2


Auto Racing, I Gave You
the Best Years of My Life


Competition Portraits:
The Dirt Champion Cars

Sprint Car Showdown

DID YOU SEE THAT? Unforgettable Moments
in Midwest Open-Wheel Racing


Sprint Car Salvation

Big Car Thunder - Sprint
Cars on America’s Fair Circuits, Vol. l

The Rim Riders

Valley County Thunder:
The History of Racing
at Ord, Nebraska

Dirt Road to
a Silver Crown

Dialed In -
The Jan Opperman Story

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Price: $29.95

Autographed Collector’s Edition with additional photos
Price: $49.95

Expanded Edition

By Dave Argabright

Jack Hewitt remains one of the most memorable characters in modern motorsports. His autobiography is finally back in print after the original printing sold out long ago.

Updated with two new chapters and an additional gallery of photos, Hewitt’s Law continues to entertain and inspire.

Jack’s spectacular career took him from
extremely humble roots to the Indianapolis 500 to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

Hard cover, 336 pp. 64 pp. of color and B&W photos.

Price: $24.95

Publication Delayed
until Spring 2018
A Jimmy Wilson Racing Adventure

by Dave Argabright

Fifth in the Jimmy Wilson fictional series based on the USAC Sprint Car
trail of the 1970s.

Hard cover, 336 pages.

Price: $29.95

Today’s Sprint Kings, Vol. 1

by Gerald Hodges

Features 13 driver chapters including: The Saga of Tony Stewart, Kenny Adams "The Malabar Missile", Lance Dewease, Jerrod Hull, Parker Price-Miller, Dave Steele, "Bullet" Bryan Clauson, David Gravel, Paul McMahan, Greg Wilson, Logan Schuchart, Jac Haudenschild, and Ted Johnson and his World of Outlaws.

Soft cover, 284 pages, 138 B&W photos and references.

Price: $29.95

Today’s Sprint Kings, Vol. 2

by Gerald Hodges

Features 16 of today's greatest sprint car drivers: Donny Schatz, Greg Hodnett, Brady Bacon, Johnny Herrera, Terry McCarl, Jason Meyers, Stevie Smith, Kasey Kahne Racing, Brad Sweet, Dave Darland, Brent Marks, Chad Kemenah, Jason Sides, Shane Stewart, Daryn Pittman, Cody Darrah, and the Chili Bowl Nationals.

Soft Cover, 284 pages, 132 B&W photos.

Price: $24.95


by Dave Argabright

Jimmy Wilson is back with Sprint Car Challenge, the 4th novel in the highly regarded series based on the USAC Sprint Car trail of the 1970s.

Intense racing action, fascinating characters and situations demonstrate why this series has developed a cult following.

Hard cover, 128 pp.







Price: $19.95

Auto Racing, I Gave You the Best Years
of My Life

by Joyce Standridge

Award-winning auto-racing columnist Joyce Standridge has spent nearly 40 years chronicling life as a racing fan, driver’s wife, car owner and track employee, as well as journalist.

Based on hundreds of columns in national magazines, Joyce takes you on a rollicking ramble to share many laughs—and a few tears.

Soft cover, 238 pages, 273 B&W photos from the author’s personal collection.

Price: $44.95

- The Autobiography of Bob Trostle:
45 Years of Sprint Car History and Innovation

by Bob Trostle with Larry Weeks

Foreword by Doug Wolfgang

The full story of renowned car builder and owner Bob Trostle‘s 45-year career in sprint cars: Races won and lost, tow vehicles broken and crashed, race cars and engines built and rebuilt, tales of the people, the tracks, promoters, the good and the bad.

Hard cover, 400 pages, 247 color and B&W photos.

Price: $49.95

Competition Portraits: The Dirt Championship Cars

by Bob Mays

No form of American auto racing has a longer or more prestigious history than the dirt champ car. No form of racing photography has a longer or more respected history than the posed photograph. This book follows the history of the Big Car from 1946 to 1987 and features some of the most recognizable stars and cars from the greatest era in racing.

The good, the bad; the winners, the losers; the champions and their chariots are featured in the moments before the call to fire engines.

Many of the best shots from the top photographers in the history of the sport are presented in a format that lends itself to the study of the man and a critical analysis of the machine just before the battle on some of the most impressive speedromes ever carved into the earth.

Hard cover, 231 pages, black and white photographs.

Price: $24.95

Sprint Car Showdown

by Dave Argabright

Sprint Car Showdown is Dave Argabright’s third title in the popular Jimmy Wilson saga. This book covers Jimmy and the Ellison Special through their third and highly eventful season on the USAC trail.

The entire cast is here: Jimmy, Harvey, Slim, Sonny, Bobby, Steve Graffan, and a few new characters. Each page is filled with dramatic racing action.

The long-running "Best of Times" fictional series in Sprint Car & Midget Magazine is the basis of this edition, thrilling readers with the cheers and tears of sprint-car racing in the 1970s.

Hard cover, 288 pages

Original Price: $27.95
Now: $20.00

Unforgettable Moments in
Midwest Open-Wheel Racing

by Joyce Standridge

Joyce Standridge has compiled one of our best titles ever. Built around 465 terrific photographs from the Horcher Brothers and others, DID YOU SEE THAT? is a compelling journey through Sprint Car, Midget, and Silver Crown racing in the Midwest, 1978 through the present.

With all photos annotated with insightful and informative captions, as well as thoughtful introductions to each topic, the book captures fully the concurrent joy, energy, color, and heartache of one of the truest of American sports.

Soft cover, 170 pages.

Price: $24.95


by Dave Argabright

Another "Jimmy Wilson" adventure, 2nd of the series!

The much-anticipated follow-up to SPRINT CAR SALVATION, this new title picks up with Jimmy's second season on the tough USAC trail. Jimmy, Harvey, Slim, Sonny, Renee, Bobby, Steve Graffan...the gang's all here, filling each page with dramatic racing action.

The popular and long-running "Best of Times" fictional series in Sprint Car & Midget Magazine is the basis of this edition, thrilling readers with the cheers and tears of sprint car racing in the 1970s.

Hard cover, 288 pages. (Fiction)

Price: $24.95

Sprint Car Salvation

by Dave Argabright

Based on the acclaimed “Best of Times” series in Sprint Car & Midget Magazine, Dave Argabright has authored a full-length novel that details the journey of fictional sprint car racer Jimmy Wilson and the Ellison Special sprint car.

Capturing the very essence of the sport, Sprint Car Salvation takes you on the action-packed and emotional journey of an aspiring sprint car driver in the 1970s. Along the way you’ll experience the joys, heartache, and danger that lurks at every corner of the sport. And the people you’ll meet! These pages are filled with the colorful, interesting, eccentric and memorable people who make sprint car racing go round.

This first volume contains the first “season” of the “Best of Times” series, plus extensive additional content throughout.

Hardcover, 240 pages.

Price: $49.95

Big Car Thunder - Sprint Cars on America's Fair Circuits, Vol. l

By Bob Mays

Big Car Thunder, written by Bob Mays, chronicles some of the Midwestern fair circuits from 1946 to 1987. Also included is a special “Hill of Wheels,” column by renowned author and National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee, Bill Hill, and a 15-page color photo section.

There are more than 400 photos in this 232 page volume.

Some of the stars mentioned in this work include, Emory Collins, Frank Luptow, Deb Snyder, Bobby Grim, Pete Folse, Buzz Barton, Johnny White, Harold Leep, Gordon Herring, Grady Wade, Jay Woodside, Roy Bryant, Jan Opperman, Lonnie Jensen, Lloyd Beckman, Shane Carson, Jerry Stone, Sammy Swindell, Mike Peters and many others.

Price: $64.95
OnSpecial: $24.95

The History of the United Racing Club,
America ’s Oldest Sprint Car Organization

by Buzz Rose

Volume 2 of the History of United Racing Club (URC) from 1978-2006.

Forewords by URC champions Gary Gollub and Glenn Fitzcharles.

208 pages, hard bound, hundreds of black and white and color photos and another must-have for the dedicated sprint car fan.

Price: $59.95
On Special: $24.95

The Rim Riders

by Buzz Rose

The history of the Central States Racing Association.

They were called the world’s fastest racing circuit. Witness the famous midwestern Hi Banks.

Ted Horn, Joie Chitwood, Tom Hinnershitz, Everett Saylor, Red Campbell, and Jim Wilburn were all CSRA stars.

Hard cover, 250 pages, 600 photos and articles.

Price: $49.95

Valley County Thunder: The History of Racing at Ord, Nebraska

By V. Ray Valasek and Bob Mays

Bob Mays has done it again! His spectacular new book covers the history of racing on dirt at the Valley County Fair, Ord Nebraska.

Working with Ray Valasck, Mays details the big car era and the midgets before World War I and the midgets, roadsters, and the hard tops that competed there in the 50’s and 60’s. This book is a must for any serious fan of open wheel history in the heartland.

Hard cover with hundreds of exceptional black and white photographs. 206 pages.

Price: $29.95

Dialed In –The Jan Opperman Story

by John Sawyer

Dialed In –The Jan Opperman Story has been re-released in a new edition. According to the publishers it is “a book that is acknowledged by many as being a classic auto-racing story. It is filled with passion and pathos, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad.

The Jan Opperman story is one of never giving up and having faith in a divine being.
It provides the reader the rare opportunity to peer behind the glamorous facade of auto racing and meet the inner man.

The friendship between narrator and author is evident and while much of the book is Jan’s own words, John Sawyer has carefully authored them. From a teenage street fighter, motorcycle flat track racer and California hippie to respected Sprint car driver and Indy 500 racer - Jan Opperman's story is remarkable, entertaining and difficult to put down."

Soft cover, 5 1/2" x 8 ½”, 144 pages,
38 black & white photos.