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Located in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Coastal 181 began publishing racing books in 2001. We are dedicated to offering great books, DVDs, and artwork to the motorsports community.

We have been involved in racing since the early sixties, when we fielded our first #181 race car. (Some photos of 181 friends HERE). We have now become, we believe, the most active book retailer in oval-track racing.

In print and in commentary and photos on our website, we cover open-wheel, NASCAR, and short- track competition, as well as drag racing, road racing, hill climbing, motorcycling, hot rodding, and more. We are always seeking unique and colorful manuscripts and video footage to include in our listings. We are especially interested in the history of motorsports and in stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.

Please give us a call at 877-907-8181 toll free during business hours if you have any questions.

Wicked Fast: Racing Through Life with Bentley Warren
by Bones Bourcier

Did you SEE That?
Unforgettable Moments in Midwest Open-Wheel Racing
by Joyce Standridge

As a matter of fact, I am
by Parnelli Jones with Bones Bourcier

Swamp Yankee: The Racing Life of Jim Jorgensen
by Walt Scadden

Fifty Years of Racing at Utica-Rome Speedway
by Bones Bourcier

Miller’s Time – A Lifetime at Speed
by Don Miller with Jim Donnelly

– My journey from dirt-poor dairy farmer to NASCAR
National Champion to Lifelong Entrepreneur
by Bill Wimble with Lew Boyd

Win It or Wear It
by Joyce Standridge

Ed Otto – NASCAR’s Silent Partner
by Edgar Otto and Joann Biondi

Inside Herman's World - The Kenny Wallace Story
by Kenny Wallace with Joyce Standridge

South Boston Speedway: The FIRST 50 Years

Steady Eddie!
Memories of Ed Flemke
Racing's Fastest Professor
Edited by Bones Bourcier

Where Stars Are Born
Celebrating 25 Years of
NASCAR Weekly Racing

by Paul Schaefer

Paved Track Dirt Track
by Lew Boyd

Daredevils of the Frontier
by Keith S. Herbst

Gotta Race!
by Ken Schrader with Joyce Standridge

Life Wide Open
Dave Dion: No Holds Barred
by Dave Dion with Dave Moody

The Fast Life and Times of NASCAR's
Greatest Modified Driver
by Bones Bourcier

Hot Cars, Cool Drivers
by Lew Boyd

Bugsy! The Life and Times of Bugs Stevens
by Bones Bourcier

An Illustrated and Documented History
of the Legendary Fonda Speedway
by Andy Fusco, Lew Boyd, Jim Rigney

Martin and TJ's Race Car Repair
(for children 4-8)
by Susan Kelly Hearn

They Called Me "The Shoe"
by Lew Boyd














































































































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