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Newburyport, Mass., October 10, 2016 - Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 announced today the release of its latest title, CAGES ARE FOR MONKEYS: Unleashed with Kevin Olson, Racing's Zaniest Hall of Famer, by Kevin Olson with Lew Boyd.

As his good friend Tony Stewart says in the Foreword, "Racing has never had a character quite like Kevin Olson, and it will never have another. I'm sure about that. This was a mold that only got used one time. Once it produced him, that mold was broken up and thrown away."

Olson is the classic "identity of contraries." On one hand, he is one of America's most talented and enduring open-wheel champions, a 2016 inductee into USAC's Hall of Fame. His story weaves through a half-century of Midget racing history, from New England to New Zealand, tallying wins and tragic losses, as well the gritty ways traveling racers struggled to keep on going, no matter what.

And then there is the infamous "KO" - the chronic jokester who recalls in delighted detail his endless antics and pranks, perpetrated on unsuspecting stranger and best friend alike.

This is a book that will make you laugh out loud, the perfect gift for any one who loves racing and doesn't take life too seriously.

CAGES ARE FOR MONKEYS is available online at www.coastal181.com or by calling Coastal 181 at 877-907-8181 toll free. The website, updated daily, includes over 1500 other motorsports books and DVDs, as well as hundreds of photos.

America’s Racing Trinity”
Newburyport, Mass., December 2, 2015 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 has announced the release of “FOYT, ANDRETTI, PETTY: America’s Racing Trinity,” by award-winning author Bones Bourcier.

Twenty years after they hung up their helmets, the names A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, and Richard Petty remain synonymous with the sport they carried to new heights. They rose to fame just as the American media began to legitimize auto racing, and gave the nation characters as compelling as any in sports or entertainment.
Foyt was all Texan, John Wayne in a firesuit, stomping into victory lanes from Indianapolis to Le Mans. Petty, the genial North Carolinian, put a smiling Andy Griffith face on the American South, no small feat in the tumultuous ’60s. Andretti, who’d sailed from Italy at age 15, struck for all outsiders the same yes-you-can chord sounded by another ambitious Italian-American, Frank Sinatra.

They crossed paths often, on-track and in the headlines. Take 1967, which opened with Andretti beating NASCAR’s best at Daytona, peaked with Foyt’s third Indy 500 win, and ended with a record 27 victories for Petty. Or the three-season stretch from 1977-79, when Foyt became the first four-time Indy winner, Andretti earned the World Driving Championship, and Petty won a game-changing Daytona 500. They even throttled back their careers in lockstep, Petty in 1992, Foyt in ’93, Andretti in ’94. Today all three are revered; as they walk through crowded pit areas, people make way. Charisma never ages.

This is more than a three-act biography. Laced with quotes from Foyt, Petty, Andretti, and their peers, and spiced with period accounts from the motorsports world and the changing social landscape, this is the history of modern American racing as refracted through the lives of three extraordinary champions. Further context is added by a pair of forewords, one by motorsports broadcaster Dave Despain, the other by acclaimed driver John Andretti, who grew up as Mario’s nephew, raced for both Foyt and Petty, and also happens to be A.J.’s godson.

“FOYT, ANDRETTI, PETTY: America’s Racing Trinity” is now available for $34.95, online at www.coastal181.com HERE, or by phone at 877-907-8181.

The book is hard cover, 348 pages, including 24 pages of photographs.



Newburyport, Mass., July 13, 2014 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 announced today the wide release of its latest title, “The People’s Champ: A Racing Life,” by Dave Darland. The autobiography of one of open-wheel racing’s most successful and popular racers was written with well-known journalist Bones Bourcier. The book charts the course of Darland’s racing life, from Quarter-Midgets and local Sprint Cars through his remarkable and ongoing professional career, including championships in all three of USAC’s national divisions – Silver Crown, Sprint Cars, and Midgets.

No mere chronological retelling of a great driver’s climb, Darland discusses the rivalries that helped shape his career, the code of conduct he races by, the magic of his sport’s biggest events, and the joys and stresses of being a husband and father in a sport that requires frequent travel and intense focus. The book is annotated with reflections from “eyewitnesses” who have known Dave through their own personal and professional relationships, whether as car owner, mechanic, rival driver, or family member. Darland’s story is illustrated by dozens of color and black and white photographs and includes a foreword by another champion and longtime friend, Tony Stewart.

And Dave Darland is not done yet. Darland celebrated the launch of the book on July 12th at Kokomo Speedway by winning that night’s Indiana Sprint Week feature and setting a new track record.

“The People’s Champ” is available online at www.coastal181.com HERE or by calling Coastal 181 at 877-907-8181 toll free.

Order Here
Newburyport, Mass., November 11, 2013 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 announced today the release of its latest title, “WICKED FAST: Racing Through Life with Bentley Warren,” by Bones Bourcier.

Bentley Warren’s approach to life is mirrored by the tongue-in-cheek slogan of his high-octane watering hole, Bentley’s Saloon in Arundel, Maine: “Who has more fun than us? We do!”

Whether mingling with customers or catching up with racing friends, Warren’s fun-meter is usually pegged. You can find him by following the laughter, or, if you dare, the thunder of his hot-rod Harley.

Yet beneath the good-times façade, Bentley’s life has been one of focus and accomplishment. An Indianapolis 500 veteran, he is also one of the most decorated short-track drivers of his generation, having won from Massachusetts to Phoenix, and from Canada to South Florida. He’s a seven-time champion at New York’s Oswego Speedway – where he captured the prestigious International Classic on six occasions – as well as a four-time ISMA series champ and a six-time winner of New England’s premier Supermodified event, the Star Speedway Classic. He was twice victorious in the storied Little 500 for Sprint Cars at Anderson, Indiana. Along the way, he somehow found time to become a self-taught entrepreneur; before the saloon, he built a successful trucking company.

Bourcier has done a masterful job in capturing the story, the spirit, and the humor of the incomparable Bentley Warren.

“WICKED FAST” is available online HERE or by calling Coastal 181 at 877-907-8181 toll free. The website, updated daily, includes over 1000 other motorsports books and DVDs, as well as hundreds of photos and racing commentaries.

Order HERE
Newburyport, Mass., September 6, 2013 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 announced today the release of its latest title, “DID YOU SEE THAT? – Unforgettable Moments in Midwest Open-Wheel Racing,” by Joyce Standridge.

“DID YOU SEE THAT?” is unlike any previous book the company has published; it is based on 465 stunning photographs by Allen and Kevin Horcher, Bill Baker, David Hill, and Mike Campbell, annotated with interesting and amusing stories by one of America’s best motorsports journalists.

The photos, captured from 1978 to the present, represent an engaging journey through Sprint Car, Midget, and Silver Crown competition in America’s heartland. The images are sharp – sometimes heart-stopping, sometimes joyful, sometimes just funny. The lengthy captions embed Standridge’s deep knowledge of racing. Open-wheel racing on oval tracks is one of the truest and most spirited of American sports, carrying with it the legacy of traveling entertainers and entrepreneurs, old-time country fairgrounds, and the passion and bravery of the guy next door.
“DID YOU SEE THAT?” is available online at www.coastal181.com or by calling Coastal 181 at 877-907-8181 toll free. The website, updated daily, includes over 1000 other motorsports books and DVDs, as well as hundreds of photos and racing commentaries.

Priced at $27.95, “DID YOU SEE THAT?” can be ordered HERE with free S&H until September 30, 2013.

Coastal 181 will be heading off the Brickyard next week, loaded for bear.

On Saturday the 25th, we will be displaying our books and DVDs right next to the announcer’s stand at the Indianapolis Motorsports Memorabilia Experience in the Pagoda Plaza Pavilion.

From 10 AM  till Noon, author Bob Gates will be signing copies of his new biography on Troy Ruttman, “California Gold.” Joining him will be Toddy Ruttman, Troy’s daughter, who contributed in a huge way to this gripping read.

At 2:30 Parnelli Jones and co-author Bones Bourcier will conduct a brief Q & A session and will then autograph the new Coastal 181 title “As A Matter Of Fact I AM Parnelli Jones” for the first 63 people in line. Parnelli will be a central figure in Indiana this year since it is now 50 year since his storybook win back in 1963.

Newburyport, Mass., February 19, 2013 – Racing book publisher Coastal 181 announced today that it has acquired the inventory of Rose Racing Publications of Glendale, Arizona.

Buzz Rose built his publishing company into a highly regarded source for authoritative books on open-wheel racing in America. He brought vast experience and a huge network to his titles, as he was himself a renowned sprint car road warrior. His successes behind the wheel led to his induction into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Iowa.

Rose Racing Publications’ titles include definitive histories on the East Coast’s URC, the California Racing Association (CRA), and IMCA, AAA, USAC, and CSRA. The most recent work is the robustly researched but sobering volume, “RACERS AT REST: The Checkered Flag,” profiling the considerable number of drivers who have perished in open-wheel competition.

Coastal 181 is well known in the racing community as both a motorsports publisher and distributor of racing books, DVDs, and motorsports art. The company has published 17 books to date and carries over 1000 additional titles on its website www.coastal181.com. The site is also visited frequently by readers of Lew Boyd’s semi-monthly racing commentaries, “Tearoffs,” and the engaging “Photos of the Day,” which highlight interesting, colorful and often offbeat aspects of oval-track racing.

Both companies having strong racing backgrounds. Rose Racing Publications and Coastal 181 have collaborated closely over the years and plan to continue that association. Coastal 181’s Cary Stratton said, “We are very pleased to be able to continue to make Buzz Rose’s excellent titles available to the racing community. We look forward to having him join us at various shows and entertain all comers with his wonderful racing yarns.“

Newburyport, Mass., December 11, 2012 – A year ago acclaimed racing journalist Bones Bourcier sat down with Parnelli Jones, the Indy 500 winner often referred to as America’s most versatile race driver. It was quite the conversation.

Today motorsports publisher Coastal 181 announced the release of its latest title, “As A Matter of Fact I AM Parnelli Jones.”

Jones and Bourcier track Parnelli’s wild years on the infamous California Jalopy circuit and his rise through Sprints, Champ Cars, Midgets, NASCAR Grand National, Trans-Am, and Baja –smack into 20 domestic and international racing Halls of Fame.

To offer the fullest historical perspectives as well as deeply personal insights, the book also includes commentary from racing icons such as Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt, A.J. Watson, Leonard Wood, Al and Bobby Unser, Johnny Rutherford, Walker Evans, Bud Moore, Tony Stewart, and others, as well as Parnelli’s own family.

“As A Matter of Fact I AM Parnelli Jones” is now available for $39.95, online HERE or by phone at 877-907-8181. The book is hard cover, 288 pages, and filled with high-quality black and white and color photographs.

Newburyport, Mass., July 25, 2012 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 announced today the release of their latest title, “Swamp Yankee: The Racing Life of Jim Jorgensen,” by Walt Scadden.

“Swamp Yankee” is the story of legendary crew chief and engine-builder Jim Jorgensen’s epic journey from Riverside Park Speedway in Agawam, Mass., to the National Championship Indy Car Series. From the late 1950s to 1969, Jorgensen and his crew crisscrossed the country, racing his innovative stock car, sprint, and Indy Car designs with standout drivers like Gene Bergin, Buddy Krebs, Bill Brown and Denny Zimmerman.

Progressing from countless bullrings and county fair tracks to some of the most revered venues in the country such as Langhorne, Phoenix and Milwaukee, and on to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Jorgensen made his name and left his mark. His journey had its share of detours and heartbreaking disappointments, but it provided him the formidable education needed to compete at the highest level of racing in the country and earned him induction into the New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame.

Jorgensen’s was a time of open trailers and pick-up trucks, where a handshake was the measure of a man. His story is a compelling account of the ingenuity, passion, triumph and hardship that defined the legendary competitors of racing’s greatest era.

“Swamp Yankee” will be launched at the 12th Annual CRUISIN’ ON MAIN STREET Car Show on August 5th in Manchester, Conn., and is also available through Coastal 181, 29 Water St., Newburyport, Mass. 01950. www.coastal181.com, 877-907-8181 toll free. The book is soft cover, 152 pages, and is priced at $19.95.

More on the Books We at Building page.

American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association (AARWBA)
Award goes to Coastal 181's MILLER'S TIME
INDIANAPOLIS, May 27, 2011 –- Miller's Time - A Lifetime at Speed, Coastal 181's acclaimed publication on the life and accomplishments of Don Miller, auto racing executive and longtime partner of Roger Penske, is the recipient of a highly valued award for excellence in motorsports writing.

The American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) awarded "Miller's Time" second place in its annual Motorsport Book competition, a contest judged by journalism professionals that attracts entries from around the world. Miller’s co-author is Jim Donnelly, an award-winning writer and senior editor of Hemmings Motor News in Bennington, Vermont.

The book recounts the story of Don Miller’s remarkable rise from Chicago hot rodder and automotive businessman to his role as Penske's top lieutenant in motorsports, a position that made him one of racing’s most respected and influential people. “Miller's Time” describes Don’s discovery and mentoring of both Rusty Wallace and Ryan Newman, his invention of the NASCAR roof flap, and in gripping detail, the nearly fatal accident on pit road at Talladega that left him disabled.

Miller was humbled when hearing of the award. "I am very pleased, and very grateful, for the recognition we received, especially because it was the first effort for both of us in a project like this," Miller said. "To have been involved with a friend like Jim Donnelly in telling my story, and then have it win praise from our peers in racing is a true honor.”

"This is the story of Don's amazing life of accomplishment, lived fully with compassion and humility," Donnelly said. "Not many authors are fortunate to find a subject with such a worthwhile and interesting story, one that can also so clearly benefit anyone who reads it. I am thrilled to share this tribute with him."

All net proceeds from the sale of "Miller's Time" will be used in efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect, a special interest of Miller, who founded “Stocks for Tots” in Mooresville, NC, to mobilize the racing community around the issue. Miller was the recipient of NASCAR's first Humanitarian of the Year award.

Newburyport, Mass., January 6, 2011 – As usual, the Coastal 181 booth at the MOTORSPORTS 2011 Race Car and Trade Show will be jumping! Held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania, the show is eagerly awaited each year by racers and fans who come to see the latest motorsports products and technology, and to check out Coastal 181’s wide array of racing books and DVDs.

This year, we will welcome sprint car stars and Hall of Famers Rick Ferkel and Shane Carson on Friday, Jan. 21 from 4-6 pm, and Saturday, Jan. 22 from noon-2 pm to sign Coastal 181’s Win It or Wear It: All-time Great Sprint Car Tales, written by Joyce Standridge. Seven-time URC champ Curt Michael will join Shane and Rick on Saturday.

On Saturday from 1:45- 2:45 pm fan-favorite Nationwide/dirt track racer and SPEED TV personality Kenny Wallace will sign his Coastal 181-published book, Inside Herman’s World at the 181 booth. Based on his last visit, Kenny will have everyone in the neighborhood laughing.

Then another celebrated racer and motorsports personality will join us: Don Miller, best known for mentoring Rusty Wallace and Ryan Newman at Penske Racing, but a drag-racing gearhead in his own right. Don will sign his new book,
Miller’s Time: A Lifetime At Speed, along with co-author Hemmings Senior Editor Jim Donnelly. Don and Jim will be signing on Saturday from 2:30-3:30 pm and again on Sunday from noon to 1:30 pm.

Join us in booth #816-817 to talk to some real racing heroes and to check out our huge selection of books and DVDs on all aspects of oval track racing.

For more information, contact Coastal 181 toll free at 877-907-8181 via email at info@coastal.com.

Coastal 181 to Present Cup at Lee USA Speedway
Ollie Silva Memorial Super Modified Race
Newburyport, Mass., August 5, 2010 – Racing book publisher Coastal 181 announced today that it will present the Coastal 181 Cup to the winner of the ISMA Ollie Silva Memorial Super Modified Summer Classic, to be held at Lee USA Speedway, Lee, N.H., on Friday, August 13th.

In addition to 75 laps of super fast and exciting racing that night, the Speedway is hosting the Ollie Silva Museum, a very special collection of Ollie Silva memorabilia, gathered from personal collections and the Silva family by Wes Pettengill and Rick Eastman. Eastman owns the #0 Pinto and is part-owner of the original #0 Super Modified, both of which will be on display, along with other mementos rarely seen.


NEWBURYPORT, Massachusetts, April 14, 2010 – A lot of books claim they'll tell you what it's really like to be a huge success in auto racing, a valued decision maker, somebody who really makes things happen instead of talking about it. This book is different. Don Miller went from racing on the streets, literally, to being a guy who stood shoulder to shoulder with Roger Penske for over 30 years, building the Penske racing empire. 

Until now, Miller has never told the story of his astounding life in motorsports. Coastal 181 is proud to publish Miller's memoir, his detailed, unflinchingly honest accounting of the skill and dedication needed to stay out front in one of the world's most competitive sports. Miller is a guy who has done pretty much everything one person can accomplish in the business of racing and the world of really fast cars. A Chicago hot rodder, he developed into a professional drag racer, racing official, hard parts distributor, mechanic and fabricator, and the top salesman of performance engines in America. 

And that was all before he met Roger Penske. As Penske's top racing executive, Miller became one of the most instrumental figures in modern automobile racing. He discovered a young Rusty Wallace and coached him to superstardom, then co-founded Penske Racing South with Wallace and the Captain. As Penske's expert on race tires, he recaptured the Midwest's short tracks for Goodyear. As Penske’s sponsorship liaison, Miller created not just today's motorsports marketing program, but also the traveling souvenir trailer and show car. As Penske's personal talent evaluator, he made a career not only for Wallace, but also for Ryan Newman.

In Miller’s Time,” Don Miller explains in clear and often humorous detail not only life at the pinnacle of racing, but what it's like to nearly die there. Miller has set speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats, stood in victory lane at the Indianapolis 500, fabricated cars from scratch, and taken a kid from tumbledown short tracks to a Winston Cup title.

If you're ready for real honesty about how to make it in racing, Miller and his co-author, Hemmings Publishing Senior Editor Jim Donnelly, are ready to tell you. Miller’s Time,” a 304-page hardcover priced at $29.95, is available through Coastal 181, www.coastal181.com or toll free at 877-907-8181. Miller, who received NASCAR's first Humanitarian of the Year Award for his work with youngsters at risk, has pledged to donate all proceeds from the book's sale to organizations that support the prevention of child abuse and neglect.  

Newburyport, Mass., February 26, 2010 – Racing book publisher Coastal 181 announced today that it has acquired the inventory of long-time and highly regarded publisher Witness Productions of Marshall, Indiana.

Ed and Sue Watson ran Witness Productions for many years, publishing classic open-wheel titles such as Dave Argabright’s
Hewitt’s Law, Bob Gates’ Vukovich, and Ed Watson’s own Tattersall the Legend, among many others. After Ed’s death in 2006, Sue Watson continued the company, publishing “Ed’s last book,” Midget Auto Racing: the First 70 Years, in 2007. She has now decided to cease the company’s operations.

Coastal 181 is well known in the racing community as both a publisher and distributor of racing books, DVDs and motorsports art. Coastal 181 has published 15 books to date and has hundreds of additional titles on its website, www.coastal181.com . The site is also visited frequently by readers of Lew Boyd’s semi-monthly racing commentaries, Tearoffs, which highlight interesting, colorful and often offbeat aspects of oval-track racing.

Both Ed and Sue Watson collaborated closely with Coastal 181 over the years. Coastal 181’s Cary Stratton said, “We are so pleased to be able to continue to make the Watsons’ wonderful historic titles available to the racing community. We will have the entire selection updated on our site by early March.”

Newburyport, Mass., January 9, 2010 – Racing book publisher Coastal 181 will host a book-signing event at the MOTORSPORTS 2010 Race Car and Trade Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania, later this month. The signing event will be held in Booth 245-246 prior to the formal Langhorne Speedway Reunion at 3:30 on Saturday, January 23rd. Present will be some of the most famous names in early stock car racing, including Bill Wimble, 1960 and 1961 NASCAR National Sportsman Champion, who will sign his memoir, I’ll Never Be Last Again, which was recently published by Coastal 181.

Joining Wimble to sign autographs and greet fans will be Dutch Hoag, Ralph Liguori, Hully Bunn, and Roger Treichler. All of these legendary drivers are featured in the remarkable book,
Langhorne! No Man’s Land, written in 2008 by L. Spencer Riggs after many years of detailed research on the storied speedway and its racing history. Langhorne! No Man’s Land will be available for purchase at the Coastal 181 booth throughout the weekend.

Please join us for an extraordinary opportunity to meet these racing heroes.















































































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