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The People’s Champ: A Racing Life



Jim McGee: Crew Chief
of Champions

Black Noon:
The Year They Stopped
the Indy 500

- Racing Through Life with


The Unser Legacy: Four Generations of Speed


And Other Great Drivers, Volume IV

And Other Great Drivers, Volume V

Indy: The Race and Ritual
of the Indianapolis 500, Second Edition

As a matter of fact, I am

California Gold: The Legendary Life
of Troy Ruttman


The Golden Era to War: Indianapolis 1925-1941

Indianapolis Highlights

Dawn of the Rear Engine
Era: (Indianapolis) 1965

Golden Victory:
(Indianapolis) 1961

Frank Lockhart:
American Speed King

Tales from the
Indianapolis 500

The Indy 500: 1956-1965

The Illustrated History of
The Indianapolis 500,

Blood and Smoke:
A True Tale of Mystery, Mayhem and the Birth
of the Indy 500

George Benson:
The Racing Years

The Indianapolis 500:
A Century of Excitement

Mark Donohue:
His Life in Photographs

The Clown Prince


Racers at Rest
– the Checkered Flag

The Unfair Advantage

 – The Story of Auto Racing Pioneer Joie Ray

Dialed In - The Jan
Opperman Story

My Road to Indy


The Marvelous Mechanical
Designs of  Harry A. Miller

Wooden Rails
& Rooster Tails: An Autoracing Anthology

Johnnie Parsons

The Iron Duke
Duke Nalon


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Price: $24.95

The People’s Champ: A Racing Life

by Dave Darland, with Bones Bourcier

Foreword by Tony Stewart

Brand New from Coastal 181! The autobiography of one of Sprint Car racing’s most popular and talented racers. Written with award-winning motorsports journalist Bones Bourcier, The People’s Champ charts the course of Darland’s racing life, from Quarter-Midgets and local Sprint Cars through his remarkable professional career, including championships in all three of USAC’s national divisions – Silver Crown, Sprint Cars, and Midgets.

No mere chronological rehashing of a great driver’s climb, Darland discusses the rivalries that helped shape his career, the code of conduct he races by, the magic of his sport’s biggest events, and the joys and stresses of being a husband and father in a sport that requires frequent travel and intense focus. The book is illuminated with reflections from “eyewitnesses” who have seen Darland through the prisms of their own personal and professional relationships, whether as car owner, mechanic, rival driver, or family member. Darland’s story is illustrated by dozens of photographs, many previously unpublished.

Soft cover, 192 pages, 32 pages of black & white and color photos.

Price: $39.95

Currently Unavaiable
Call for Status

by Gene Crucean

A look back at American open cockpit racing during the 35 years following World War II, FEARLESS features Indy 500 racing along with the annual title chase over the Championship Trail. Sprint Car and Midget competition on the nation’s dirt bullrings, perhaps racing’s most spectacular and visual form of racing, is also included.

America’s greatest drivers: Mario Andretti, the Bettenhausens, Jimmy Bryan, A.J. Foyt, Ted Horn, Jim Hurtubise, Parnelli Jones, Jud Larson, Rex Mays, Rick Mears, Johnny Rutherford, Troy Ruttman, Eddie Sachs, Tom Sneva, the Unsers, Bill Vukovich, and Rodger Ward were the larger-than-life heroes, champions and charismatic legends of the day.

Along with the sport’s booming popularity came the dangers. The post-war era was a time when courage was a driving skill. For little or no reward, drivers accepted risks that would be unconscionable today….all for a chance to compete at the Cathedral of Speed, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. During those gritty post war years, American open wheel racing was indeed, the “Sport of Men.”

Open-wheel photography also hit its stride during the period. The author has assembled the best photographic works from the best post-war lensmen. Some images are thrilling, some poignant, and some unsettling. But each captures a split second of the sport’s essence. FEARLESS is a tribute to the great photographers of the time.

Hard cover, 160 pp., B&W photos.

Price: $29.95


by Gerald Hodges

Brief but personal portraits of open-wheel heroes Steve Kinser, Allen Heath, Roy Hibbard, Russell Hibbard, Tommy Hinnershitz, Joe James, Walt James, Gordon Johncock, Bubby Jones, Johnny Parsons, Frank Riddle, Jimmy Riddle, Dick “Toby” Tobias, Rich Vogler, Walt McWhorter, and a detailed tribute to the late, great Kramer Williamson.

Soft cover, 300 pages, with 157 B&W photos.

Price: $74.95

Jim McGee: Crew Chief of Champions

by Gordon Kirby

Jim McGee: Crew Chief of Champions is veteran US racing writer and award-winning author Gordon Kirby’s latest book, told largely in McGee's own words. McGee has been one of the most successful crew chiefs in Indy Car racing history. His cars won 90 races between 1965-2005, including four Indy 500s and nine Indy Car championships.

This book features interviews with all the top drivers and team owners McGee worked with over his long career, including championship-winning drivers Mario Andretti (three times), Tom Sneva (twice), Rick Mears, Emerson Fittipaldi, Bobby Rahal and Nigel Mansell. This new work also traces McGee's role in the development of today's big race teams with many employees and fleets of engineers, in contrast to the three- and four-man teams of the early '60s.

It is filled with over 300 images, many never before published. This is a handsome, hard-bound full-sized book, 288 pages, fully indexed with statistical information charts.

Price: $27.95

Black Noon: The Year They Stopped
the Indy 500

by Art Garner

Before noon on May 30th, 1964, the Indy 500 was stopped for the first time in history by an accident. Seven cars had crashed in a fiery wreck, killing two drivers, and threatening the very future of the 500.

Black Noon chronicles one of the darkest and most important days in auto-racing history. As rookie Dave MacDonald came out of the fourth turn and onto the front stretch at the end of the second lap, he found his rear-engine car lifted by the turbulence kicked up from two cars he was attempting to pass. With limited steering input, MacDonald lost control of his car and careened off the inside wall of the track, exploding into a huge fireball and sliding back into oncoming traffic.

Closing fast was affable fan favorite Eddie Sachs. "The Clown Prince of Racing" hit MacDonald’s sliding car broadside, setting off a second explosion that killed Sachs instantly. MacDonald, pulled from the wreckage, died two hours later.

After the track was cleared and the race restarted, it was legend A. J. Foyt who raced to a decisive, if hollow, victory. Torn between elation and horror, Foyt, along with others, championed stricter safety regulations, including mandatory pit stops, limiting the amount a fuel a car could carry, and minimum-weight standards.

In this tight, fast-paced narrative, Art Garner brings to life the bygone era when drivers lived hard, raced hard, and at times died hard. Drawing from interviews, Garner expertly reconstructs the fateful events and decisions leading up to the sport’s blackest day, and the incriminating aftermath that forever altered the sport.

Black Noon remembers the race that changed everything and the men that paved the way for the Golden Age of Indy Car racing.

Hard cover, 352 pages, some B&W photos.

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Price: $29.95

WICKED FAST - Racing Through Life

as told to Bones Bourcier

foreword by Davey Hamilton

One of the most decorated short-track drivers of his generation, seven-time champion at New York’s Oswego Speedway, four-time ISMA series champ, and two-time Little 500 winner, Bentley Warren is also a self-taught entrepreneur, merry saloon-keeper, hot-rod Harley rider, and overall hell-raiser with a heart.

– written with Bones Bourcier – brings the reader into Bentley’s world. We promise, it’s a fun place to visit!

Soft cover, 272 pages, B&W photos.

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Special Price: $49.95

HARD LUCK LLOYD - The Complete Story of Slow-Talking, Fast-Driving Lloyd Ruby

by John Lingle

Some remember his ever-present cowboy hat, laid-back nature and slow, measured speech. Almost everybody remembers his horrible racing luck at the Indy 500. But Lloyd Ruby’s career shouldn’t be defined by just one race.

The “Pride of Wichita Falls” raced across four decades, capturing over 150 victories, all while staying true to his roots.

Family, friends, and contemporaries like Mario Andretti, Johnny Rutherford, and the Unser brothers help to paint the entire portrait of Lloyd’s life.

Hard cover, 232 pp, 275 color and B&W photos.

Price: $40.00

The Unser Legacy: Four Generations of Speed

by Gordon Kirby

Here is a detailed and personal look at the Unsers, the most successful family in American auto racing.

Their dynasty was first established on Pikes Peak, where both Bobby and Al garnered several victories early on in their careers. Then the brothers went to the world's premier race, the Indianapolis 500, and won a combined seven crowns before their driving days were done.

The second generation of the family continued the Indy dominance as Al Unser Jr. won in both 1992 and 1994. Eventually, Robby Unser became the seventh member of the family to start at the big Brickyard, and now the newest racing Unser, Alfred Richard Unser (or ""Just Al"" as he's called), looks to add yet another Unser name to the Indy 500 competitor list.

Hard cover, 256 pages

Price: $79.95


Revised and Updated Second Edition

by Donald Davidson and Rick Shaffer

THE Indianapolis "500" is much more than merely the best known automobile race in the world. It is a cherished, time-honored institution with a glorious history dating back more than 100 years.
Known to most as, quite simply, "The 500," it has been held every year since 1911, the only exceptions being 1917-18 and 1942-45, during the two world wars.

Steeped in tradition, it has meant many things to many people and has played an enormous role in the lives of spectators and devotees as much as for the participants themselves.

For over half a century, Memorial Day meant either trekking to the track or else ensuring that whatever other activity was planned for the day, a radio would always be within earshot. In more recent decades, settling down in front of the television has been added to the equation, while it is held now on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

For the participants, it has been a nearly 100-year saga of dreams, innovation, ingenuity, bravery, triumph, and tragedy. Paupers became millionaires, young men from small towns and broken homes became international celebrities, and regrettably, some of them gave their lives.

The "500" has endured world wars, depressions, recessions, political strife, and negative journalism, and yet it continues to draw massive passionate and emotional crowds, whose loyalty is rewarded with never-to-be-forgotten moments such as the finishes of 2006 and 2011, when Dan Wheldon snatched victory on literally the final turn.

This, then, is the story of the Indianapolis 500 and how it came to be. This is the story of more than 100 editions of the race, interspersed with a look at some of the compelling personalities, some little-known facts, an attempt to document the origins of some of the traditions, and perhaps even to dispel a few myths.

From Harroun to Franchitti, it's all here…

Hard cover, 400 pages, 900 color & b&w photos/illustrations

Price: $29.95

And Other Great Drivers, Volume IV

by Gerald Hodges

This volume continues the author’s oral history of early Supermodified drivers, featuring many Midwestern and Eastern drivers.

It contains Part One of the Canadian American Modified Racing Association’s (CAMRA) history 1962-1984, along with Northwestern drivers Art Pollard, Norm Ellefson, Bob Gregg, Al Pombo, Dave Strickland, Jerry & Jim Malloy, Hal Minyard, and others.

Soft cover, 274 pages, 137 B&W photos.

Price: $29.95

And Other Great Drivers, Volume V

by Gerald Hodges

Jimmy Shampine is the featured driver. Others included are Baldy Baker, Rollie Beale, Nolan Johncock, Boyd Arnold, Dick Gaines, Harold Leep, Dean Mast, Ralph Monhay, Gary Patterson, Sammy Sessions, Chet Wilson, Hooker Hood, Jay Woodside, Smokey Snellbaker, and others.

Part Two of the CAMRA Series is continued with photos of all CAMRA champions, statistics,
races, etc.

Soft cover, 290 pages and 186 B&W photos.

Price: $17.95

Indy: The Race and Ritual of the Indianapolis 500, Second Edition

by Terry Reed

In a nation that worships the automobile for the freedom, style, and status that it confers, the Indianapolis 500, run on or near Memorial Day, is an annual rite of passage celebrating Americans’ love affair with speed.

Indy recounts the drivers who have gone to Indianapolis (through 2004) to live their dreams, staking their lives on the outcome. It highlights the faces in the crowd: hardworking Americans, tinhorn celebrities, hookers, movie stars, gate-crashers, and five American presidents. Terry Reed focuses his narrative on the track’s four quarter-mile-long turns, each the site of triumphs (including those of such multiple winners as Billy Vukovich, A. J. Foyt, and Helio Castroneves); grisly deaths (at least sixty-six, including three unrelated men of the same unusual last name who died in the same turn but in different decades); and bizarre heroics (like the sans souci French driver who downed champagne throughout the 1913 Indy 500 and still won). Reed also examines Indy’s confluence of racing and aeronautics (World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker once owned the track) and the impact upon the event of such forces as segregation, gender politics, food, fads, publicity stunts, world-class partying, and tasteless pop culture.

Indy takes readers on an entertaining, full-throttle ride through the history of one of the world’s most famous races and one of America’s most hallowed rituals. It is the definitive account of the crown jewel of American motorsports.

Soft cover, 258 pages

Price: $39.95

As a matter of fact, I am

by Parnelli Jones with Bones Bourcier

For race fans who know the sport’s history, “Parnelli Jones” is synonymous with speed. Jones’ journey from California jalopy wars to victory lane at the Indianapolis 500 is the stuff of American motorsports legend. Now, at last, Parnelli tells the story of his incredible racing life. Each chapter is introduced by Bourcier to set the scene and ends with a personal reminiscence by a racer, owner, or friend who was there, including A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Bobby and Al Unser, Bud Moore, Johnny Rutherford, Tony Stewart, and more.

Hard cover, 288 pp, B&W and color photos.

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Price: $40.00

California Gold: The Legendary Life
of Troy Ruttman

by Bob Gates

The full story of the brilliant but tortured Troy Ruttman, one of the most successful, versatile, accomplished drivers in the history of American
auto racing, who soared despite the demons of alcoholism, injury and loss.

Hard cover, 248 pages, B&W photos from the Ruttman Family Collection.

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Price: $29.95


by Gerald Hodges

A Who’s Who of the early supermodified drivers throughout the country, the book includes an in-depth chapter on the legendary Bentley Warren, as well as a sections on Johnny Ardis, Armond Holley, Bill Hite, Bob Osieki, Ollie Silva, and many, many more.

This is an oral history of early supermodified racing, told by the actual drivers wherever possible.

Soft cover, 175 B&W photos, 276 pages.

Price: $39.95

The Golden Era to War: Indianapolis 1925-1941

Two hours of B&W and color footage with music and narration, plus 40 minutes of never-before- seen bonus footage! Two-disc DVD. Disc One is approximately 121 minutes in length and features home movies shot of the Indianapolis 500 from 1925-1941. It includes footage of every year in this time span, along with a few still photos. Disc Two bonus material, all filmed at the Speedway except the Harry Miller shop and building of the Sampson Special, includes:

- 1926 (?) air race: 3 minutes and 35 seconds, B/W

- Harry Miller workshop: 1 minute and 20 seconds, B/W

- 1928 Hispano-Suiza Stutz race: 5 minutes and 10 seconds, B/W

- 1929 Louis Meyer test: 54 seconds, B/W

- 1935 Waukesha Hemphill Schools Comet: 2 minutes and 16 seconds, B/W

- 1935 color footage: 1 minute and 58 seconds - Color (this footage was converted to B/W in the feature). Only reds show with hints of blue and green.

- 1939 Building of the Sampson 16 Special: 26 minutes and 21 seconds, Color

Price: $24.95

Indianapolis Highlights 1925-1980

B&W and color film from 1925 to 1980, 90 minutes with period music and narration. Includes:

- 1925 through 1930; 1932 through 1934; ’37 & ’41, all B&W

- 1936, ’38, ’39 and ’40 in B&W and color, and 1946 through 1980 ALL in color! (portions of 1947, ’48 and ’53 are in B&W).

Price: $24.95

Dawn of the Rear Engine Era:

(Indianapolis) 1965

Jim Clark came to the Speedway in 1963 with Colin Chapman and the Lotus, looking to end the front-engine era of Indianapolis winners. He came close, finishing second to Parnelli Jones, who was driving a conventional front-engine roadster.

Clark returned in 1964 with Chapman and the Lotus to qualify on the pole. However, his suspension collapsed while leading the race, and A.J. Foyt went on to win in his roadster.

In 1965, Clark and Chapman came back with the brand new Lotus 38. This time, Clark hoped to drive the final nail in the front-engine coffin, ending its winning reign at Indianapolis. Clark qualified in the middle of the front row and dominated the race, becoming the first driver to win in a rear-engine Indy Car. No front-engine car has won the Indy 500 since. Clark’s win was definitely the dawn of an era.

Run time: 72 min. with 9 min. bonus time.

Price: $24.95

Golden Victory: (Indianapolis) 1961

After an exciting 500-mile race in 1960 that saw a great battle between Rodger Ward and eventual winner Jim Rathmann, racing fans were hoping for a repeat performance in 1961. They were not disappointed.

“Golden Victory” takes you back to the month of May 1961 when Rodger Ward, Jim Rathmann, Troy Ruttman, Eddie Sachs, A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Len Sutton, Johnny Boyd and others competed for the greatest prize in motor racing, the Indianapolis 500.

You will see practice and qualifying with the fan favorite NOVI, brought back to the speedway by Andy Granatelli; Eddie Sachs capturing the pole at over 147 MPH; and the heartbreak of Chuck Arnold and Don Freeland who had the speed to make the field of 33, only to suffer mechanical problems during their qualifying runs. With the elite field of 33 decided, all that was left to do was to run the race itself.

Several drivers would lead throughout the race, but it was A.J. Foyt and Eddie Sachs who would put on a fantastic dual that could only end in “Golden Victory” for one of them on this, the 50th anniversary of the Indy 500.

Runtime: 90 min. with 7 min. bonus time,

Price: $75.00

Frank Lockhart: American Speed King

by Sarah Morgan-Wu and James O’Keefe

The compellingly self-confident, handsome, gifted race driver, and mechanical genius named Frank Lockhart has long captured the imagination and curiosity of generations of automobile racing fans as a classic example of the “What if he had lived?” enigma. There remains even today a certain mystery about Frank’s amazing talent and fearless driving ability. There also have been a sizeable number of myths about his life that have grown up over the years and have been repeated so often as to become accepted as the gospel truth.

In a careful historical effort to set the story straight, authors Sarah Morgan-Wu and Jim O’Keefe have combined their efforts to delve into all aspects of Frank’s life and career. They have left no stone unturned in an attempt to verify every bit of information. It is to their credit they have uncovered much long forgotten or hidden information that sheds important light on the true nature of Frank and his remarkable if all too short flash of brilliance on the stage of American automobile racing.

Lavishly illustrated, with fully documented charts of Lockhart's race record, extensively detailed appendices, sourced and fully indexed, this book is truly a collector’s item.

Hard cover, 264 pages, many full-page photographs.

Price: $19.95

Tales from the Indianapolis 500:
A Collection of the Greatest Indy 500 Stories
Ever Told (Tales from the Team)

by Jack Arute with Jenna Fryer

What’s it like to race across the blacktop of the nation’s most famous track? How does it feel to smash into a concrete wall while going over 200 miles per hour?

This exciting, humorous, and poignant collection of tales takes readers inside the most exciting race in America. Tales from the Indianapolis 500 captures horrific collisions and sweet victories from drivers past and present.

This is an update (through the 2011 Indy 500) of Jackie’s earlier volume, Jack Arute's Tales from the Indy 500. It’s a fun way to learn about Indy from the ultimate insider.

Hard cover, 208 pages with 47 B&W photos.

Price: $21.95

The Indy 500: 1956-1965

by Ben Lawrence, W.C. Madden, &
Christopher Baas

The 1950s and early 1960s are considered by many to be the Golden Era of Racing at the Indianapolis 500, and photographer Ben Lawrence was on hand taking photos of the Greatest Spectacle for the Indianapolis Times.

During that era, Ben captured many images of the race and race events that surrounded the Indy 500. He was there when Bill Vukovich met his fate in 1955. He photographed the first Indianapolis 500 Parade, which has become an annual event.

He captured A.J. Foyt winning his first race at the Brickyard. He was on hand to photograph the breaking of the 150-mph barrier. Then he saw the transition from the front-engined Offenhauser to the rear-engined Lotus-Fords, which ended the Golden Era.

Soft cover, 128 pages.

Price: $79.95

The Illustrated History of The Indianapolis 500, 1911-1994

by Jack C. Fox

Just reprinted, this classic reference book is the largest and most complete photo and statistical record ever compiled for cars and drivers of the Indy 500.

There are over 4,000 photos of all cars that did, and did not qualify for the race. Complete driver statistics are included up through 1994.

Hard cover, 384 pages.

Price: $14.95

Blood and Smoke: A True Tale of Mystery, Mayhem and the Birth of the Indy 500

by Charles Leerhsen

One hundred years ago, 40 cars lined up for the first Indianapolis 500. We are still waiting to find out who won.

The Indy 500 was created to showcase the controversial new sport of automobile racing, which was sweeping the country. Daring young men were driving automobiles at the astonishing speed of 75 miles per hour, testing themselves and their vehicles. It was indeed a young man’s game: with no seat belts, hard helmets or roll bars, the dangers were enormous. When the Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909, seven people were killed, some of them spectators.

Although the 1911 Indy 500 judges declared Ray Harroun, driving a Marmon Wasp, the official winner, there is reason to doubt that result. The timekeeping equipment failed, and the judges had to run for their lives when a driver lost control and his car spun wildly toward their stand. It took officials two days to determine the results, and Speedway authorities ordered the records to be destroyed.

But Blood and Smoke is about more than a race, even a race as fabled as the Indianapolis 500. It is the story of America at the dawn of the automobile age, a country in love with speed, danger, and spectacle. It is a story, too, about the young men who would risk their lives for money and glory, the sportsmen whose antics would thrill and outrage Americans in those long-ago days when the automobile was still brand new.

Soft cover, 288 pages.

Price: $39.00

George Benson: The Racing Years

by George Benson

The Racing Years is a 472-page memoir of the life and times of the 1966 Pacific Coast Midget Racecar champion and the remarkable men he associated with.

The book covers Motorcycle, Hardtop, Midget, Sprint Car, Championship Dirt Car and Indy Car racing from 1952 to 1987 and features 157 photos.

Benson recounts his adventures during the period and shares his thoughts about motor racing and racecar design. He details race results and the complete owner history of the GMB Midget racecars he built.

Soft cover, 472 pages, B&W photos.

Price: $29.95
The Indianapolis 500: A Century of Excitement

by Ralph Kramer
with Preface by Helio Castroneves

Officially licensed in cooperation with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis 500: A Century of Excitement tells the compelling and entertaining story of the race that has become known as simply "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing."

Overflowing with eye-popping photographs hand-picked from the Speedway's mammoth photo archives, and filled with historic, behind-the-scene stories, you'll revel in the history that has shaped this amazing event.

Ralph Kramer also authored the acclaimed companion volume, Indianapolis Motor Speedway - 100 Years of Racing.

Hard cover, 256 pp, color and B&W photos.

Price: $39.95

Mark Donohue:
His Life in Photographs

by Michael Argetsinger

In the stunning follow-up to his award-winning biography Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed, author Michael Argetsinger recreates Donohue’s remarkable life through hundreds of brilliant photographs. Many of these pictures were provided by the people who were closest to Donohue: his family, friends, and Penske Racing teammates. The book also offers some of the best work by the top motorsports photographers of the era, who deliver brilliant images of Donohue with a dazzling array of race cars, and intimate shots with his team and fellow drivers.

These photos not only offer a uniquely personal view of a champion, but also reveal details of the cars that he drove and the preparation that went into racing each of them. These include everything from his earliest home-built efforts to the highly refined Camaros, Javelins, and Porsches that made him a champion and American icon in the 1960s and 1970s. Each image is accompanied by Argetsinger’s detailed, insightful captions. And Mark’s contemporaries—including his Penske teammates and fellow drivers Dan Gurney, George Follmer, David Hobbs, John Surtees, and Bobby Unser—also offer their recollections and commentary.

Even readers who are already familiar with the life and legacy of Mark Donohue will be dazzled by this stunning collection of images and memories. Mark Donohue: His Life in Photographs vividly presents the life and times of an American racing hero.

Hard cover, 160 pages, 126 B&W and
118 color photographs.

Original Price: $35.00
(Hard Cover)
Sale Price: $20.95

Original Price: $27.50
(Soft Cover)
Sale Price: $14.95


by Bob Gates

This is an inspiring but painfully tragic tale of Indy’s greatest driver and the two generations of his family following him to the famous “Brickyard”.

In 320 pages, packed with 260 photos (72 in color), the book covers this amazing American racing family from Vukie’s early post-war exploits to Bill III’s death in a sprint car in 1990.

Hard Cover and Soft Cover Versions






Original Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $11.95


by Johnnie Parsons with Gary Delph and Charles C Bolton

In this new book, Johnnie Parsons reveals his innermost thoughts as he competed against the very best racing drivers in the world during one of auto racing’s most dangerous eras.

A great insight into the life and thoughts of “An Auto Racing Champion” with special insights from Johnnie’s friends and competitors and the story of “the trip around the world in 80 delays” by IMS historian, Donald Davidson.

Hard cover, 256 pages, 92 photos




Price: $23.95

EDDIE SACHS, The Clown Prince

By Denny Miller

The Life and Times of one of the World’s Greatest Drivers, Eddie Sachs. Over 600 pages filled with racing memories, remarkable photography, and humorous stories about a guy who talked his way into the cockpit...and into history.

Soft Cover, 625 pages, B&W photos.






Regular Price: $39.95
SuperSpecial: $16.95


By Keith Herbst

Coastal 181 is extremely proud to have worked so closely with Keith Herbst to publish this title before he died in June 2009.  It is a beautiful hardcover book, painstakingly researched – a treasure trove of stories, stats and photos for any midget enthusiast. 

Keith Herbst chronicles The Daredevils—a unique breed of Eastern and Midwestern race car drivers who met regularly on the common ground of the Niagara Frontier to test their mettle.

Daredevils is a visual remembrance of the excitement and the thrills these drivers provided to record-breaking crowds of race fans in the turbulent 1940s and 1950s.

Hardcover, est. 250 pages with
over 400 photographs.

Read a Review

S-951 with Supplement
Price: $74.95
Special: $39.95

S-951S Supplement Alone

Price: $10.00

Racers at Rest - The Checkered Flag

By Buzz Rose, Joe Heisler, Fred Chaparro,
and Jeff Sharpe

The most significant book ever written on open-wheel oval-track racing (including midgets, sprints, supermodifieds, roadsters, and Champ Cars).

A celebration of life to honor the nearly 1500 who perished while racing, from 1908 to 2008.

1000 photos and articles, 448 pp, high quality glossy paper, 9”x12”.

Now includes a 64-page supplement with important new information discovered since 2008 through extensive research.

Price: $34.95

The Unfair Advantage

by Mark Donohue

In 1974, Mark Donohue took a year off from driving at the height of his racing career to write "The Unfair Advantage," a candid and revealing book about his journey through the world of auto racing – from amateur SCCA races in his own 57 Corvette to winning the Indy 500 in Roger Penske’s McLaren M16.

Considered a classic, the book was reissued in 2000; this edition contains over 60 additional photographs and comments from people who worked and raced with Donohue during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Soft cover, 350 pages, 100+ black and white & color photos.

Price: $22.95

BRICK BY BRICK – The Story of
Auto Racing Pioneer Joie Ray

by Patrick Sullivan

Joie Ray was a journeyman open wheel driver in the forties and fifties. He raced widely and well, but took only three checkered flags and never achieved his ambition of racing at the Brickyard.

Ray was black – the first to break the color barrier with AAA. This is the passionate story of a gentle, but pioneering American.

The book was published by Dave Argabright.

Soft cover, 208 pages, black and white  photography.



Price: $29.95

Dialed In –The Jan Opperman Story

by John Sawyer

Dialed In –The Jan Opperman Story has been re-released in a new edition. According to the publishers it is “a book that is acknowledged by many as being a classic auto-racing story. It is filled with passion and pathos, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad.

The Jan Opperman story is one of never giving up and having faith in a divine being.
It provides the reader the rare opportunity to peer behind the glamorous facade of auto racing and meet the inner man.

The friendship between narrator and author is evident and while much of the book is Jan’s own words, John Sawyer has carefully authored them. From a teenage street fighter, motorcycle flat track racer and California hippie to respected Sprint car driver and Indy 500 racer - Jan Opperman's story is remarkable, entertaining and difficult to put down."

Soft cover, 5 1/2" x 8 ˝”, 144 pages,
38 black & white photos.


Price: $35.00

My Road to Indy

by Len Sutton

Coastal 181 is very pleased to be offering this newly reprinted edition of Len Sutton’s spectacular racing autobiography.

With insight and intelligence, Len has chronicled his incredible road through early open wheel racing to the infamous Indy roadster, to the advent of rear engine design.

There are 175 photographs throughout this hardcover book and an introduction by Donald Davidson, Indianapolis Speedway historian.

Price: $29.95


by Doug Wolfgang
with Dave Argabright

Doug Wolfgang, winner of five Knoxville Nationals, is one of the finest sprint car drivers of all time; Dave Argabright is one of the finest writers. 

This is a brand new and haunting volume, full of the intensity, triumph, tragedy, and controversy so much a part of the sport.

Hard cover, 300 pages, color and B&W photos.





Price: $32.95

The Marvelous Mechanical Designs of
Harry A. Miller

By Gordon E. White

Harry A. Miller designed racing cars that were among the finest of the golden age of American auto racing for nearly two decades. This book portrays Miller's racing cars of the glorious roaring twenties along with his speedboat and aircraft engines - even his design for a high-speed combat vehicle engine. An exciting collection of photos of the work of one of America's mechanical geniuses, along with commentary on Miller's work by auto racing historian Gordon Eliot White.

Soft cover, 142 black & white photographs.

Price: $20.00

Wooden Rails & Rooster Tails: An Autoracing Anthology

by Earl C. Fabritz & Allan G. Krause

Travel into the past and read about the beginnings of auto racing. This book is a collection of short stories previously published in magazines over the last twenty plus years.

By putting them in a book, you can understand the history behind the race tracks, men and machines which created a foundation for today's modern auto racing.

Included are several stories about the Mile and racing in Milwaukee & Wisconsin area, and there is also a story on the Fresno, California's mile dirt track and Sioux City, Iowa's two-mile dirt track.

Hard cover. 136 pages, 9” by 6”, black and white photos throughout.


Price: $29.95

The Iron Duke

by George Peters

George and Barbara Peters’ energetic new historical racing book details the incredible career of Duke Nalon, 1934-1954.

Nalon was just as big as they come in midgets, sprinters, and champ cars. He won several AAA titles and capped his career with a 100 mile midget win at Terra Haute.

The Iron Duke’s most infamous laps, however, were behind the wheel of the ultra-powerful, man-eating Novi entries at Indy. He snatched the pole position twice, took home a third, and lived through it. Duke Nalon was the best record of any of the Novi chauffeurs.

Soft cover, 270 pages – vintage B&W photography throughout