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Tommy Saal's
ABC of Auto Racing History

Martin & T.J.s
Race Car Repair

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Price: $9.95


by Thom Ring

Thom Rings latest novel in the RED RACECAR young-adult book-series, DINOSAUR RACING, tells the story of Tony Stella, whos bored stiff. He lives in the Golden Acres Residential Community, an "old-folks" home he calls "the waiting room to heaven." He hates it. He longs for some excitement, and he knows where he'll find it: Spring Valley Speedbowl, where he was a multi-time champion as a racecar builder and driver.

Stella decides he'll build a new car a new car built the same old way as the Late Models he drove to his championships. But Tony wont be driving now. He signs Dale Hammond, a high-school kid just named The Bowls Late Model rookie of the year days before losing the high-buck, top-shelf ride that took him to the title.

Can the young gun and the old warrior team up so that Dale can avenge being dumped and Tony can avoid making bingo the most exciting thing he does all day? Can the two find common ground between the past and the future? And what's Santa got to do with it?

Ring, a vocational counselor as well as occasional Midget racer, wrote DINOSAUR RACING to give boys and young men something they might really want to read.

Soft cover, 192 pages, ages 12-15.

Price: $24.95

Tommy Saal's
ABC of Auto Racing History

Here's a book about auto racing history with a difference, one that's written and illustrated to appeal to people of all ages even if they're not racing fans in the first place.

Tommy Saal's ABC of Auto Racing History is unique in that it's really two books in one.

Book A features cartoons in color with versified captions to be read to or read by kids.

The flip side is Book B that explains to young adults, racing neophytes and parents of kids with questions the stories behind B for Bonneville, D for Daytona, I for Indianapolis, L for Le Mans, S for Sebring and so on through the alphabet from A to Z without being too technical.

Price: $9.95
Special Price: $4.95


Martin & T.J.s Race Car Repair

By Sue Kelly Hearn

Ages 4-8

Hold on tight! It's a racing adventure when Martin & T.J. are the only ones in the shop who know why the team's race car has stopped winning races. The pace picks up when these two clever mice take it upon themselves to repair the car in secret, but to their surprise they become stowaways on an unexpected trip to the speedway. Young race fans will be delighted to discover a tool search challenge at the back of the book.

Hard cover, 9 x 9, 32 pages