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Martin & T.J.’s
Race Car Repair

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Girl Main Character

Price: $9.95

Boy Main Character

Price: $9.95


by James P. Desrosiers

Author and local businessman Jim Desrosiers was greatly impacted by the auto-racing success of Ron Bouchard.

He wrote a children’s book to pay tribute to his childhood role model and share what he learned from Ron: that no matter where you’re from or what your past has been, if you believe in yourself, set goals, and never give up…then almost anything IS possible!

Available in two versions,

with boy or girl main character.

Soft cover, 40 pp.

Price: $9.95
Special Price: $4.95


Martin & T.J.’s Race Car Repair

By Sue Kelly Hearn

Ages 4-8

Hold on tight! It's a racing adventure when Martin & T.J. are the only ones in the shop who know why the team's race car has stopped winning races. The pace picks up when these two clever mice take it upon themselves to repair the car in secret, but to their surprise they become stowaways on an unexpected trip to the speedway. Young race fans will be delighted to discover a tool search challenge at the back of the book.

Hard cover, 9¼” x 9¼”, 32 pages