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Springfield Speedway

Two-Lane Roads
and County Fairs




The History of Knoxville Raceway and the Marion County Fairgrounds, Vol. 1 Pre-1954-1970

Modifieds of the Valley: 
A History of Racing at
Lebanon Valley Speedway

The Milwaukee Modified Era 1959-1973

LIFE IN THE PAST LANE: The Next Generation

An illustrated and documented history of Fonda Speedway

Fifty Years of Racing at

Utica-Rome Speedway

Rock-em, Sock-em,
Travelin' Sideways Dirt Show: A History of Robert Smawley’s NDRA


A History of Auto Racing
in New England

The Evolution of
Southern Dirt Racing


All American Speedway



A History of Oakland
Stadium - 1946-1955

A History of the Oakland Speedway - 1931-1941

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By the Grace of God and 600 Horsepower


by Phil Smith

Racing journalist Phil Smith has fully documented what many consider the Golden Years of Modified Racing at Stafford Speedway, year by year, race by race.

The book focuses on the era’s personalities - drivers, owners, officials and track management. Jack Arute Sr. was co-owner of the Garuti-Arute Modifieds - among the top Mods at the time; most important in the history of the period was that Jack and Chuck Arute stepped up to purchase the track when it was in dire straits and faced closure.

Soft cover, 240 pp.


Price: $39.95

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Two-Lane Roads and County Fairs
- IMCA Stock Cars Brought Thrills to
Generations of Race Fans

by Bill Haglund

Two-Lane Roads and County Fairs
chronicles the history of the former IMCA Stock Car Series, which ran from 1949 through 1977.

The book includes summaries and synopses of each race held in the series, which held events in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and several other states and in Canada. It features 500 photos, including head shots of most of the stars each year.

There are also stories about the "Keokuk Komets," who dominated the series from its beginning to nearly its end (Ernie Derr, Don White, Dick Hutcherson, and IMCA's 'uncrowned' champion Ramo Stott) ... plus a story about the racing Harrison family from Topeka, Kans. (brothers Harold "Tubby" Harrison and "Wild" Bill Harrison, and Bill's son Gerry) who wanted to bring the IMCA crown to Kansas, written by Bill's son, Troy Harrison.

Hard cover, 528 pages, 500+ B&W photos.

Price: $29.95

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Modifieds of the Valley:  A History of Racing at Lebanon Valley Speedway

by Lew Boyd

Seven decades of colorful stories and images from Lebanon Valley Speedway, upstate New York’s ultra-racy half-mile dirt track.

Famous for high banks and high speeds, the popular track grew from a primitive start in the 1950s to a showplace for the mighty Big Block Modifieds and WoO, All Star, and ESS Sprinters, as well as for celebrated drivers Kenny Tremont, Tommy Corellis, Brett Hearn, Eddie Marshall, JR Heffner, Stewart Friesen, and so many more.

Soft cover, 252 pages, 280 color and B&W photos. 

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Fifty Years of Racing at Utica-Rome Speedway
by Bones Bourcier

Few short tracks in the Northeast – or anywhere, for that matter – can lay claim to having hosted as many top-level drivers as New York’s Utica-Rome Speedway. Because it operated as a high-profile NASCAR asphalt oval before becoming one of the region’s premier dirt tracks, Utica-Rome has welcomed, at one time or another, just about every racer of significance in the eastern United States, no matter their surface of preference.

They’ve all competed here … from Rene Charland, champion in the track’s first season, to Stewart Friesen, champion in its 50th … from Lou Lazzaro to Pat Ward … from Steady Eddie Flemke to Dave Lape … from Geoff Bodine to Jack Johnson … from Jerry Cook to Paul Jensen … from Richie Evans to Dale Planck … Utica-Rome Speedway has truly been the home of heroes.

But the track’s history has not been a long, smooth patch of road. Between Joe Lesik, who opened Utica-Rome in 1961, and Gene Cole, under whose current reign the speedway has flourished, came a number of ownership and management teams. Some prospered, others slipped and hit the wall. But through it all, the speedway along Route 5 in Vernon has survived, and racing is better for that.

Beautifully written and heavily illustrated, this Limited Edition is a collector’s item!

Hard cover, 400 pp, 500 B&W and color photos.

Price: $24.95

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An illustrated and documented history of
Fonda Speedway

by Lew Boyd, Andy Fusco, and Jim Rigney

Written as part of the New York track’s 50th birthday celebration in 2003, the book has close to 400 pages and 400 photographs covering all aspects of Fonda’s rich tradition.

Research involved discussions with hundreds of key players from the past to the present, including detailed interviews with figures such as Steve Danish, Bill Wimble, Richard Petty, Jack Johnson, Brett Hearn, and Bobby Varin.

Tall tales are told of notable races and interesting off-track happenings. Appendices provide a compilation of racing records for all major divisions.

This is the original edition, printed in its entirety without corrections or updates.

Price: $34.95
Special: $24.95

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A History of Auto Racing in New England

- A Project of the North East Motor Sports Museum

There has never been a book like this one, a carefully researched and written biography of automobile racing in New England.

A History of Auto Racing in New England celebrates the colorful past of racing cars in the six states on road courses, up mountains, along the ocean’s beaches, around dirt and paved ovals, and down strips of concrete and asphalt.

More than the cars, we have focused on the people who drove them and those who created the stages on which the drivers exhibited their courage and their skill. The early races that make up much of the book were profoundly dangerous; participation required abnormal courage. As we celebrate the winners, we mourn with the families and friends of those who paid racing’s ultimate price.

A few have become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams through New England racing. The majority have participated for the love of going fast, the joy of turning wrenches while looking for more speed or better handling or to hear the cheers of the crowd following a winning Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

Go inside this book’s covers to discover how racing in New England has made so many lives more thrilling and fulfilling – and in ways that could never happen again.

Proceeds benefit NEMSM.

Hard cover, 400+ B&W photos, 304 pages.

Price: $23.95

Hot Cars
Cool Drivers

 by Lew Boyd

Hot Cars Cool Drivers is the story of three great Massachusetts speedways, Norwood, Westboro, and The Pines. With four hundred photographs and scores of interviews with the Northeast’s most colorful competitors, the book chronicles the amazing rise and fall of the midgets and then the stock cars.

If you ever attended a race in Massachusetts or if you are serious about understanding the evolution of racing, this book is an absolute must!

Soft cover, 240 pages,
400+ black & white photos.

Price Was : $16.95
Special: $14.95


by Lew Boyd

Bridge Stadium in New Jersey and Nazareth Raceway in Pennsylvania were gritty but dramatic tracks that hosted the finest drivers from all over the Eastern Seaboard.

Amazing tales of Schneider, Flemke, Tasnady, the Reutimanns, Kelly, Frazee, Hildreth and many more.

Hundreds of pictures, most never before published.

The latest in our track book series.

Soft cover, 8 1/2" by 11",
220 pages, over 200 photos.

 Price: $18.95


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FAST MEMORIES: Springfield Speedway

by Joyce Standridge and Terry Young

For 40 years, between the first thaw and the final frost, thousands converged at the corner of Clear Lake and Dirksen Parkway in Springfield, Illinois, to bask in the throaty roar of racing engines.

Springfield Speedway became legendary among racers as the toughest, fastest little bullring imaginable.

This is a comprehensive photo journey through the years.

Soft cover, 148 pages, 431 B&W photos.

Price: $23.95

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by Chad W Culver

Early characters like Johnny Martin and Paul Walker helped establish Delaware’s rich racing history shortly after WWII.

Drivers, owners and promoters like Ricky Elliott, Curt Michael and Brett Deyo continue the tradition at famed Georgetown Speedway and Delaware International.

Soft cover, 160 pp., 99 photos.

Price: $18.00

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by Chad Culver and Wayne Culver

The First State of Delaware has a legendary history of automobile racing. Since the first racers roared down the dusty Delaware State Fairgrounds track in 1915 at Wawaset Park, Wilmington, Delaware, auto racing has thrilled capacity crowds all over the state. “Delaware Auto Racing” documents and explores the tracks, cars, and people that made racing what it is today.

The history of racing can be seen in historic photographs from the legendary dirt tracks, like Delmar and Georgetown Speedways, to the high-banked turns of Delaware’s NASCAR track—Dover Downs. Rare images have been collected from drivers, car owners, fans, and historians to provide an insightful look into auto racing in Delaware. Many of the historic photographs have never been published.

Father-and-son team Wayne and Chad Culver are lifelong racing enthusiasts and collectors. Wayne Culver is a retired Delaware native whose love of racing began as a child growing up in the shadow of the many dirt tracks in Sussex County. His enthusiasm has been passed down to his son. Chad Culver is a teacher and collector of vintage race cars and memorabilia.

Soft cover, 128 pages.

Price: $34.95


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by Thomas Luce

This extraordinary book covers the West Coast jalopy era of the ’50s and early ’60s. Drivers included the likes of Parnelli Jones, “Lover Boy” Bob Hogle, and Art Atkinson.

The book is crammed with over 1,000 incredible period photographs.

Long out of print, the author has brought it back with a short print run, so this may be your last opportunity to own this title - a true collectible. 

Soft cover, 288 pp., B&W photos.



Price: $40.00

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The History of Knoxville Raceway and the Marion County Fairgrounds, Vol. 1 Pre-1954-1970

by Bob Wilson

Covers Knoxville's history from the time the now-iconic track was constructed, to the growth of horse racing, to the events leading up to weekly racing and the origins of the Knoxville Nationals.

Author Bob Wilson is a native of Marion County and grew up at the Knoxville Raceway. A retired school teacher, he has spent his entire life recording and researching facts about racing in the area. From the basement of the Knoxville
Journal-Express and public libraries to his office at the track, he has dedicated a large portion of his life to recording the history of the place he loves.

Wilson has seen every Knoxville Nationals and has been the Track Historian at Knoxville Raceway for decades.  This is the first of three volumes.

Hard cover, 320 pages and nearly 300 photos.

Price: $29.95

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The Milwaukee Modified Era 1959-1973

by Fr. Dale Grubba

In the late 1950s and throughout the ‘60s, the greatest short track auto racing in Wisconsin was to be found in the Milwaukee area on quarter-mile dirt bullrings. Drivers like Miles “the Mouse” Melius, Kenny “Tweety Bird” Tlougan, Billy “the Cat” Johnson, Jr., Aaron “Snagglepuss” Solsrud, Etchie “The Flying Grandpa” Biertzer, Don “The Duck” Schuppel, and Fuzzy “the Hound” Fassbender matched wits throughout the summer at Hales Corners, Cedarburg, Slinger, Beaver Dam, and State Fair Park.

Father Dale Grubba has covered Wisconsin racing as fan, writer, photographer and spiritual advisor since 1963. An award-winning author of numerous books and articles on racing, his latest, The Milwaukee Modified Era 1959 – 1973, chronicles the era of Milwaukee modified racing and the Milwaukee Stock Car Club at its peak.

Soft cover, 472 pages, 210 B&W photos.

Price: $19.95

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LIFE IN THE PAST LANE: The Next Generation

by Joe Verdegan

Author Joe Verdegan has had a front-row seat to the stories, people and politics that have captured the attention of northeast Wisconsin auto-racing fans for decades.

As the region’s recognized racing historian, Verdegan provides an expert’s perspective on the people and events that defined a turbulent era from roughly 1980 to 2017.

Verdegan presents the driver rivalries, family connections, and passionate dedication to the sport displayed by track owners and promoters in this follow-up to his earlier LIFE IN THE PAST LANE: A History of Stock Car Racing in Northeast Wisconsin from 1950-1980.

Soft cover, 222 pages, color and B&W photos.

Price: $24.95

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Rock-em, Sock-em, Travelin' Sideways Dirt Show: A History of Robert Smawley’s NDRA

by Gary L. Parker

The story of the first national touring series for Dirt Late Models. Robert Smawley, founder of the National Dirt Racing Association (NDRA) was a visionary promoter who was clearly years ahead of his time. He brought money and national fame to Late Model dirt racing and its drivers. His series changed the sport of dirt racing forever. All of today’s national touring series owe their beginnings to Smawley and his "travelin' dirt show."

Author Gary Parker's father took him to his first dirt race at the famed Boyd's Speedway in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1955. Over the course of 60 years, he has watched hundreds of races all over the South and at several historic tracks that no longer exist. He traveled and became close friends with some of the icons of Southern dirt racing and was a crew member for a number of teams from the late 1960s through the 1970s and into the 1980s. Parker holds a PhD. in Anthropology.

Soft cover, 186 pages, 164 photographs, most in color.

Price: $39.95
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by Eddie Roche

Back at last is Volume 1 of Eddie Roche’s classic Florida Motorsports Retrospective Pictorial, long out of print and much requested.

But the second edition is greatly enhanced with more track chapters; updated track records and point champs; major event winner listings, additional photos and much-improved photo quality. It’s now a comprehensive directory of 150 past and current Florida tracks (ovals, road courses, and dragways).

Even if you have the original, you will want this collectible second edition.

Soft cover, 200 indexed pages, 1500 photos.

 Price: $24.95

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RED CLAY AND DUST: The Evolution of Southern Dirt Racing

by Gary L Parker

A history of automobile racing on dirt tracks in the southern United States.

The book focuses on the first dirt cars of the late 1950s, the "Late Models," the "Super Late Models," and on the dirt tracks and series.

Included are short biographies of 25 famous drivers, with 92 photographs.

Soft cover, 182 pages.

 Price: $35.95
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Dirt to Pavement: 38 Active Ovals, Drag Strips
& Road Courses

Photography and text by Saroyan Humphrey

Foreword by Kyle Larson

A visually striking guidebook featuring 38 active raceways in one of the most diverse and competitive regions of the United States – California, from north of the Grapevine Pass to the Oregon border.

The unique character of each track comes to life in over 250 color photographs. The text outlines each track’s current activities with interesting facts, quotes and historical highlights.

A timeline also gives a brief account of the history of motorsports in Northern and Central California.

Soft cover, 430 pages.

Price: $21.95
Now: $18.00

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All American Speedway

by Bill Poindexter

It began as a rodeo arena with bucking broncos entertaining an annual gathering for the Placer County Fair in Roseville, California, about 10 miles east of Sacramento. The rodeo grounds eventually gave way to a different kind of horsepower in 1955, when a dirt track was built.

The original Roseville Speedway later became All American Speedway. The surface was paved in 1972, and three years later, its signature race, the Rose Classic, was born.

Future NASCAR drivers Ernie Irvan, Mike Skinner and more visited the track. The Rose Classic went away in the early 1990s, but NASCAR Whelen All-American Series action lives on each year.

Soft cover, 128 pages.

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(Soft Cover)

A History of Oakland Stadium

By Tom Motter

Tom Motter has written a captivating book replete with rare photos that bring Oakland Stadium’s rich history back to life. The chapters record the Stadium’s events featuring Big Cars, Sprints, Midgets, Roadsters, and Hardtops.

Soft cover, Smythe-sewn binding, with over 200 black and white photos.


Price Was: $44.95
Now Reduced: $14.95
(Hard Cover)

A History of the Oakland Speedway - 1931-1941

By Tom Motter

The book covers the history of the Oakland Speedway, a one-mile, banked dirt track built in Oakland California in 1931. The track was the site of AAA National Championship races (Indy cars and stars) from 1931 until 1936 when the AAA pulled out of the West Coast. It was known as the "fastest dirt track in the Nation".

Chapters cover all races at the Speedway including Indy Cars, Big Cars, Stock Cars, Midgets, Roadsters and Motorcycles.

More than 200 beautiful black and white photos, most in full 8" x 10" size, many never before published!