- Unleashed with Kevin Olson
Racing’s Zaniest Hall of Famer

by Kevin Olson with Lew Boyd

Foreword by Tony Stewart

I am so excited today.... I got my signed copy of “Cages are for Monkeys”... the real life adventures of my friend Kevin Olson. And those that really know me, know that I don't have many. Kevin is in a whole category by himself. Thanks to my Cousin Ken for picking up a copy and getting it signed.

This is a better gift than any Christmas present I have ever gotten in 61 years. I could hardly put it down. If it wasn't for my vision…it is hard for me to read. Especially when you are coughing your lungs out from laughing so hard. Like Tony Stewart said, if I hadn't lived a small part of this adventure, I would not have believed it.

Awesome walk through time, as only Kevin could paint the pictures.

Thanks Kevin, and Ken. You made my day.

Gary Crumrine