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- Memories of the

White Knight


Speedway Maine: 100 Years of Short Track Racing in Maine

Dirt Track Mania

Thru My Lens - An Intimate Look at the Syracuse Finale

Bumps & Grinds

Nazareth Raceway

Norwood Arena:
The Movie

It’s a Dirt Track Life:
Memories of Dirt Track
Racing from Dawsonville
to Gatlinburg

Speed Demons in the
City of Angels

Remembering East
Windsor Speedway

The History of
Nazareth Raceway

Championship Cars
 at the ‘Horne

The History of
Flemington Speedway

Best of Langhorne

Wisconsin Short Track
Racing Highlights, 1960s


Remembering Reading Fairgrounds Speedway

The Golden Years of
Racing at Wisconsin
State Fair Park 1955–1975

Touched by an Angell
– The Story of Angell Park

The History of
Williams Grove

Langhorne Thriller


Riverside Park
Speedway Memories

The Awesome '80s

Vineland Speedway

History of
Alcyon Speedway
– Auto Races

Asphalt Memories

Dirt Track Memories

'70s Review

End Over End

The Old Master

Stock Car Classics

Eastern Speedway Classics

Sprint & Champ Car Classics

Eastern Midget Classics

Open Cockpit Classics

The Flying Dutchman

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Price: $24.95

- Memories of the White Knight

A look back at the life of chassis designer, engine builder & body fabricator and legendary race car driver Dick Trickle.

Award-winning motorsports journalist Bill Holland conducted a series of interviews with Trickle between 1998 and 2012, which forms the foundation of this DVD.

This DVD includes CWRA, ASA, ARTGO, ARCA, All Pro, IMCA, USAC and NASCAR races.

The man lived and breathed racing and made friends wherever he went. The full story of the winningest stock car driver in American history.

(Sales benefit the Dick Trickle Memorial Project.)

Color, 67 min. V-1576: $24.95

Price: $29.95


Feature-length documentary film on dirt track racing, with competitors ranging from longtime veterans like Danny Lasoski and gritty Harli White to NASCAR superstars like Kyle Larson. They share their passion in an inspiring celebration of the dirt track racing community.

As told by drivers, crews, and fans, the story weaves its way through generations of racers from Sprint Cars, late models, flat track motorcycles and beyond.

Color, 1:41 min.

Price: $21.95

Speedway Maine: 100 Years of Short Track Racing in Maine

A documentary film by
Sumner McKane

Speedway Maine tells the story of more than 100 years of short-track auto racing in Maine and illustrates the character of the Maine race drivers who raced on dirt in the 1940s and 50s, as well as second- and third-generation drivers who are competing today.

Speedway Maine
features current footage from around the state, and also showcases scarcely seen footage and photos from the 1940s through the 90s.

The DVD includes interviews with Mike Rowe, Andy Santerre, Ralph Cusack, Dale Chadbourne, Pete Silva, Kyle Treadwell, Wyatt Alexander, and many more. They not only shed light on the dedication and skill required to drive a race car, but also illustrate the family foundation and heritage that Maine racing is built upon; all the while, uncovering the purely addictive qualities of short-track racing.

1 hour, 45 min.

Price: $24.95

Dirt Track Mania

A Mark Krammes Production

Dirt Track Mania was produced in 1990 by photographer/videographer Mark Krammes. Snyder Video Productions has added this title to its list of historic racing presentations.

This DVD features action-packed nostalgic racing dated 1988 through 1990 and takes you back to when Big Block Modifieds raced at Nazareth and Flemington. It also features Small Block Modifieds at Grandview, Big Diamond, and Penn National, plus the always exciting 410 Sprints in Central PA, with over 60 wild flips highlighting this trip down memory lane. Includes a brief look at micro sprints in PA & asphalt racing.

Tracks included are:Big Diamond, Bridgeport, Clinton County, Clyde Martin, Delaware International, East Windsor, Eldora, Evergreen, Flemington, Grandview, Linda’s, Mahoning Valley, Nazareth, Penn National, Port Royal, Selinsgrove, Silver Spring, Wall Stadium, and Williams Grove.

Original soundtrack, no narration.

1 hour, 35 min.

Price: $29.95

Thru My Lens - An Intimate Look at the Syracuse Finale

A film by James Liegeot Jr.

A close-up of the Syracuse Fairgrounds final race and the events of the week leading up to it, with cameras inches away from wide-open, full-throttle Big Block Dirt Modifieds.

Stand alongside the track safety crew: inside views of pit stops gone right and those that went terribly wrong. Ride along in the #00 as it paces the final Big Block field to compete on the storied mile.

Plus, the 358 controversy, captured on film – you be the judge!

Includes day by day activities throughout the week and the aftermath as fans say goodbye to a fixture in Northeast auto racing.

Pro Stocks, Sportsman, 358 Mods, USAC Silver Crown, and Big Blocks. It’s all here, with special effects and a dynamic soundtrack.

Color, 103 min.

Price: $24.95

Bumps & Grinds

Bumps & Grinds was produced in 1991 by veteran auto-racing photographers and film-makers Charlie and Terry Melick.

This DVD highlights action from Flemington Fairgrounds Speedway during the years 1987 through the first year of asphalt in 1991.

Modifieds, Sportsman, Late Models, and URC Sprints are featured with plenty of spins, flips, and side-by-side racing thrills. 

Original sound track, no narration.

1 hr. 40 min.  








Price: $24.95

Nazareth Raceway

This televised broadcast from Nazareth Raceway features full coverage of the final race of the 1976 season. Announcers Gary London & Johnny Long call the action.

Tom Hager pulls off the 100-lap victory while racing against many talented Modified competitors at this historic oval.

Additional footage includes a 1977 pre-season interview by racing journalist Bill Dimmich with promoter Jerry Fried & Tom Hager.

Originally recorded on reel-to-reel video, the quality is not comparable to HD standards; however the content will bring a bit of Nazareth Raceway’s rich history back for your enjoyment!

Color, 1 hr. 20 min.

Price: $24.95
Now: $19.95

Norwood Arena: The Movie

This feature-length documentary captures the feeling of a bygone era in American sports, and brings “The Little Daytona” back to life!

Learn why Norwood Arena Speedway is still so beloved in racing circles.

This emotional film is packed with rare photos and vintage home movies.

The story is told through first person accounts of those who lived it, including Pete Hamilton, the 1970 Daytona 500 Champion.

112 Min,

- YouTube video excepts from
Norwood Arena: The Movie

Remembering LEO CLEARY, a racing legend.


Price: $15.95

It’s a Dirt Track Life: Memories of Dirt Track Racing from Dawsonville to Gatlinburg

This DVD recounts the “glory days” of dirt-track racing, primarily in Tennessee and Georgia. After World War II, dirt tracks could be found in many communities and races were attended by huge numbers of fans. Many early dirt-track racers had learned to drive while hauling moonshine in the mountains of Tennessee and Georgia. Some drivers were so talented that they seized the opportunity, left the mountain roads and tracks, and raced on the sandy beaches of Daytona Beach. Eventually some of these become race car drivers when NASCAR was formed.

This documentary contains over 200 photographs of vintage dirt tracks, racers, and cars. Vintage footage of racing is included from tracks at Moccasin Bend, Cleveland, Ashway, Atomic, Old Smokey Mountain, and Newport in Tennessee. Speed, spills and thrills from Lakewood, Thomaston and the Cow Pasture tracks from Georgia are included. Mid-1950s footage also shows racing on the sand at Daytona Beach.

Memories are shared by Red Farmer, Freddy Fryar, Morgan Shepherd, and many others. Original music by John W. Cook, Narrated by Dustin Coleman.
Written by Debbie Moore. Edited and Directed by Ron Moore.

80 min,

Price: $24.95

WHERE THEY RACED: Speed Demons in the City of Angels

WHERE THEY RACED: Speed Demons in the City of Angels tells the story of a pre-gridlocked Los Angeles... a time ripe with orange groves, movie stars, year-round sunshine and more auto racing and innovation than anywhere else in the world.

This documentary film is told with hundreds of vintage photos, lost archival films and revealing interviews that reunite the ghost tracks of Los Angeles with the cars that raced on them to give these fading memories a victory lap.

102 minutes, B&W and color.

Price: $24.95

Remembering East Windsor Speedway

Remembering East Windsor Speedway takes us back to 1965 when Don Jones opened his half-mile clay oval. Many top drivers competed at “Windsor,” including Al Tasnady, Sammy Beavers, Stan Ploski, Jimmy Horton, Kenny Brightbill, Doug Hoffman, & Billy Pauch, just to mention a few.

This DVD depicts racing action from previously-released “Dirt Track Memories” from Snyder Video Productions and Ace Lane, plus new footage produced by John & Gerry Fillimon of Fillimon Brothers Racing Video.

Years featured are from 1965, 1967, 1969-1971, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1987-1991, 1995, 1997, 2000, & 2001; portions of this DVD are not narrated but those sections have car sounds and music.

Runtime: 2 hours, Color.

V-04 DVD
Price: $29.95

The History of Nazareth Raceway
- New Edition

The History of Nazareth Raceway video was produced and released in 1993. Depicting the history of this once-famous racetrack, this production has been seen by local race fans as well as many worldwide. Marking the 20th anniversary of its release, we redesigned the DVD cover and added a 30 minute slideshow featuring the work of well-known motorsports photographers Bob Snyder, Mel Stettler, Bob Yurko, & Jack Kromer. The video content remains the same.

Here is the story of the half-mile dirt Nazareth Raceway from the turn of the century to its 1988 closing. It features legendary stock-car heroes Bob Malzahn, Rags Carter, Will Cagle, Al Tasnady, Frank Cozze, Doug Hoffman, and countless others, as well as current comments from famous Nazareth drivers Frankie Schneider, Buzzie Reutimann, Mario Andretti, Bill Tanzosh, Tighe Scott, Kevin Collins, Blackie Reider, Jack & Tom Zeiner, Carl Collins, Tom Hager, Vic Cesare, Freddie Fehr, and Bill Bachman. Also includes a look at historic photos and unique footage of both open-cockpit and stock-car racing.

Though Nazareth Raceway is gone, the memories are captured on this 2 hr. DVD, plus a 30-minute slideshow for all dirt track racing fans.

V-1340 DVD
Price: $17.00

Championship Cars at the ‘Horne

1950-Early 1960s, USAC. AAA. NASCAR, Open Cockpit Indy Cars.

A vintage film with priceless memories, including a Johnny Thomson flip, a Johnny Boyd fire, first race on Langhorne’s pavement, and much more.

Interviews with a very young A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Jim McElreath, Jim Hurtubise, Bobby Marshman, Roger McCluskey, Don Branson and others.

14 different races, professionally narrated.

1 hr.

Price: $17.00

Best of Langhorne

Includes 14 different race highlights from 1950 to the early ‘60s,

Modified/Sportsman Stock Cars, Grand National, USAC Late Models and Midgets.

One hour, black and white professionally shot and narrated.

Price: $25.95

Short Track Racing Highlights
 - Mods at WI State Fair and Midgets at Hales Corners, 1963-'69

Dirt track stock car and open wheel excitement from the sixties.

Footage includes MSC Modified racing at the quarter-mile dirt oval at Wisconsin State Fair Park and USAC and Badger Midget racing at Hales Corners Speedway.

Footage shot between 1963 and 1969. Includes some black and white night racing action.

Runtime 25 minutes.

Price: $24.95


Speedway Stocks and Open Cockpit Action were two videos released by Snyder Video Productions in 1986. We’ve taken our local racing heritage to all corners of the world and now, over a quarter-century later, these all-time favorite classic videos are being re-released on one DVD. Big Blocks were still running in Pennsylvania at Nazareth, Flemington was in its heyday, and Big Diamond was a 1/3 mile….how things have changed!

The DVD showcases Big and Small Block Modified highlights from Big Diamond, Grandview, Nazareth & Flemington.

Also included is Super Sprint Car action from Williams Grove, Selinsgrove, Grandview, Flemington as well as Super Sportsman action from Big Diamond. Featured are in-car camera shots with Doug Hoffman, Frank Cozze, Ken Brenn, and Dave Bodine. The 1980s classic racing action along with breath-taking crashes will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Runtime 120 minutes, B&W and color footage.


Price: $24.95

Remembering Reading Fairgrounds Speedway

Remembering Reading Fairgrounds Speedway is compiled of footage used in previously released Snyder Video productions, including segments from Eastern Speedway Classics, Open Cockpit Classics, Stock Car Classics, Sprint & Champ Car Classics, Dirt Track Memories, & ’70s Review.

We’ll take a look at open-wheel action from the ’30s through the ’60s with AAA and USAC, finishing with the RSCA modifieds in the ’70s.

Featured drivers include Tommy Hinnershitz, AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, Kenny Brightbill, Gerald Chamberlain, Dick Tobias and countless others, along with the great racing action that made Reading famous.

Color and B&W, 55 min.

Price: $25.95

The Golden Years of Racing at Wisconsin
State Fair Park 1955–1975

The Golden Years is a look back at 20 years of USAC Indy Car racing at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. This 90-minute video takes you back to the golden era of open-wheel racing, the nostalgic mid-1950s through the wild 1970s. See the colorful roadsters driven by the likes of Tony Bettenhausen, Jim Rathmann, Rodger Ward and young guns such as Jim Hurtubise, Parnelli Jones and a young Texan named A.J. Foyt.

The DVD travels back into time and shows the groundbreaking Lotus-Ford driven by World Champion Jimmy Clark. You'll peer into the past and
watch Foyt, Mario Andretti, Dan Gurney, Gordon Johncock, Johnny Rutherford and Lloyd Ruby. You'll also see legendary drivers such as Eddie Sachs and Herk Hurtubise in memorable candid moments.

There’s action in the pits, thrills on the track and glory in victory lane. The DVD includes additional archival video and gorgeous photos from Hall of Fame photographer Armin Krueger. The Golden Years has everything the "old school" racing fan wants.

Remastered digitized movie footage, color, 90 min.

Price: $19.95

Touched by an Angell
– The Story of Angell Park

produced by Bob Leff

Award-winning "Touched by an Angell" is the story of Angell Park Speedway in Wisconsin. At 1 hour and 44 minutes, it's packed with interesting footage, photos and interviews with the people who have made this one of the premier midget racing tracks in the world.

From its humble beginnings as a horse track in Sun Prairie, WI, to the clay oval that's hosted the likes of

Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne, this comprehensive story is a must for any open wheel racing fan. In partnership with the Badger Midget Auto Racing Association, Angell Park Speedway continues to be a Sunday night tradition for many during Wisconsin's summer months.

Interviews with Hall of Famers Bill Engelhart and Kevin Olson, along with local legends, make this an extremely entertaining video.

Runtime: 1 hour and 44 minutes
2011 Golden
Wheel Award

International Reel Wheel Film Festival

Knoxville, Iowa

Price: $19.95

Riverside Park Speedway Memories

This DVD will take you back to the glory days of Riverside Park Speedway in Agawam, Mass., which operated from 1948 to 1999. The DVD begins with the opening of the Speedway and ends with its closing and demolition.

It features many champions and winners, including Jocko Maggiacomo, Ed Flemke Sr, Ted Tappett, John Lobo Sr., Bob Stefanik, Mike Stefanik, Reggie Ruggiero, Jerry Marquis, Mario ‘Fats’ Caruso, Ricky Miller, and many others. Narrated by former Riverside Park announcer Rollie Jacobs, Mike Joy and Dick Berggren also give interviews.

DVD Price: $17.00
Langhorne Thriller

Relive the 1951 Race of Champions.

120 cars start the race on the dirt mile in this
professionally shot and narrated black and white film.

The highlight is a spectacular 60-car
pile-up and fire of Wally Campbell’s car that ends the race, with Hully Bunn the winner.

32 min.

Price: $24.95

Asphalt Memories

Features asphalt modified racing from the 1960s through the early 1970s. Geoff Bodine, Ray Hendrick, Dutch Hoag, Joe Kelly, Parker Bohn, Tommie Elliott, Mike Grbac, and many more battle it out at Trenton, Langhorne, Wall Stadium, Pocono, and Fort Dix Speedways. Also includes Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt, and Mel Kenyon in Indy cars at Langhorne & Trenton. A video showcase of Indy Cars, Modifieds, Sprint Cars, and Midget racing on the asphalt!

70 minutes, color


Price: $24.95

Dirt Track Memories

Historic footage from the Ace Lane Film Library captures the heyday of northeast style stock car racing at eleven famous speedways, from 1962-1978. This video is highlighted by previously unreleased rare East Windsor footage and spectacular flips. Also spotlighting race action from Syracuse, Reading, Penn National, Harmony, Flemington, Nazareth, Lebanon Valley, Langhorne, Nazareth National, & Orange County. Watch Pee Wee Griffin, Mike Grbac, Frankie Schneider, Al Tasnady, Budd Olsen, Billy Osmun, Buzzie Reutimann, and famous starter Tex Enright. Earl Krause, Ace Lane Jr. and modified great Sammy Beavers provide the narration.

90 minutes, color


DVD Price: $24.95

Stock Car Classics

Here is the excitement of stock car racing action at 20 different speedways from 1948-1969. Follow the evolution of the stock car from the "Bugs" of Central PA to the coupes & coaches of NY, NJ, PA, & CT.

Watch Abel, Hersh, Mackinson, Tobias, Schneider, Malzahn, and Tasnady.

Highlighted by 42 flips.

70 Minutes, color and black & white

Price: $24.95

'70s Review

Our original release from "The Action Series" features incredible racing footage from Reading, Flemington, Williams Grove, Nazareth, Grandview and Syracuse from 1975-1979. Experience the sizzling battles and hold-your-breath action as the thundering competitors put it all on the line in the quest for victory. Over 75 spectacular flips in the modified, sprint and midget divisions will keep you on the edge of your seat!

60 minutes, color

V-853 DVD
DVD Price: $24.95

The Awesome '80s (1985-1989)

Experience one of the most popular eras of racing in the Northeast – 1985 through 1989. Snyder Video Productions will take you on a nostalgic ride you won’t forget. Revisit 23 racetracks, 8 of which are no longer in existence.

We’ve gone into our archives & remastered previously released footage, added exciting new footage & included sensational crashes to create an entertaining look at the past. This is sure to bring many memories for some fans while providing a first hand look at the glory days for others. Join us as we follow colorful competitors racing sprints, stocks, midgets, & late models on dirt & asphalt. Wms. Grove, Flemington, Mahoning…it’s all here for you to relive those “Awesome 80s”.

Color, 2hrs. 8 mins.

Price: $24.95

End Over End

The newest release from "The Action Series" is a heart stopping, action packed showcase of high intensity crashes. This unique video captures eight years of spectacular racing accidents as the competition heats up and the challengers meet the unexpected.

Sensational footage from 1985-1992 at Grandview, Flemington, Nazareth, Williams Grove, Selinsgrove, Port Royal, Big Diamond, and more. There's midget, sprint, modified, & micro sprint mayhem as the daredevils of racing are catapulted into danger with unpredictable results.

Features 161 wild flips!

Earl Krause & Tim Pitts narrate the excitement as we take you up and over.

50 minutes, color

Price: $29.95

The History of Flemington Speedway

We'll take you back to 1915 when Ira Vail won the very first race held at Flemington. See how racing progressed over eight decades, from the early sprints and midgets through the evolution of the stock cars and late models. Here's the high-speed excitement for which Flemington is known, plus over 100 spectacular flips! Features drivers such as Doc MacKenzie, Billy Winn, Sammy Beavers, Stan Ploski, Gerald Chamberlain, Billy Pauch, Doug Hoffman, plus countless others. Narrated by Earl Krause and Bill Singer.

120 minutes, color and black & white

Price: $29.95

The History of Williams Grove Speedway

This is the unforgettable story of the Pennsylvania dirt track known as the "Ascot of the East." The excitement of the early years unfolds through rare film footage, unique photos, & current interviews with racing pioneers such as Tommy Hinnershitz, Ernie McCoy & car owner Sam Traylor. Legendary drivers Joie Chitwood, Ted Horn, Troy Ruttman, & Johnny Thomson are shown challenging the historic 1/2 mile. Racing heroes Johnny Rutherford, Bobby Abel, Jimmy McGuire, Ray Tilley, & John Mackinson share their stories about this remarkable track. From sprints and championship cars to midgets, stocks & bugs, "The Grove" offered the greatest variety and most excitement in Northeastern US. This 2 hour video captures the colorful history which is the foundation for today's racing at Williams Grove Speedway!

120 minutes, color and black & white

DVD Price: $19.95

History of Alcyon Speedway – Auto Races

Experience the sights and sounds of the speedway in historic Pitman, NJ. Over 60 minutes of vintage pictures and videos, narrated by Ralph Richards Jr. and Bill Skinner. The video traces the history from the late 1900s to its close in 1960. Over half of the video is actual racing footage and includes many of the local popular drivers and car owners.

60 minutes. DVD and VHS available


V-851 DVD
DVD Price: $19.95

Vineland Speedway Memories

A Fabulously authenticated video on Vineland (NJ) Speedway, a leading East Coast ½ miler that ran from the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties.

If you’re into the coupes and coaches, this video is for you.

Narrated by Russ Dodge, it covers all the leading competitors from both the dirt and asphalt seasons.

DVD running time is over one hour.

Price: $24.95

The Old Master

Showcases one of the most famous stock car greats in the Northeast - Frankie Schneider. His career covered an amazing span of six decades, victorious in over 700 races and winning numerous track championships throughout his heyday. Known for "telling it the way it was", Frankie became a legend in his own time by doing it his way. Highlighted with historic photos and vintage racing footage.

60 minutes, color and black & white

Price: $24.95


Eastern Speedway Classics

Rare vintage black & white and color footage plus historic photos highlight this collector's video. Racing action dating from the 30s to the 80s - Sprint Cars, Midgets, Champ Cars, Hudsons, & Late Models. The speedways included are: Trenton, Lancaster, Freeport, Dover, Union, New Market, Nutley Velodrome, NY Coliseum, Wilmington, Pitman, Commack, Island Garden, Teaneck, Kingsbridge Armory, Atlantic City Conv. Hall, Nassau Coliseum, Ruppert Stadium, Polo Grounds, Bayonne Stadium, Old Bridge, Lehighton, Goshen, Hughsville, Nazareth National, Langhorne, Richie, Gratz, Cortland, York Fairground, Stroudsburg, Sidney, Cross Bay, Roosevelt, Coney Island Bowl, Sanatoga, Yellow Jacket, Dorney Park, Allentown, Agricultural Hall, Harmony, Hinchliffe, Springfield, Plainville, Danbury, Carlisle, Lebanon, Nazareth, Reading, Bird In Hand, Hilltop, Altoona, Laurel, Atlantic City, Sheepshead Bay, Woodbridge, Hohokus, Mineola, Morristown, Jersey City, Lodi, Municipal Stadium, Bone Stadium, Islip, Cedarhurst, Olympic Park, Hatfield Rockingham, NH, Brockton, Vista, Castle Hill, Pine Brook.

105 minutes, color and black & white

Price: $24.95

Sprint & Champ Car Classics

Experience one of the most popular eras in the history of open cockpit racing - the 1950's and early 1960's. The spotlight is on AAA and USAC action at Allentown, Trenton, Langhorne, Reading, Williams Grove, Bedford, Harrington, and Flemington. Vintage photos highlight original film footage of legendary drivers such as Tony Bettenhausen, Jud Larson, Tommy Hinnershitz, Johnny Thomson, Dale Van Johnson, Jimmy Bryan, Don Carr, George Amick, and more. Includes profiles on drivers Joe Barzda, Jiggs Peters, Eddie Sachs, and Elmer George. A special Midwest segment features the always hot competition at Winchester, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis Raceway Park. There is also a brief look at the URC and NARA Clubs at Lincoln, Selinsgrove, Bloomsburg, Gratz, and Owego Speedways.

60 minutes, color, professionally narrated

Price: $24.95

Eastern Midget Classics

This video looks at four of the greatest midget speedways in the East - Yellow Jacket Speedway, Danbury Fairground, Hinchliffe Stadium, & Springfield, Massachusetts. Rare black & white footage and photos cover the 1940-1947 "Golden Era." Features one-legged driver Bill Schindler, legendary Dutch Schaefer, all-time champ Len Duncan and more. Includes comments from race promoter Ed Otto and mechanic Jimmy Shaw. Old-time heroes Pappy Hough, Nick Fonoro, Lou Volk, Len Duncan, and Jiggs Peters share their memories, plus a look at some restored antique race cars.

65 minutes, black & white

Price: $24.95

Open Cockpit Classics

This video highlights sprint & champ car racing during the 50s and 60s at 3 of the most famous Eastern speedways, Langhorne, Reading, & Williams Grove. Vintage footage captures such stars as A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones, and Jim Hurtubise in their early years of racing. Witness Tommy Hinnershitz's rule at Reading, plus the legends of Langhorne - Jimmy Bryan and Mike Nazaruk.

60 minutes, color

Price: $24.95

The Flying Dutchman

Covers the racing career of a true legend, Tommy Hinnershitz. Over a span of four decades Tommy captured 100 victories and 7 Eastern Sprint Car Championships - all without the protection of a roll cage.

Filmed in 3 separate interviews over the past 15 years, highlighted with historic photos & film footage.

60 minutes, color and black & white