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Demon on Wheels


Sounds of Sanford
Audio CD


Deuce of Spades

Snake and Mongoose

This is Long Beach

A Sweet Sickness:
The Flathead Movie

The Devil At Your Feet

The Road to Bonneville

Champion Don Garlits:
Profile of a Legend

Funny Car Summer

Racing on a Ribbon of Salt

Heart Like a Wheel – The Shirley Muldowney Story

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Price: 19.95

Demon on Wheels

with Mike Ondish

Can love outrun a fast car? A former speed demon and rumrunner, now an aging mechanic in a sleepy Catskill Mountains town, risks it all – his health, his security, even the love of his life when he vows to restore and race the prized car of his wild youth, a 1968 Ford Mustang that s been hidden away for 35 years.

Now a self-described old man in an old car, Mike Ondish wants to chase racing glory one last time, hoping to rekindle the spark in his relationship, and rediscover the thrill of a fast car and the wide-open road.

But will his quest to restore the car, bolt by bolt, as a tribute to Carroll Shelby (the racing legend who gave the Mustang its muscle) restore him? Or will a love triangle between Mike, his girlfriend Martha and the Demon lead him to crash and burn?

Featuring interviews with the legendary Carroll Shelby and Ford’s chief Mustang enthusiast John Clor.  

Color, 88 min. (2013)

Price: 24.95


Join Brian Darwas and the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop on a cross-country trip full of roadside breakdowns, shop tours, parking-lot parties and plenty of racing at what most people consider the birthplace of hot rodding, the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats.

All 13 hot rods embark on a lifetime adventure from New York to Utah, where Keith Cornell breaks the world record for the fastest Ford Y-block.

Enough salt-pit rebuilds, tech inspections and race runs to keep even the most jaded gearheads on the edge of their seats.

Be there to experience the sun on your face and the salt in the air when it all comes down to that Three-Mile pass!

Movie runs 60 minutes, plus 40 minutes worth of bonus features.

Price: $14.95

Sounds of Sanford
Audio CD

Jets - Dragsters - Hot Rods
Recorded at the Drag Races, October 14, 1962, Sanford, Maine

Featuring Walt Arfon's Green Monster Jet, SRC Dragster, 99 Jr. Racing Team 1320 Engineering Special, Miller Racing Team Special, Disisit Special, #2 Son Atomic Engineering Special, Bluebird Special, Ali Baba II, Pink Hog, Tappets, and many others.

It didn't matter what size the drag strip was. It didn't matter whether it was an old airport landing strip or not. What mattered was that a man by the name of Walt Arfons wanted to mount an aircraft jet engine on a drag-racing chassis. What mattered was the hair raising on your arms and the constant pounding on your body as the engine built up the RPMs that would propel Walt through the light beams that would give us all the E.T.s and miles per hour of another breath-taking run. Just when the overflow crowd felt that peak of excitement, a bystander is heard to yell "Wow..." and all hell breaks loose and through the timers went the Green Monster in a little over 4 seconds and well over 200 miles per hour.

Like Arfons, every drag racer in that era earned his (or her) spurs through an unbelievable desire to create a better, faster and safer vehicle. They paved the way to the Super Drag Strips of today. And those experiments brought out speeds of over 300 miles per hour and E.T.s so low as not to be believed – in just 1320 feet.

Original recordings were digitally remastered and restored and released on compact disc.

Price: $19.95


With John Saxon, Williams Smith, Claudia Jennings.

A thrilling look at a professional drag racing (funny car) team that does anything to get ahead, no matter what the cost. Beautiful shots of Canadian scenery, with a real focus on racing.

Directed by horror master David Cronenberg.


Color, 93 min, rated R, widescreen.

Price: $24.95

Deuce of Spades

Written, produced and directed by Faith Granger and starring Timothy Luke, Jordan Warren, Kyle Clifford, Alexandra Holder,
and Faith Granger.

When a hotrod girl finds a mysterious letter dating back to the fifties hidden in her roadster, she is left with nothing but questions… Who is Johnny Callaway?

She sets out to find the answers and retrace her deuce’s troubled past. But will uncovering the truth make a difference and can a broken man ever get a second chance at a happiness long forgotten?

Fast hotrods, cool cats, gravity defying swing dancing and rockin’ retro music all serve as a colorful backdrop to this heartfelt, inspiring story. Discover an underground scene where counter culture is in, old school is cool and nostalgia forever reigns.

Released in 2011, Faith Granger’s Deuce of Spades is already a cult favorite.

Color, 128 min.

Price: $19.95

Snake and Mongoose

With Jesse Williams, Ashley Hinshaw, John Heard, Richard Blake, et al.

The untold story of how Southern California drag racers, Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen combined with corporate giants to change the face of sports and ultimately became the most famous rivalry in racing history.

Color, 102 min.

Price: $24.95

This is Long Beach

Hot rod historian Brian Darwas shadows three generations of custom car and hot rod aficionados, The Long Beach Cavaliers, in this documentary film.

Each generation, from the 1940s to present, recounts detailed memories and pays homage to the cars that bonded them in a lifelong brotherhood, all while chopping a 1947 Ford in Brad Masterson's Kustom's car shop in historic Lynwood, California.

Approx. 60 minutes with over 30 minutes of Special Features.

Price: $24.95

A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie

Join hot rod builder and award-winning filmmaker Brian Darwas as he sits down and talks to the world’s top engine-builders and fabricators about the engine that pioneered a movement, The Ford Flathead.

Learn speed secrets from Vern Tardel. Get an in-depth look at the build of two high-powered Flathead motors by Mike Herman (H&H) and Ronnie SanGiovani. Hear the stories that inspired Ryan Cochran to begin one of the most popular Hot Rodding networks in the world today, and ride along with Vern Hammond and Jack Carroll of The Burbank Choppers in their Flathead-powered, traditional Hot Rods.

Featuring: Vern Tardel, Mike Herman (H&H), Ronnie SanGiovani, Dave Simard, Ryan Cochran, Vern Hammond, Jack Carroll, Paul Howard, and many more.

Approx. 60 minutes with over 30 minutes of Special Features.

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Price: $24.95

The Devil At Your Feet

Ride along with hot rod builder and award-winning filmmaker Brian Darwas (The Road to Bonneville) as he travels over 3000 miles from The East Coast to The West Coast. Get an inside look at two car clubs from opposite coasts (The Burbank Choppers and The Altar Boys) who share the same ideals and passion for traditional hot rods and customs!

Flatheads, nailheads, and vintage steel! Take a ride inside the cars and sit down to hear the stories from the men who built them. This film is a true study in what Traditional Hot Rodding is really about.

Approx. 64 minutes with over 40 minutes of Special Features.

Price: $24.95

The Road to Bonneville

Join hot rod builder and filmmaker Brian Darwas as he rides shot gun with two of the most influential hot rod builders of this generation for an epic cross-country adventure. You've heard the stories and you've seen the pictures, but for the first time you can ride along side of The Rolling Bones as they travel over 2,300 miles, through ten states from New York to Nevada in their famous 1932 Ford Coupes.

Pit next to The Hop Up Race Team and The Bean Bandits. Get on the ground with Keith Cornell while he swaps the gears out of a vintage Halibrand rear and stand next to Ken Schmidt as he gets under the hood to re-jet carbs between runs. Peer over the shoulder of renowned photographer Peter Vincent while he shoots two of the world's most beautiful hot rods, and witness The Rolling Bones hop in George Poteet's '32 roadster and hit speeds of up to 175 miles per hour! Get an in-depth look inside the shop, go down to the Maxton Monster Mile in North Carolina for a test run, and travel across the country to Bonneville for the time trails at Speed Week.

Approx. 61 minutes with over 40 minutes of Special Features.

Price: $24.95

Champion Don Garlits: Profile of a Legend

No man has shaped the destiny of his chosen sport more than ''Big Daddy,'' both in technical innovation and sheer professionalism. 'Champion Garlits' mixes archival footage of the many milestones of Don's career with an extensive interview with the man himself, in his Museum of Drag Racing. The triumphs, the disasters, the highs and lows of this champion of the drag strip are all recalled.

Don was the first man to run a 250 mph terminal speed standing quarter, and on another occasion he tripped the lights near to this terminal speed backwards! These and many other highlights of a remarkable career are included in this action-packed program.

More than five decades after his first major victory, Garlits remained committed to his sport. In late 2007 he delighted more than 50,000 fans at the Nitro Nationals in Bakersfield, California, as he returned to the strip with two of his famous Swamp Rat racers, and the filmmakers’ cameras were there to capture the moment.

From the highlights of a remarkable career to the Nitro Nationals of 2007, this is an action-packed profile of a true Champion.

Color, 79 min.

Price: $19.95

Funny Car Summer

with the Dunn Family

Jim Dunn is an Orange County, California, fireman nine months out of the year. But every summer, for the past 20 years, Jim and his family pack up their suitcases and hook up their trailer to haul a funny-looking dragster to 20 different races in 20 different states. This unusual style of summer vacation has become a way of life for this fun-loving, action-oriented family.

The film follows the Dunns from their Southern California home life to the dangerous, often deadly, world of high-speed drag racing and shares their joys and fears as they experience the thrills of this family obsession.

(1974) Color, 88 min.

Price: $14.95

Racing on a Ribbon of Salt

Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt is about an America that has all but disappeared, when lucrative business deals were cemented by a handshake and state of the art automobiles were designed on the backs of envelopes. It tells the story of an unsung hero and self-made man, David Abbott Jenkins, who, with almost superhuman stamina and boyish charm, set out to single-handedly break every existing land speed record on his beloved Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. More than a century later, many of “Ab’s” records remain unbroken and the legacy lives on in his custom car. Looking like something Batman would have owned, the story comes full circle when Ab’s son Marv, restores the 12-cylinder, 4800-pound “Mormon Meteor” to its glory days for a ceremonial lap on the salt.

The film features pristine archival footage of Ab, Marv, and their races, as well as recently shot HD interviews with a stellar list of car and racing aficionados (including Jay Leno and Col. Andy Green, the current land speed holder). The car resides in Salt Lake City’s Price Museum of Speed (www.pricemuseumofspeed.org).

Color, 81 min.

Customer Review

Price: $14.95

Heart Like a Wheel
– The Shirley Muldowney Story

with Bonnie Bedelia, Beau Bridges, Bruce Barlow, Leo Rossi and Anthony Edwards

Bonnie Bedelia — in the triumphant performance that earned her a Golden Globe® nomination as Best Actress — stars as Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney, the young wife and mother who defied the sport of drag racing to become the only female top fuel champion in NHRA® history.

But before she could reach the record books, Shirley had to survive an abusive first marriage, her volatile love affair with fellow racer Connie Kalitta (Beau Bridges of THE KILLING TIME and NORMA RAE), a horrific accident, and a sexist world that tried to stand in the way of one remarkable woman who dared to put her heart on the line.

Anthony Edwards of ER fame co-stars in this Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition of the film Newsweek called "one of the best American movies of the year," now packed with all-new Bonus Materials featuring racing legends Shirley Muldowney, Don Garlits, Connie Kalitta and much more.

Special Features
- Commentary by director Jonathan Kaplan
- "Shirley Muldowney: Behind the Wheel" featurette with the real Shirley Muldowney and friends
- "Friends - Rivals - Champions" featurette with real-life racers Muldowney, Don Garlits and Connie Kalitta discussing their careers
- Alternate ending
- Poster and still gallery
- Theatrical trailer

Color, Special Edition, runtime 113 min.

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