Win It or Wear It

by Joyce Standridge

“Just received my complimentary autographed copy of [Joyce Standridge’s] new book Win It or Wear It All-Time Great Sprint Car Tales in the mail today. I just started reading it and can't put it down! Just skimming through it I can see a lot of very nice stories from the past that many will love. This book is definitely a must have for the hardcore sprint car fans out there. I'm going to be very tired in the morning after staying up finishing the book. Besides all the great stories, there’s photos from all the great photographers as well.”
Steve Hardin, sprint car photographer

“…Standridge approaches the book with unusually deep knowledge and enthusiasm.  She has been on the Election Committee of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame since its inception and has written extensively for the open wheel media. Her courtship with husband Rick, an active and highly respected racer, was spent in a garage rebuilding a sprint car. The tales from the Standridge clan alone would make for a great novel.

This book is an excellent read in the fact that Standridge captures the true essence of the life and times of America's Sprint Car drivers. It's not so much about the races rather the racers and their livelihood. There are never before heard stories that will bring you right back to the time it happened. For example in the "Fights" chapter there is a great recollection of an incident between one of my early heroes, Johnny Crawford, Sr., and LeRoy Felty as told by Lynn Paxton. Unfortunately for Crawford he came out on the bad side of that particular deal. Paxton, by the way, contributes many great stories.

It was great to reminisce as well from the many names in the sport not heard in a long time. Every story is fascinating in its own right. Sprint Car Hall of Fame member Dick "Dr. Dirt" Berggren has written the foreword. For any devotee the Sprint Car racing this is a must have book”.

Dino Oberto, Motorsports Columnist

“Totally outstanding, these are the first words that came to mind after spending a few hours reading parts of the newly released book WIN IT OR WEAR IT by Joyce Standridge….”
Mark Tiderman, Gater Racing News

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