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A Shot at Redemption

 Sprint Car Showdown

Fast and Fearless

Sprint Car Salvation

The Art of Racing
in the Rain

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Price: $24.95

Publication Delayed
until Spring 2018
A Jimmy Wilson Racing Adventure

by Dave Argabright

Fifth in the Jimmy Wilson fictional series based on the USAC Sprint Car
trail of the 1970s.

Hard cover, 336 pages.

Price: $24.95


by Dave Argabright

Jimmy Wilson is back with Sprint Car Challenge, the 4th novel in the highly regarded series based on the USAC Sprint Car trail of the 1970s.

Intense racing action, fascinating characters and situations demonstrate why this series has developed a cult following.

Hard cover, 342 pages.









Price: $9.95


by Thom Ring

Two buddies spend their first summer after high school racing a dirt Midget in Thom Ring’s new novel for young readers ages 12-15.

On the way, they learn some of what it takes to go fast, in the pits and on the track. And they have a blast.

Ring, a vocational counselor as well as occasional Midget racer, offers THE RED RACECAR as a response to the experts who claim boys and young men won’t read. He figures that might simply be a case of nothing being published they want to read.

Ring has driven every type of racecar from a Sprint-Kart to a ground-pounding Supermodified, so he knows that for exciting racing you can’t beat a Midget. He also covered racing for a number of daily newspapers across New England as well as publishing Shorttrack magazine and contributing to numerous other motorsports publications.

Soft cover, 188 pages.

Price: $15.50

A Shot at Redemption

by Michael Sova

Cash Douglas has spent his career going from car to car and track to track, always following the big paydays and never worrying about whose toes he might be stepping on in the process. He has his reasons. A family crisis forces him to make money the best way he knows how.

Cash is given what he believes is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but he soon discovers it may kill him if he's not careful. He signs on to drive for RaceTech, a brand new Supermodified race team. Frank McKinnel, the owner of RaceTech, is after publicity and knows hiring a black sheep like Cash Douglas is a sure way to get people talking.

He gets more than he bargained for. Broken windows and a suspicious practice-day crash lead to sabotage, assault and attempted murder.

A Shot at Redemption,
the debut mystery novel by Michael Sova, is a story of suspense, intrigue and high octane action.

Price: $24.95

Sprint Car Showdown

by Dave Argabright

Sprint Car Showdown is Dave Argabright’s third title in the popular Jimmy Wilson saga. This book covers Jimmy and the Ellison Special through their third and highly eventful season on the USAC trail.

The entire cast is here: Jimmy, Harvey, Slim, Sonny, Bobby, Steve Graffan, and a few new characters. Each page is filled with dramatic racing action.

The long-running "Best of Times" fictional series in Sprint Car & Midget Magazine is the basis of this edition, thrilling readers with the cheers and tears of sprint-car racing in the 1970s.

Hard cover, 288 pages

Price: $24.95


by Dave Argabright

Another "Jimmy Wilson" adventure, 2nd of the series!

The much-anticipated follow-up to SPRINT CAR SALVATION, this new title picks up with Jimmy's second season on the tough USAC trail. Jimmy, Harvey, Slim, Sonny, Renee, Bobby, Steve Graffan...the gang's all here, filling each page with dramatic racing action.

The popular and long-running "Best of Times" fictional series in Sprint Car & Midget Magazine is the basis of this edition, thrilling readers with the cheers and tears of sprint car racing in the 1970s.

Hard cover, 288 pages. (Fiction)

Price: $24.95

Sprint Car Salvation

by Dave Argabright

Based on the acclaimed “Best of Times” series in Sprint Car & Midget Magazine, Dave Argabright has authored a full-length novel that details the journey of fictional sprint car racer Jimmy Wilson and the Ellison Special sprint car.

Capturing the very essence of the sport, Sprint Car Salvation takes you on the action-packed and emotional journey of an aspiring sprint car driver in the 1970s. Along the way you’ll experience the joys, heartache, and danger that lurks at every corner of the sport. And the people you’ll meet! These pages are filled with the colorful, interesting, eccentric and memorable people who make sprint car racing go round.

This first volume contains the first “season” of the “Best of Times” series, plus extensive additional content throughout.

Hardcover, 240 pages.

Price: $14.95

The Art of Racing in the Rain

by Garth Stein

We don’t usually feature fiction on our website but we loved this book! 

It’s the story of up-and-coming race car driver Denny Swift, his wife Eve and their young daughter, and what happens to the family when Eve gets sick.  The narrative is told by Enzo, the family dog, who has educated himself about life and the universe through his many hours watching TV. 

The author (and Enzo) blend humor, philosophy, compassion, and racing lessons in one heartwarming tale, sure to please lovers of racing and dogs alike. 

Soft cover, 336 pages

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