The Fast Life and Times of NASCAR's
Greatest Modified Driver

By Bones Bourcier


I just finished reading the book, and have to say I was so impressed and became so emotionally involved because I lived through many of those same times.  I started watching races at Fonda in 1956, and when Albany-Saratoga went to pavement, that became my home on Fridays.  It was a thrill to watch some the Fonda regulars compete against the asphalt crowd of New England and NY. 

Please pass along my compliments to Bones Bourcier for writing such a fascinating biography and helping us remember the past.  I couldn't put the book down with the exception of when it got to 1985.  I lived through that sadness once, stopped reading, but had to finish.

Thanks Bones, even for the tears.

ES, Schenectady, NY