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Posted 03-26-08  by Walter Newcomb

“Steady Eddie: Memories of Eddie Flemke, Modified Racing’s Fastest Professor”,

Edited by Bones Bourcier

I’ve just finished a very enjoyable read. Steady Eddie is a unique album of biographies that show
many views of the history of one of Modified racing’s all-time greats. These memoirs are a
compilation of biographies as told by twenty-one of the people who best knew this amazing man.

Eddie Flemke’s stellar career passed long before I became a part of the Modified racing scene.
People have thanked me for honoring the memories of our Modified heroes and the lore of our
Modifieds. As I finished reading this book, it was revealed to me that I have severely short-
changed Ed Flemke along the way. The one thing I have to say is “Now I get it.”

Authors include many members of the Flemke clan and a who’s who of Modified racing. Betty
Vanesse, George Lombardo, Christine Bowen, Marge Dombrowski, John Stygar, Denny
Zimmerman, Junie Donlavey, John Grady, Pete Hamilton, Robin Pemberton, Paula Bouchard, Bob
Judkins, Jack Arute, Jr., Ron Bouchard, Pete Zanardi, Gene Bergin, Ed Flemke, Jr., Clyde McLeod,
Dick Barney, Carolyn Flemke and Bruce Cohen all inked chapters. The foreword by Mike Adaskaveg
was an eye opener and many members of the Modified racing community contributed their
recollections and photos.

Our friend, Bones Bourcier, deftly adapted these life stories into an album that reads like a bench
racer’s dream. Steady Eddie is subdivided into five sections; Out of Nowhere, Bandit Days, At the
Top, Father Figure and Legacy. It is a book that one may not be able to put down; one may use as
an occasional reader and to some may become a text to which is turned to remember one of the
various tales contained within for many years of enjoyment.

For those who are of Eddie Flemke’s era this book is a must read. For those, like myself, who have
come along since that time, reading Steady Eddie is even more important. This album of
biographies does more than document the legacy of a great man. It shines a spotlight on the
sportsmanship, humility, brilliance, friendship, work ethic and just plain common sense that Eddie
Flemke demonstrated throughout his life. These are attributes from which all of us who are a part
of modern-day racing can take a lesson or two.

If anyone reads this book and wants to say, “Now I get it!” feel free to drop me an email.














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