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Price: $18.00
Shipping Mid-September

The Number 43: The Life and Legacy
of Wild Bill Greco

by Sarah Greco


The Number 43 chronicles the triumphs and trials of Wild Bill Greco, a legendary Northeastern short-track stock car driver.

His success on the racetrack reveals much about his determination, drive, and desire to achieve success, but a look at the man behind the helmet and fire suit exposes a paradoxical figure who inspires and infuriates, embraces and battles, and ultimately, who steals the heart of all who truly get to know him.

Be prepared to have your heart stolen, too!

Soft cover, 140 pages, 55 color and B&W photos.



Price: $29.95
Now in stock!

HOT SHOE! A Checkered Past: My Story

by Gary Balough with Bones Bourcier

Gary Balough streaked across the racing sky like a comet, hot and fiery, blazing through several categories of motorsports. He won in everything he drove – Late Models, Modifieds, superspeedway Late Model Sportsman cars, you name it – and stood in victory lanes from Florida to New York, Pennsylvania to Texas, and at historic venues like the Nashville Fairgrounds and Charlotte Motor Speedway.

But when that comet flamed out, Balough’s world went notoriously dark. Now, he sheds some light. Brash, bold, and honest, “HOT SHOE” is Gary’s story, told in his own words. Balough the author is as aggressive as Balough the racer, charging hard and never shy. It’s a gripping ride.

Soft cover, 272 pages, 144 B&W and color photos.



Price: $10.00

National Speedway Directory 2018

Since 1975, the National Speedway Directory has been the most respected directory of race tracks in the United States and Canada.

Let this be your source for race tracks, sanctions, media and other motorsports websites.

The pocket-sized 512-page book lists more than 1300 tracks, 300+ sanctions and a 2018 Race Calendar and is one of the handiest tools in auto racing.

The information includes phone numbers, web pages, nights of operation, etc. for oval tracks, drag strips and road courses.

Price: $49.95

Enzo Ferrari: Power, Politics, and the
Making of an Automotive Empire

by Luca Dal Monte

This is truly the definitive biography of Enzo Ferrari, one that makes previous accounts obsolete. Its depth, scale, and detail make it essential reading for automotive and motorsport enthusiasts. But other readers will be drawn to a sweeping story of Italian life, business, and culture during the 20th century.

Drawing on years of original research conducted in Italy and abroad, author and Ferrari insider, Luca Dal Monte, uncovers a wealth of new facts about Enzo's origins, ambitions, business practices, and private life. The book revisits all the highlights of Ferrari's rise to greatness: his driving career in the 1920s; his management of racing teams for Alfa Romeo in the 1930s; the launch of his own company and team in the late 1940s, and his unprecedented successes building cars for the road and race track in the following decades.

But the book also examines lesser-known and sometimes hidden aspects of Ferrari's career, from his earliest failed business ventures to his political dealings with Italy's Fascist government, Allied occupiers, and even Communist leaders. And it lays bare the internal politics of the Ferrari company and team, whose leader manipulated employees, drivers, competitors and the media with a volatile mixture of brute force, paranoia, and guile.

Hard cover, 968 pages,100 B&W and 33 color photos.

Price: $34.95

Dyno Don: The Cars and Career of
Dyno Don Nicholson

by Doug Boyce

Many fans of drag racing consider the most interesting era to be from the 1950s through the 1970s. So much changed from a speed and technology standpoint that people often refer to this time as the golden age of drag racing.  Ford's most successful driver of the era was the legendary "Dyno Don" Nicholson. 

Nicholson's first wins on a national level were actually in the early 1960s in Chevrolet products. He became extremely successful on the match-race circuit. Then, in 1964, he switched over to Mercury with the new Comet after General Motors enacted a factory ban on racing activities. He won 90 percent of his match races that year. He stuck with Ford and Mercury products and won throughout the 1960s and 1970s, even after Ford also pulled the plug on factory-team sponsorship. He made it to the final rounds in nearly 50 national events during that period, in addition to winning championships, awards, and match races along the way.

If you are a fan of a certain era of racing, a Ford fan, or certainly a "Dyno Don" fan, this book will be a welcome addition to your library.

Soft cover, 176 pages,  194 color & 136 B&W photos.

Price: $49.95

MODERN THUNDER: The Illustrated History of USAC National Sprint Car Racing 1981 - 2017

by Dave Argabright, John Mahoney,
and Patrick Sullivan

Years in the making, Modern Thunder is much more than a history book. It is a narrative, telling the story of several generations of racers through powerful words and spectacular photographs. Award-winning writers Dave Argabright and Patrick Sullivan provided the text, while legendary racing photographer John Mahoney reached deep into the archives to provide over 1,300 memorable images. You’ll find:

Year-by-year coverage of every USAC National Sprint Car season.
Each season from 1981 to 2017 is detailed with eight full pages of photos, a season summary, race results, and statistics.
Each of the 1956 to 1980 seasons is recapped with a full page of statistics and race results.
Detailed series statistics.
A complete listing of Indiana Sprint Week competition.

Hard cover, 380 pages, over 1,300 color and B&W photographs.

Price: $26.95

Leading the Way

by Steve Letarte

It was among the most remarkable and successful rebuilding projects in NASCAR history, turning the most popular driver whose confidence bottomed out amid questionable work habits into an assured and diligent championship contender.

In Leading the Way, Steve Letarte takes readers into the closed-door meetings, the heartfelt conversations in the No. 88 hauler and the after-hours bonding sessions that created the faith and trust necessary to make Dale Earnhardt Jr. a winner again.

Through vivid depictions of some painful mistakes and critical decisions, Letarte details the overlooked strategies and structure that he successfully applied to a slumping race team the same way that a CEO would implement in a struggling company.

Here are the never-before-revealed fierce arguments, lighthearted moments and unbridled joy shared with Earnhardt in a four-year, cross-country odyssey from the highs of a magical 2014 Daytona 500 win to the lows of a career-threatening concussion. 

Hard cover, 138 pages. 

Price: $27.95

60 Years of Auto Racing
on Both Sides of the Fence

by Larry LaMay

Larry LaMay’s auto-racing career has taken him halfway around the world and up close with some of the best who have ever driven in the stock-car and open-wheel ranks. Sixty Years of Auto Racing on Both Sides of the Fence is LaMay’s memoir of his love of racing and experiences he had in more than a half-century in the sport. A championship racer himself, LaMay worked alongside the likes of NASCAR Hall of Fame member Benny Parsons, four-time Indianapolis 500 winner A.J. Foyt and multi-time NASCAR Cup champions Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart.

LaMay shares insights into what separated those drivers from others as he recalls the highs and lows of his own career that began when he raced Go-Karts and learned to build race cars. He takes readers inside the garage for a look at the evolution of NASCAR and other forms of racing, and he explains how he balanced family life with a career that took him from Daytona to Mexico City to Japan.

Hard cover, 200 pages, color & B&W photos.

Price: $40.00

The Rest of the Story...

by Wilbur Shaw
with new text by Bob Gates
Indianapolis’s Boyle Race Team HQ has produced an exact reprint (scan) of the original racing classic, with an update that lends additional insight into Wilbur Shaw’s extraordinary life through personal remembrances from his son, Wilbur Shaw Jr.

The original 1955 edition was enormously popular in its day but has long been out of print.  The expanded edition describes how Wilbur inspired not only his son, but all he came in contact with, and how his legacy continues to impact the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s management today.

Hard cover, 384 pages including 64 new text pages by Bob Gates and 67 new color and B&W photos.


Price: $26.95

The Corvette Hunter: Kevin Mackay's Greatest Corvette Finds

 by Tyler Greenblatt

Finding, documenting, restoring, and selling rare and valuable Corvettes is one of Mackay's specialties. His business, Corvette Repair Inc., is considered the premier Corvette restoration facility in the country.

Mackay tells story after story of finding and restoring valuable Corvettes such as the 1960 Briggs Cunningham Le Mans racer that took 1st in class. He also tells stories of Steve McQueen's 1966 Corvette, the 1967 Bounty Hunter racer, 1968 Sunray DX #2 and #3, and chassis #003 from 1953.

If you like L88 Corvettes, no one has bought and restored more of them than Kevin Mackay.

Few authorities in the hobby could be counted on to provide this much entertainment in a single volume.

Hard cover, 224 pages with B&W & color photos.




Price: $59.95

Wally Dallenbach: Steward of the Sport

By Gordon Kirby

Celebrated author Gordon Kirby traces the long and significant life of Wally Dallenbach, whose contributions to the sport of automobile racing as a driver, official, and all-around good guy, have been enormous over the 50 years of his remarkable career. 

Hard cover.

190 pages, with 140 B&W and color photos.






Price: $29.95

The Star-Crossed Story of an American Racing Family

by Lew Boyd

Dick Tobias, legendary Pennsylvania racer, could drive anything. He won over 300 events in Modifieds and Sprinters, became one of USAC’s ten most popular competitors, built over 1,000 race cars, and was dad to a devoted family, including sons Ronnie, Scott, Richie, and son-in-law Paul Lotier, all top-notch racers in their own rights.

Fate, however, would test the Tobiases to the core with a serial string of unthinkable misfortunes.

This is the story of their resilience and survival and how “Toby” remains one the most admired names in American racing.

Soft cover, 192 pp., 150 color & B&W photos.

Price: $29.95

The Greatest Show on Dirt:
The Definitive History of the NDRA 1978-1985

by Greg Fielden

Well-known writer and historian Greg Fielden has combined a massive amount of research with his own extensive personal recollections and huge store of photographs to produce a comprehensive record of “The Greatest Show on Dirt,” Robert Smawley’s National Dirt Racing Association – America’s first high-dollar touring series for the dirt slingers.

Fielden, who was often at the those races, and often in the control tower, has detailed every event, with photos of all the stars of the day, complete rundowns for each race, and top 24 in points for each year along with money winnings. 

The book brings back memories of iconic drivers like Buck Simmons, Larry Moore, Mike Duvall, Leon Archer, Rodney Combs, Jeff Purvis, and many more. 

Soft cover, color and B&W photos, 204 pp.


Price: $19.95

A Collection of the Greatest Drag Racing
Stories Ever Told

by Shirley Muldowney with Bill Stephens

Shirley Muldowney not only broke the gender barrier in the National Hot Rod Association in the 1970s, but she also completely rewrote the record books in Top Fuel Eliminator, drag racing’s quickest and fastest category. She was the first woman to receive a Top Fuel license from the NHRA. Between 1977 and 1982, Muldowney won three NHRA Top Fuel championships—the first female ever to win a title in any professional motorsport. She won the prestigious NHRA US Nationals in 1982 and was recently inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. By the time she retired at the end of the 2003 season, Muldowney had become one of the most recognized and celebrated race car drivers in history.

Tales from a Top-Fuel Dragster
is an unabashed collection of stories, anecdotes, and opinions in Muldowney’s own unvarnished style of storytelling, laced with her straightforward, take-no-prisoners approach. She has spent her entire lifetime telling it like it is, standing up to the establishment, and refusing to do anything other than in her own way. Politically correct? Hardly. Readers are encouraged to strap themselves in when she shares her many tales. It’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth according to the legendary Shirley Muldowney. 

Hard cover, 192 pp.

10" X 13"

Price: $16.00



Richard Petty

Bobby Isaac

Bobby Allison

Dale Earndardt

Glen Wood

Buddy Baker

Cotten Owens

Fireball Roberts - Pontiac

Joe Weatherly

Red Byron

Tim Richmond

Tiny Lund

David Pearson

Cale Yarborough

Wendell Scott

Mark Martin

Price: $24.95

GODSPEED: The Story of Page Jones

A feature-length documentary about Page Jones – former race car driver and son of the legendary Parnelli Jones – and his remarkable and continuing recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The film shows the early Page, as he stormed the Midget circuits and looked to be another Parnelli in the making.

A terrible accident caused a near-fatal brain injury, from which few recover. This is the inspiring record of his – and his dedicated family’s – fight to recovery, health, and contribution to brain injury research.

The documentary shows in detail his wrenching efforts to overcome and live with the results of his injury, while advocating for access to long-term rehabilitation for others with similar injuries. Page is living proof that with support, quality lives are within reach.  Anyone who has met this warm, funny, and committed gentleman will know who won this particular race.

 1 hour run time.

Price: $19.95


by Joe Verdegan

Wisconsin International Raceway’s famous tagline is an accurate description for the generations of big-name drivers who have honed their skills on the Kaukauna racetrack. WIR has been the Wisconsin racing destination for more than half a century for local hotshots like Terry Baldry, Scott Hansen, and Lowell Bennett, as well as NASCAR stars Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, Alan Kulwicki, and Dick Trickle among others.

Joe Verdegan shares interviews and classic photos to introduce the colorful characters and off-track stories that are part of WIR’s lore.

Soft cover, 214 pages, color and B&W photos.

Price: $19.95

LIFE IN THE PAST LANE: A History of Stock Car Racing in Northeast Wisconsin from 1950-1980

by Joe Verdegan

The heyday of the northeast Wisconsin auto-racing scene featured grandstands packed with fans eager to cheer their heroes and jeer the villains. It was an era in which drivers often used junkyard parts to build their rides, and cars might trade hands over a card game.

Author Joe Verdegan introduces you to the characters and behind-the-scenes stories that played out at tracks throughout the region. Sit in on interview with the drivers, promoters and car builders who made racing the hottest ticket in town.

Soft cover, 224 pages, color and B&W photos.

Price: $19.95

LIFE IN THE PAST LANE: The Next Generation

by Joe Verdegan

Author Joe Verdegan has had a front-row seat to the stories, people and politics that have captured the attention of northeast Wisconsin auto-racing fans for decades.

As the region’s recognized racing historian, Verdegan provides an expert’s perspective on the people and events that defined a turbulent era from roughly 1980 to 2017.

Verdegan presents the driver rivalries, family connections, and passionate dedication to the sport displayed by track owners and promoters in this follow-up to his earlier LIFE IN THE PAST LANE: A History of Stock Car Racing in Northeast Wisconsin from 1950-1980.

Soft cover, 222 pages, color and B&W photos.

Price: $32.00

The Don Edmunds Story

by Paul Weisel Jr.

Rookie of the Year at Indianapolis in 1957and well known asthe designer and builder of 100s of iconic sports cars, circle track and Indy entries, Don Edmunds’ fascinating story goes back to his own days racing roadsters, jalopies and Midgets, and forward to his restoration of important race cars, building impressive scale models, a South African Supermodified junket, involvement with the Evel Knievel Sky Cycle, and more.

Soft cover, 182 pp., 200+ photos.

Price: $29.95

Autographed Collector’s Edition with additional photos
Price: $49.95

Expanded Edition

By Dave Argabright

Jack Hewitt remains one of the most memorable characters in modern motorsports. His autobiography is finally back in print after the original printing sold out long ago.

Updated with two new chapters and an additional gallery of photos, Hewitt’s Law continues to entertain and inspire.

Jack’s spectacular career took him from
extremely humble roots to the Indianapolis 500 to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

Hard cover, 336 pp. 64 pp. of color and B&W photos.

Price: $34.95

Danny McKeever and the Mind Game of Going Fast

by Tom Madigan with Andrew Layton

Drive into the life of Danny McKeever, one
of America’s top driving instructors for over 40 years and the chief instructor for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix at Long Beach from 1985 to 2016.

Packed with pro driving tips, tongue-in-cheek humor, and inside stories featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

(A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Page Jones Foundation for brain injury research.)

Hard cover, 172 pp., 100+ photos.

Read Review

Price: $29.95

Dick Wallen's Racing Classics -


Features exciting race footage from 1952 through 2005.

Highlights of over 40 open wheel races, including Hoosier 100, Sacramento, Du Quoin, Phoenix, Terre Haute, Ascot, El Centro, Bakersfield, Salem, Tucson, 16th Street, and many more. Interviews with A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, Mario Andretti, Rich Vogler, Billy Vukovich III, and Rodger Ward.

Girl Main Character

Price: $9.95

Boy Main Character

Price: $9.95


by James P. Desrosiers

Author and local businessman Jim Desrosiers was greatly impacted by the auto-racing success of Ron Bouchard.

He wrote a children’s book to pay tribute to his childhood role model and share what he learned from Ron: that no matter where you’re from or what your past has been, if you believe in yourself, set goals, and never give up…then almost anything IS possible!

Available in two versions,

with boy or girl main character.

Soft cover, 40 pp.

Price: $24.95

Publication Delayed
until Spring 2018
A Jimmy Wilson Racing Adventure

by Dave Argabright

Fifth in the Jimmy Wilson fictional series based on the USAC Sprint Car
trail of the 1970s.

Hard cover, 336 pages.

Price: $29.95

Today’s Sprint Kings, Vol. 1

by Gerald Hodges

Features 13 driver chapters including: The Saga of Tony Stewart, Kenny Adams "The Malabar Missile", Lance Dewease, Jerrod Hull, Parker Price-Miller, Dave Steele, "Bullet" Bryan Clauson, David Gravel, Paul McMahan, Greg Wilson, Logan Schuchart, Jac Haudenschild, and Ted Johnson and his World of Outlaws.

Soft cover, 284 pages, 138 B&W photos and references.

Price: $29.95

Today’s Sprint Kings, Vol. 2

by Gerald Hodges

Features 16 of today's greatest sprint car drivers: Donny Schatz, Greg Hodnett, Brady Bacon, Johnny Herrera, Terry McCarl, Jason Meyers, Stevie Smith, Kasey Kahne Racing, Brad Sweet, Dave Darland, Brent Marks, Chad Kemenah, Jason Sides, Shane Stewart, Daryn Pittman, Cody Darrah, and the Chili Bowl Nationals.

Soft Cover, 284 pages, 132 B&W photos.

Price: $24.95

- Memories of the White Knight

A look back at the life of chassis designer, engine builder & body fabricator and legendary race car driver Dick Trickle.

Award-winning motorsports journalist Bill Holland conducted a series of interviews with Trickle between 1998 and 2012, which forms the foundation of this DVD.

This DVD includes CWRA, ASA, ARTGO, ARCA, All Pro, IMCA, USAC and NASCAR races.

The man lived and breathed racing and made friends wherever he went. The full story of the winningest stock car driver in American history.

(Sales benefit the Dick Trickle Memorial Project.)

Color, 67 min. V-1576: $24.95

Price: $49.95

DEUCE – The Original Hot Rod; 32 x32

by Mike Chase

Ford's classic '32, equipped with a behemoth engine and modified for speed is everything a hot rod should be.

They certainly don't make 'em like this anymore. We're talking about the car that launched the hot rod subculture: Ford's 1932 Deuce. With its stylish lines, timeless grille, and flowing fenders, Ford's Deuce coupe pretty much defines the term "hot rod." The breadth of creativity this classic design has inspired for generations of hot rod builders is on full display in Deuce.

Ford's '32 was an immediate hit. By 1931, the Model A was obsolete in a marketplace where drivers wanted more style and power. The design goals for the '32 Ford could be summarized as "more": more cylinders, more horsepower, and more style. The resulting car achieved its objectives and then some. It was faster, more comfortable, more refined - a masterpiece of industrial design, yet still affordable. Henry Ford and his design team got it right.

As the Deuce transitioned to the used car market, it drew the attention of those with a need for speed. Stripped down with an emphasis on performance, the Deuce became the bedrock of the burgeoning hot rod movement. To this day, it very much defines what a hot rod should look like. Hotrodders took Henry's master stroke to a whole other place, and Deuce stands as a tribute to their ongoing ingenuity.

Gorgeous hard cover coffee table book, 224 pages, 200 color photos.

Price: $29.95


Feature-length documentary film on dirt track racing, with competitors ranging from longtime veterans like Danny Lasoski and gritty Harli White to NASCAR superstars like Kyle Larson. They share their passion in an inspiring celebration of the dirt track racing community.

As told by drivers, crews, and fans, the story weaves its way through generations of racers from Sprint Cars, late models, flat track motorcycles and beyond.

Color, 1:41 min.

Price: $24.95

Indianapolis 1962

On the fourth day of qualifying at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1960, a relatively unknown rookie driver by the name of Jim Hurtubise nearly eclipsed the magic 150 MPH barrier, setting new one- and four-lap records in the process. 1961 was greeted with much anticipation as the year that marker would fall. While Tony Bettenhausen and other drivers flirted with it, the barrier would stand for yet another year.

So, the question for 1962 was, who would win the race to 150? And who would win the 500?

Would Hurtubise find past glory and do it? Could it be defending champion A.J. Foyt, 1959 winner Rodger Ward or perhaps a driver yet to find fame at the Speedway?

Race to 150 – Race to Win brings you 1 hour and 29 minutes of all the action and suspense from practice, qualifying and the race during the spectacular month of May in 1962.

Watch A.J. Foyt, Rodger Ward, Jim Rathmann, Troy Ruttman, Eddie Sachs, Parnelli Jones, Jim Hurtubise, Bobby Marshman, Dan Gurney and others Race to 150 - Race to Win!

Color, 89 min.

Price: $29.95

Photos and Recollections of Fifties Hotrodding in New England

edited by Bernie Shuman

Reprinted courtesy of Mr. Shuman and the North East Motor Sports Museum, this is the authoritative history of hotrodding in New England in the 1950s.

Chock full of old-time coupes, roadsters, and dragsters – any early race or hot rod fan will appreciate the timeless beauty of these cars, whether they were built to race straight or on ovals.

100s of B&W photos and a true classic.

Soft cover, 240 pp. 

Price: 19.95

Demon on Wheels

with Mike Ondish

Can love outrun a fast car? A former speed demon and rumrunner, now an aging mechanic in a sleepy Catskill Mountains town, risks it all – his health, his security, even the love of his life when he vows to restore and race the prized car of his wild youth, a 1968 Ford Mustang that s been hidden away for 35 years.

Now a self-described old man in an old car, Mike Ondish wants to chase racing glory one last time, hoping to rekindle the spark in his relationship, and rediscover the thrill of a fast car and the wide-open road.

But will his quest to restore the car, bolt by bolt, as a tribute to Carroll Shelby (the racing legend who gave the Mustang its muscle) restore him? Or will a love triangle between Mike, his girlfriend Martha and the Demon lead him to crash and burn?

Featuring interviews with the legendary Carroll Shelby and Ford’s chief Mustang enthusiast John Clor.  

Color, 88 min. (2013)

Price: $24.95

DALE vs DAYTONA: The Intimidator’s Quest to Win the Great American Race

by Rick Houston

Dale Earnhardt and Daytona International Speedway remain two of the most iconic names in the history of NASCAR, and are inevitably connected when either name is mentioned. Earnhardt's failed attempts to win the race have become folklore; each year brought its own unique set of circumstances for why he hadn't yet raised the Harley J. Earl Trophy.

Dale Earnhardt's resume heading into the 1998 Daytona 500 read as follows: 7 NASCAR Championships, 70 Winston Cup wins, and 30 wins at Daytona International Speedway. So what was left for Dale to accomplish at Daytona? Win the Daytona 500! Author Rick Houston examines every Daytona 500 in which Dale competed from 1979 to 2001 with fresh interviews from crew chiefs Doug Richert, Kirk Shelmerdine, Andy Petree, Bobby Hutchens, Larry McReynolds, and Kevin Hamlin. Competitors, rivals, crewmembers, and friends (including Bill Elliott, Sterling Marlin, Ken Schrader, Geoff Bodine, Darrell Waltrip, Danny "Chocolate" Myers, Greg Moore, Derrike Cope, and Junior Johnson) also offer their thoughts and recollections in this thrilling year-by-year recap of the Intimidator's efforts to win the Great American Race.

Never before have Dale's attempts to win the Daytona 500 been chronicled in one publication with this amount of detail and under such intense scrutiny. From the Dale and Dale show, to the seagull, to the last-lap heartaches, you ride shotgun with Rick Houston as he takes you around-and-around in Dale vs Daytona: The Intimidator's Quest to Conquer the Great American Race.

Hard cover, 240 pp., 113 color & B&W photos.

Price: $21.95

Speedway Maine: 100 Years of Short Track Racing in Maine

A documentary film by
Sumner McKane

Speedway Maine tells the story of more than 100 years of short-track auto racing in Maine and illustrates the character of the Maine race drivers who raced on dirt in the 1940s and 50s, as well as second- and third-generation drivers who are competing today.

Speedway Maine features current footage from around the state, and also showcases scarcely seen footage and photos from the 1940s through the 90s.

The DVD includes interviews with Mike Rowe, Andy Santerre, Ralph Cusack, Dale Chadbourne, Pete Silva, Kyle Treadwell, Wyatt Alexander, and many more. They not only shed light on the dedication and skill required to drive a race car, but also illustrate the family foundation and heritage that Maine racing is built upon; all the while, uncovering the purely addictive qualities of short-track racing.

1 hour, 45 min.

Price: $29.95


by Martin Rudow

Road racing has long-storied roots in North America that reach from coast to coast and to Canada. Some of the greatest drivers to ever compete raced wickedly fast machines, staged epic duels on winding strips of asphalt, and created history. This history left an enduring legacy that is revealed and celebrated in Lost Road Courses. Road racer and road racing expert Martin Rudow retraces road racing's glorious past and visits the defunct classic road courses across the United States and Canada.

Many road courses were built in the 1950s and 1960s, the golden age of American road racing. These classic road courses built and hosted famous races for Trans-Am, Can-Am, IndyCar, Formula 1, and sports car racing, but did not survive the times. They fell victim to changing times, poor business decisions, urban sprawl, safety standards, and increasing real estate prices. Rudow recounts the breathtaking races and fascinating history of more than 16 tracks from around North America. Riverside International Raceway, Bridgehampton Race Circuit, Ontario Motor Speedway, Continental Divide Raceway, and many others were once major race venues that have since closed. The great race teams, legendary drivers, classic race series that visited the tracks, and cars that turned laps are brought into full focus. The exploits of Chaparral, McLaren, Bud Moore, Lotus, Penske, and other race teams as well as racing greats Mario Andretti, Parnelli Jones, Jim Hall, A. J. Foyt, Al Unser, Jim Clark, and Dan Gurney are covered. Rudow also digs beneath the surface to reveal the story behind the story. The visionaries and businessmen who saw potential and risked capital to build these palaces of speed come back to life. He also recognizes the unsung heroes and regional racers who competed, staffed, and took on various roles at these tracks.

In the pages of this book, a nostalgic tour of these famous races at these vintage road circuits unfolds. Many period photos illustrate the racing action and the tracks themselves in their former glory, and modern color shows the tracks as they currently stand. If you're a fan of classic sports car, Can-Am, Trans-Am, IndyCar, Formula 1, as well as classic and unique tracks of yesteryear, this book is a must-have.

Soft cover, 176 pages, 177 Color and 181 B&W photos.

Price: $29.95

Kramer Williamson, Sprint Car Legend

by Chad Wayne Culver
Foreword by Ken Schrader

Sprint Car Hall of Famer Kramer Williamson began his 45–year career as a grassroots racer from Pennsylvania and became one of the most successful and beloved professional drivers of all time.

Drawing on interviews with those who knew him best, this first-ever biography of Williamson covers his life and career, from his humble beginnings racing the legendary #73 Pink Panther car in 1968 to his fatal crash during qualifying rounds at Lincoln Speedway in 2013.

Soft cover, 212 pages, 73 photos.

Price: $24.95

THE PINE: The Authorized Biography of Jim Shampine, the Greatest Open Wheel Short Tracker of All Time

by Andy Fusco with George Caruso Jr.

We’re very pleased to announce that, with permission from the Fusco family and George Caruso, Coastal 181 has reprinted this classic book, without changes except that the new edition has been scanned and does not include the original pull-out engineering drawing.

Out of print for years, this is the much-requested story of Supermodified hero Jim Shampine and follows him from his earliest days in racing to his shocking death on September 4, 1982 at Oswego.

The narrative includes sidebars with personal views on Jimmy by such notables as Bentley Warren, Geoff Bodine, Doug Hevron, and Nolan Swift among others.

Soft cover, 132 pages.

Price: $20.00

Midgets of Wisconsin: An Illustrated Year-by-Year History of Midget Racing in America’s Dairyland

by Loren Olson

They so out-gunned their size. The mighty Midgets, smallest of oval-track race cars, have been enormous in their contribution to American motorsports.

Since early Depression years, they have fired up at hundreds of facilities across the country – machines both humble and grand but always captivatingly exciting and dangerous.

Loren Olson, himself a former Midget driver and long-time race scorer, has been piecing together this definitive Wisconsin Midget racing history for over 40 years.

Annual racing summaries, photographs and stats from the entire state are included, but Angell Park in Sun Prairie is the focal point, just as it has been since 1938.

Soft cover, 200 pages, 55 B&W photos.

Price: $34.95

Match Race Mayhem: Drag Racing's Grudges, Rivalries, and Big-Money Showdowns

by Doug Boyce

Drag racing is a very regulated sport. In the history of the NHRA, IHRA, and other sanctioning bodies, many classes existed in an effort to ensure the cars racing against each other were as equal as possible. The byproduct was that often the races that were “fair” were not the races that fans wanted to see.

During the golden age of drag racing, fans didn’t care as much about class racing as much as they wanted to see scores settled, rivalries battled, and interesting match-ups. There were the manufacturer rivalries as well as nu­merous driver rivalries. Match races were also a great way to feature wildly popular cars that no longer had a class in which to compete. So popular and intense were these races that many track pro­moters didn’t bother to promote class racing at all, instead using the match races as headliners to put more fans in the stands. And the drivers loved it too.

Veteran drag race author Doug Boyce tells the tale of the history of match racing through the cars, the drivers, the events, the classes, the rivalries, and everything else that was fun about match racing during the golden era. It’s all here, complemented by wonderful vintage photography provided by fans and professionals in attendance.

Soft cover, 176 pages, 297 B&W and color photos.

Price: $39.95

Kar-Kraft: Race Cars, Prototypes and Muscle Cars of Ford’s Specialty Vehicle Activity Program

by Charlie Henry

The story of Kar-Kraft began, as did many others in the automotive industry, with an axe to grind. In 1963, Ford was seriously interested in purchasing Ferrari. Ferrari was a legendary brand with considerable success in racing, and Ford saw the acquisition as a great way to be instantly successful in the racing arena. When Enzo Ferrari realized that Ford would not give him complete control of the racing program, he backed out of the deal late in the process. Ford had spent millions in vetting and audits, which then set in motion a vengeful response against Ferrari. The result was the unthinkable: Ford beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

Kar-Kraft’s story doesn’t begin and end with the GT 40 that took the win away from Ferrari at Le Mans. Ford ex­panded upon the program and organized an all-out assault on racing in general. Cars were prepared for Trans-Am, NASCAR, NHRA, and Can-Am competition. Street versions of the Boss 429 were assembled under its roof. And fabled prototypes including the LID Mustang, Boss 302 Maverick, and Mach 2C were all assembled in Ford’s contracted race shop. And then, out of the blue, its doors closed for good on a cold day in 1970. Author Charlie Henry (a former Kar-Kraft employee) has enlisted the help of many of his former co-workers to bring you the very first book ever published on Ford’s all-encompassing special projects facility, Kar-Kraft.

Hard cover, 192 pages, 332 color and B&W photos.

Price: $27.95

The Race: Inside The Indy 500

by James McGuane

The Race: Inside the Indy 500 examines in words and pictures this highly evolved auto-racing spectacle, which is hosting the 101th running in 2017. Author James McGuane spent 10 years working to capture the essence of the Indy 500 and create a “top-to-bottom” and “start-to-finish” look at this heart-racing extravaganza.

The author has used both camera and notepad to dive into the exclusive domain known as Gasoline Alley. McGuane addresses topics including the painstaking engineering of the cars; the high-stress training of the drivers; and the split-second actions of the race-car teams to keep the vehicles in meticulous condition. Indy’s past, present, and future are all revealed here.

McGuane’s unrestricted access to racing greats, both past and present, offers a dazzling view of the racing life. He has developed and nurtured close contacts with senior Indy officials, drivers, and others connected to the race. Perfect for the avid motor-sports fan, this book includes interviews with many racing favorites, from Al Unser, Sr. to Parnelli Jones, Bobby Unser, and more.

Hard cover,  280 pages, heavily illustrated with color photos.  

Price: $29.95

The History of America’s Speedways Past and Present, 4th edition (2017)

by Allan E. Brown

The new edition of the History of America’s Speedway, Past & Present is now available. This 900-page, library-quality hard cover book is one of the most unusual books available, and an invaluable resource for researchers and history buffs.

The new edition lists information on over 9,000 auto racing facilities, including oval tracks, dragstrips and road courses. It’s been 14 years since the popular book was lasted updated. The 2017 edition lists 1,000 more tracks than the 2003 edition.

The book includes the years each track operated, the various sizes, as well of the various names that each facility operated as. Tidbits about some of the tracks are included, along with over 700 photos spread throughout and articles on the various types of tracks and types of race cars covered.

Hard cover, 900 pages.

Price: $24.95

1001 NASCAR Facts: Cars, Tracks, Milestones, Personalities

by John Close

NASCAR expert John Close covers 65 years of American Motorsports history in an informative and entertaining new book.

Besides providing a wealth of fascinating racing facts, this book also includes dozens of rare photos that take the reader from the famous "Beach Course" at Daytona to the high banks of today's NASCAR super speedways.

This new book is a must-read for any NASCAR, Stock Car Racing, or American Motorsports fan.

Soft cover, 376 pages, 125 black& white photos.

Price: $16.00

Just Call Me Rags: Rags Carter’s Racing Life

by Alan Carter Jr.

Alan “Rags” Carter was a standout dirt-track driver who raced up and down the East Coast from the late 1940s into the ’80s. Originally from the Miami, Florida, area, he came north to race at the famed dirt tracks in central Pennsylvania and beyond – Reading, Nazareth, Kutztown, Middletown. He won consistently for car owners like Dick Meals, Tony Ferraiulo, Ray Everett, and most famously for Harold Cope in the #1 coupes and sedans.

Carter is credited with 45 Modified wins at the Nazareth half-mile, where he won the Modified championship in 1965 and ’66; 33 features at Middletown; 6 at Reading; and at least 100 across Florida.  Among other honors, he was inducted into the DIRT and EMPA Halls of Fame.

Rags’s son, Alan Jr., has compiled a loving memoir of traveling with his dad, constantly on the road, as with so many racing families in those days, sharing the joys and disappointments of a hardscrabble life they wouldn’t have traded for any trophy.

Soft cover, 96 pages, 67 B&W photos.

Price: $39.95

Detroit Muscle: Factory Lightweights and Purpose-Built Muscle Cars

by Charles Morris

The muscle car era, and the era that immediately preceded it, form a unique window in time, one that we will not likely see again. In post-war USA, people wanted to move on from the horrors of conflict, to embrace an era of peace, and to pursue, well, all sorts of things. A whole generation was entering a new prosperity, with home ownership on the rise, gainful employment increasing, the building of suburbs, and a new interstate system connecting everyone. That all helped increase our dependence upon, and in turn, deepen our love affair with the automobile.

It started in the 1950s, when automakers realized that if they made their cars more powerful than brand X and won races on the weekends as well, sales would follow those victories into the dealership. Not everybody was enamored with all this new-found performance, however, and throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s, a struggle developed between building faster automobiles and appearing responsible and promoting the cause of safety. This led to racing participation on an all-out corporate level, followed by voluntary self-imposed and publicized bans, back-door cheating on said bans, and then investing in performance again.

The byproducts of all this activity were some really fascinating and exciting cars. It began with standard-chassis cars growing bigger and including more powerful engines. Then they graduated to being lighter, putting big engines into mid-size chassis (muscle cars), and building race cars that barely resembled anything on the street. Detroit Muscle: Factory Lightweights and Purpose-Built Muscle Cars follows the evolution of the fastest, most powerful, and exciting vehicles of the era, in both drag racing and NASCAR. From early Hudson Hornets, to the birth of the Hemi, to aluminum and fiberglass panel sedans, to lightweight special-order muscle cars ready to race from the factory.

Hard cover, 192 pages, 457 color photos.

Price: $24.95

Steve Magnante’s 1001 Mustang Facts: Covers all Mustangs 1964½ to Present

Author Steve Magnante is well known for his encyclo­pedia-like knowledge of automotive facts. The details he regularly shares, both in the pages of national magazines and as a contributing host and tech expert at the popular Barrett-Jackson Auctions on television, are the kinds of details that car fanatics love to hear. Many feel that these facts are among the highlights of television auction cover­age, much more interesting than the final hammer price.

Steve turns his attention to the most popular car in history, the Ford Mustang. In more than 50 years, the Mustang has taken many turns, from the original pony car, to variants that are best described as pure muscle cars, to the misunderstood Mustang II, to the Fox-Body platform that revived the brand, all the way to the modern Coyote-and Voodoo-powered supercars. Magnante covers them all here, generation by generation, so that Mustang fans of any generation are sure to love this collection. Whether you’re an avid fan of all Mustangs, a trivia buff who wants to stump your friends, or have a particular affinity for a particular era of Mustangs, this book is an informative and entertaining collection of facts from one of the industry’s most beloved and respected sources.

Soft cover, 336 pages, 120 Black & white photos.

Price: $22.95

Buck Simmons: The Living Legend

by Gary L Parker

In the early 1960s a teenager by the name of Charles Leroy Simmons began driving the water truck on Saturdays at the Banks County (GA) Speedway.

A short while later he began his journey, as a driver, into the dirt racing world. Simmons raced jalopies, Modifieds, Supermodifieds, skeeters, and Dirt Late Models to 1012 checkered flags.

In 2001 he was inducted into the inaugural class of the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame. The year 2003 saw him climb out of his famous #41 for the last time. By then he was known to the dirt racing world as “The Living Legend.”

Soft cover, 130 pages, 100 Black & white and color photos.

Price: $19.95

Timber on the Moon: The Curtis Turner Story

by Dr. D.L Morris

This is a scanned reprint of an original copy of Dr. Morris’s book on Turner.

The two were close friends, and it appears that Doc was doing his best to shine a favorable light on his hell-raising, women-chasing compadre.

That said, Turner was undoubtedly one of the greatest drivers and most colorful characters in the early NASCAR era, and for those interested in NASCAR history, this long-out-of-print book is worth revisiting.

Soft cover, 168 pages

Price: $34.95

ISKY: Ed Iskenderian and the History of Hot Rodding

by Matt Stone

To tell the life story of Ed "Isky" Iskenderian is to tell the history of hot rodding in America. This book tells Isky’s whole story, from his pre-war Lake Muroc and car club activities, to his service in the military, starting a small business fabricating parts and making cams in the back of a rented shop, and then selling cams to other rodders. It covers how he grew a business from a single cam grinder and became the leading cam authority in barely 10 years.

Ed's company name went on to become one of the household names in the performance community. His continued success is an entertaining tale of mingling with industry icons, insight into the business of hot rodding, great stories of yesterday and today, and a life very well lived. You will enjoy the stories recorded here as much as Ed "Isky" Iskenderian seems to enjoy telling them.

Hard cover, 208 pages, loaded with color and B&W photos.

Price: $34.95

Cuba’s Car Culture: Celebrating the Island's Automotive Love Affair

by Tom Cotter

Welcome to Cuba's automotive time capsule, filled with classic cars. The story of how Cuba came to be trapped in automotive time is a fascinating one. For decades, the island country had enjoyed healthy tourism trade and American outpost status, and by the 1950s it had the highest per capita automotive purchasing of any Latin American country. But when Cuba fell to communist rebels in 1959, so ended the inflow of new cars. Since then, trade embargo forced Cuba's car enthusiasts to develop a unique and insular culture, one marked by great creativity, such as:

- Keeping a car alive with no opportunity to acquire replacement parts

- Customizing a car with no access to aftermarket parts

- Drag racing with no drag strip

In many ways, Cuba is in an automotive time warp, where the newest car is a 1959 Chevy or perhaps one of the Soviet Ladas. Cuba's Car Culture offers an inside look at a unique car culture, populated with cars that have been cut off from the world so long that they've morphed into something else in the spirit of automotive survival. Authors Tom Cotter and Bill Warner (founder of the Amelia Island Concours) take readers of Cuba's Car Culture on a whirlwind tour of all things automotive, beginning with Cuba's pre-Castro car and racing history and bringing us up to today's lost collector cars, street racing, and the challenges of keeping decades-old cars on the road. The book is illustrated throughout with rare historical photos as well as contemporary photos of Cuba's current car scene. For anyone who enjoys classic cars, from old Chevy Bel-Airs to Studebakers to Ford Fairlanes, a cruise around Cuba will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Hard cover, 192 pages, 160 color & 38 B&W photos.

Price: $24.95

American Iron Magazine Presents 1001 Harley-Davidson Facts

by Tyler Greenblatt

When anyone thinks of motorcycling, whether they are enthusiasts or only casually interested, the name Harley-Davidson immediately comes to mind. Harley-Davidson is among the oldest surviving motorcycle manufacturers; the company began in 1903 and continues to this day. Over the course of more than 100 years, the company has seen prosperous times as well as lean times, changes in focus and direction, evolution and revolution. All of that leads to a lot of company history and trivia.
American Iron Magazine associate editor Tyler Greenblatt has compiled 1,001 Harley-Davidson facts into this single volume, with subjects ranging from the historic powertrains to pop culture to Harley-Davidson as a company and manufacturer. Facts begin with the early years, when a motorcycle was not much more than a bicycle with an engine attached, to the war efforts of World War I, when 15,000 were put into service. During the 1920s, Harley-Davidson grew into the largest manufacturer in the world, and that momentum helped carry it through the Great Depression and into World War II. Postwar development and AMF ownership are also covered in detail, as well as the restructuring and revival of the brand in recent years.
Whether you're a casual rider, racer, or restorer, Harley-Davidson enthusiasts will be sure to find something in this book for that next conversation with fellow hobbyists. This book will keep Harley-Davidson enthusiasts entertained for hours, and is a great edition to any motorcycling library.

Soft cover, 368 pages, 106 B&W photos.

Price: $25.00

The Legends of Watertown Speedway

by Dave Stoodley

First published in 2003, this is another popular book that went out of print and has been brought back to life, with a few changes (mostly removing the advertising that was in the original edition).

The author has done an incredible amount of research, and the book is crammed with stats, rosters, and original photography as well as robust year-by-year reporting on racing action from 1956 through 1974.

Readers will find photos and information on colorful wheelmen like Cliff “the Copper City Cowboy” Kotary, Frank Andre, Neal “Terrible” Tooley, Gary Reddick, Woody van Order (killed at Watertown in 1964), and “Barefoot” Bob McCreadie.

But the book is not a light read about personalities, rather a serious, factual, double-column volume about a tremendous era in our sport. Highly recommended for racing history buffs!

Soft cover, 162 pages, 360 B&W photos.

Price: $34.95

THUNDER ROAD: A Photographic Journey of Open Wheel Racing, Carnivals, and the Iconic Highways they Travel

by Tom Toutz

Travel along the Thunder Road with Ricoh and Tom, as they documented the parallel worlds of open-wheel racing and carnivals.

"Ricoh" is Tom’s camera: an old version, no fancy computerized stuff, just all manual settings with black and white film. Black and white tells a stark and real story that color cannot portray.

This unusual collection of Thunder Road photography is a compilation of race life, carnivals, and an aging network of highways and by-ways that he traveled through “the last golden era”, the decade of the 1990s.

[Toutz is donating all profits from the sale of this book to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.]

Soft cover, 204 pages.

Price: $24.95

An illustrated and documented history of
Fonda Speedway

by Lew Boyd, Andy Fusco, and Jim Rigney

Written as part of the New York track’s 50th birthday celebration in 2003, the book has close to 400 pages and 400 photographs covering all aspects of Fonda’s rich tradition.

Research involved discussions with hundreds of key players from the past to the present, including detailed interviews with figures such as Steve Danish, Bill Wimble, Richard Petty, Jack Johnson, Brett Hearn, and Bobby Varin.

Tall tales are told of notable races and interesting off-track happenings. Appendices provide a compilation of racing records for all major divisions.

This is the original edition, printed in its entirety without corrections or updates.

Price: $24.95

- Unleashed with Kevin Olson
Racing’s Zaniest Hall of Famer

by Kevin Olson with Lew Boyd
Foreword by Tony Stewart

The laugh-out-loud memoir of one of America’s most accomplished and enduring open-wheel racers–and without a doubt one of its wackiest.

In a 50-year career, Kevin Olson has raced Midgets all over the U.S. and famously Down Under, along the way winning multiple USAC, BMARA and other championships. Inducted into both the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame and the USAC Hall of Fame in recognition of his driving talent and success,

Olson is probably equally well known for his off-the-wall sense of humor and non-stop pranks. Like Kevin, this book is candid, nostalgic, and consistently outrageous. Give it to anyone who loves racing and needs a smile to make their day.

Soft cover, 204 pages, 98 B&W photos.

Price: $39.95

JEFF GORDON: His Dream, Drive & Destiny

by Joe Garner

The first-ever authorized biography of Jeff Gordon, the four-time champion racing legend. For over a year, Garner interviewed and observed Gordon at races, special events, and at home.

The book is based on extensive interviews with Gordon – as well as in-depth interviews with dozens of family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues, some of whom have never gone on the record before. Jeff speaks candidly, sometimes brutally so, about his childhood, his much publicized divorce, those he competed against, his family, and life after racing.

This fully illustrated hard cover biography will allow privileged access to a wealth of exclusive unseen and rare material from Gordon’s personal photo and memorabilia collection. Gordon’s meteoric rise through racing’s ranks is a classic American success story.

Readers will find inspiration in Gordon’s candid take on his pivotal life episodes.

Hard cover, 192 pages, fully illustrated with color and B&W photos and other illustrations.  Will be released October 18. Pre-order before October 15 for free shipping.

Price: $49.95
Now: $20.00

LIONHEART: Remembering Dan Wheldon

by Andy Hallbery and Jeff Olson

A high-quality coffee-table book paying tribute to the still greatly missed Dan Wheldon by those who knew him. Written and produced by Andy Hallbery and Jeff Olson, "Lionheart " is visually stunning 216-page book chronicling Dan's remarkable story, as told by the people who knew him best: his family, friends, teammates, crew members and fellow competitors.

Covering his career from karting all the way to being two-time Indianapolis 500 winner and IndyCar Series champion, the book is full of stories and memories, some funny, some touching but all truly captivating. Featuring contributions from legendary names within the IndyCar Series and beyond, including lifelong friend and teammate Dario Franchitti, Formula One champion and childhood karting rival Jenson Button, NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson, and many more from across the motorsports world.

Hard cover, 216 pages, color and B&W photos.

Price: $24.95

NASCAR's Greatest Race: The 1992 Hooters 500

by Rick Houston

Few races have captured the imagination of racing fans as the 1992 Hooters 500 held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. On November 15, 1992, the entire NASCAR racing community tuned in to watch as six drivers strapped in for a chance to win the NASCAR Winston Cup. And what a race it was. Heading into Atlanta, Davey Allison, Bill Elliott, and Alan Kulwicki each had a real shot at winning the championship. On the track, Allison was in and out of contention until trouble found him, which left Elliott and Kulwicki to race for the title in a nail-biting finale. And who could have imagined that a young Jeff Gordon would take the handoff from Richard Petty on this day?

Author Rick Houston has gathered new interviews from Bill Elliott, Paul Andrews, Larry McReynolds, Jeff Gordon, Richard Petty, Ray Evernham, Rick Mast, Brett Bodine, Kyle Petty, and Tim Brewer. They all give fresh recollections and new information on the events leading up to and including the 1992 Hooters 500.

With NASCAR’s Greatest Race: The 1992 Hooters 500 you can relive one of the closest championship contests in NASCAR history, while learning new details about how the entire season culminated in a single lap to determine the title!

Hard cover, 224 pages, 93 color & 26 B&W photos

Price: $24.95

Dirt Track Mania

A Mark Krammes Production

Dirt Track Mania was produced in 1990 by photographer/videographer Mark Krammes. Snyder Video Productions has added this title to its list of historic racing presentations.

This DVD features action-packed nostalgic racing dated 1988 through 1990 and takes you back to when Big Block Modifieds raced at Nazareth and Flemington. It also features Small Block Modifieds at Grandview, Big Diamond, and Penn National, plus the always exciting 410 Sprints in Central PA, with over 60 wild flips highlighting this trip down memory lane. Includes a brief look at micro sprints in PA & asphalt racing.

Tracks included are:Big Diamond, Bridgeport, Clinton County, Clyde Martin, Delaware International, East Windsor, Eldora, Evergreen, Flemington, Grandview, Linda’s, Mahoning Valley, Nazareth, Penn National, Port Royal, Selinsgrove, Silver Spring, Wall Stadium, and Williams Grove.

Original soundtrack, no narration.

1 hour, 35 min.

Price: $19.95

Red Farmer # F-97

Price: $19.95

George Peters #263

Price: $19.95

Billy Meyers #4

Price: $12.95

Herb "Tootle" Estes: The Little Engine That Could

By Gary L. Parker

Follows the career of racing standout, Herb "Tootle" Estes of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Tootle was a multi-talented driver who drove about every kind of race car with four wheels. According to some, he won over 1200 races, including between 300 and 400 in the late model ranks.

He is a true Southern racing legend who has secured his rightful place in the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame in Florence, Kentucky.

Soft cover, 89 pages.

Price: $69.95

TRANS-AM ERA The Golden Years In Photographs: 1966–1972

by Daniel Lipetz,
foreword by Parnelli Jones

Fifty years later, racing fans still talk about the original Trans-American Sedan championship, better known as the Trans-Am. For seven seasons, the series pitted a new generation of American “pony cars”—led by the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro—in closely fought racing at top road circuits across North America. The driving talent ranged from technically sophisticated sports-car driver Mark Donohue to Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones and all-around driving aces Dan Gurney and Peter Revson.

Trans-Am Era: The Golden Years in Photographs, 1966-1972 recaptures the speed, intensity, and intrigue of the Trans-Am through hundreds of vintage photographs, most of which have never before been published and include rare color images. The focus is on the iconic over two-liter cars that attracted the most attention from fans and support from Detroit—the Mustang, Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, AMC Javelin, and Dodge Chargers and Challengers that are still instantly recognizable today.

Along with its vivid images, Trans-Am Era offers detailed captions and year-by- year season summaries that chronicle the Trans-Am’s gradual rise and sudden fall. Author Daniel Lipetz conducted years of research that sheds new light on the series and uncovers previously unknown facts about individual cars, races, and drivers.

All of the great Trans-Am cars are here: the Camaro Z28s that won two titles for Mark Donohue and Roger Penske; the Boss 302 Mustangs that Parnelli Jones drove to victory in 1970; and the AMC Javelins that Donohue and Penske would take from also-rans to champions in 1971. And all the drivers who made the series famous are profiled. Along with champions Donohue, Jones, and George Follmer, there are greats like Dan Gurney, Sam Posey, Peter Revson, Jim Hall, Swede Savage, and Jerry Titus and even cameo players like Indy 500 legend A. J. Foyt and endurance-racing hero Vic Elford.

Hard cover, 224 pp., 200 B&W and 65 color photos.

Price: $29.95


by Len Kasper

Chronicles two golden decades at the Spencer, NY, Speedway. The former apple-orchard jalopy track emerged as a racing hot bed, boasting names like Richie Evans, Maynard Troyer, Bobby Merz, Dutch Hoag, George Fischer Jr., Pat O'Neil, Dick Emerson, Dale Merz, Jim Flora, Roger Boas, Roger Treichler, Gary Cornelius, Geoff Bodine, Jimmy Spencer and many more.

Also touches upon other tracks in racing-rich upstate New York, including Monroe County, Canandaigua, Lancaster, Utica-Rome, and Holland.

Soft cover, 228 pp., 83 B&W rare photos.

Price: $39.95

- The First Lady of Motorsports

by Linda Vaughn with Rob Kinnan

Perhaps the most photographed personality in automotive and motorsports history, Linda Vaughn has entertained fans and has been a premier marketer of automotive goods for more than 55 years.

From her first days as Miss Atlanta Raceway, coming of age while representing Hurst, through her annual appearances at America’s top automotive and racing events, Linda continues to engage fans, drawing long lines whenever she makes an appearance. At her peak, Linda attended more than 100 events annually, year after year, and she still attends more than 25 events each year.

For the first time ever, Linda Vaughn allows her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her career in motorsports and promotion through her personal photographic archive and other photos. Through captions, Linda tells the story of individual images from her amazing memory, with no detail left unshared. She recounts events with racing personal­ities and automotive icons from George Hurst to Richard Petty to Mario Andretti to Don Garlits. Nobody is left out as Linda tells stories about the photos chronicling her career in motorsports.

Linda Vaughn: The First Lady of Motorsports is the most comprehensive gathering of photos ever assembled on Linda Vaughn. Through her 50-plus years in motorsports, Linda has lived it all, been everywhere, and met everyone.

Hard cover, 224 pages, 217 color and 191 B&W photos.

Price: $34.95

- A Collection of my Favorite Racing Photos

by Art Evans with Carroll Shelby

Art Evans was a sports car racer in the 1950s on the West Coast who raced against, and became close friends with, Carroll Shelby. Their intense competition on the track became a lifelong friendship off the track. He and Shelby collaborated on many business projects over the years, including books, marketing projects, projects for the Shelby Foundation, and so on. In his later years, Shelby loved the books about his cars and similar topics, but his eyesight was failing to the point where he had difficulty reading, and really preferred the books that were heavy with photos.

It was from that realization that Shelby and Evans decided to work on one last book together. They both combed through the Shelby archives and selected Shel­by’s favorite images from his racing career. That is almost the entirety of this book. It is packed with photos selected by Shelby himself, and the captions are quotes from Shelby’s commentary on the action in the photo, as well as his memories.

Unfortunately, Carroll Shelby passed away before the book was fully completed, but Evans, following Shelby’s instructions, carried this final project through to completion.

Filled with images that have never been seen in print, as well as images not published since the 1950s and 1960s, this final work from Shelby is a personally curated collection by the legend himself.

Hard cover, 256 pages, 296 color and B&W photos.

Price: $27.95

- Henry Ford, George Selden, and the Race to Invent the Auto Age

by Lawrence Goldstone

Drive! is the most complete account to date of the wild early days of the auto age.

Lawrence Goldstone tells the fascinating story of how the internal combustion engine, a “theory looking for an application,” evolved into an innovation that would change history. Debunking many long-held myths along the way,

Drive! shows that the creation of the automobile was not the work of one man, but very much a global effort. Long before anyone had heard of Henry Ford, men with names like Benz, Peugeot, Renault, and Daimler were building and marketing the world’s first cars.

Goldstone breathes life into an extraordinary cast of characters: the inventors and engineers who crafted engines small enough to use on a “horseless carriage”; the financiers who risked everything for their visions; the first racers - daredevils who pushed rickety, untested vehicles to their limits; and such visionary lawyers as George Selden, who fought for and won the first patent for the gasoline-powered automobile. Lurking around every corner is Henry Ford, a brilliant innovator and an even better marketer, a tireless promoter of his products - and of himself.

With a narrative as propulsive as its subject, Drive! plunges us headlong into a time unlike any in history, when near-manic innovation, competition, and consumerist zeal coalesced to change the way the world moved.

Hard cover, 384 pages.

Price: $39.95

HOT ROD GALLERY II: More Great Photos and Stories from Hot Rodding's Golden Years

By Pat Ganahl

In the best-selling original book, Hot Rod Gallery: A Nostalgic Look at Hot Rodding’s Golden Years: 1930-1960, author and historian Pat Ganahl opened his archives and shared 192 pages and 350 photos of "some" of the most interesting and best photos of his collection. Filled with fascinating images of some of the coolest cars and builders, long-forgotten car clubs, and great shots of the dry lakes, nostalgia fans flocked to grab a piece of hot rodding history all in one convenient package. Well, if some is good, more is better, right?

For this second volume Ganahl dug deeper into his massive archive for even cooler and more never-before-seen photos in both color and black and white to provide another album of great hot rodding photos. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he had more great stuff in old files and folders, hidden away for decades. In this edition are even more dry lakes shots, post-war rods, lead sleds, show circuit cars, and a chapter on marvelous mills. He even went a little later, into the early 1960s.

If you liked the first edition of Hot Rod Gallery, you may like this one even more. Ganahl guarantees that it is filled with images you have never seen, and he offers his commentary and a lifetime of expertise in this selection of fantastic images from his expansive archive. You can spend hours looking at all the details and soaking in the history in these images, and we know you’ll enjoy this book as much as you did the first.

Hard cover, 192 pages, loaded with color and B&W images.

Price: $24.95
Remembering the Kid from Fitchburg

Compiled and Edited by Bones Bourcier

Rivals, teammates, friends and family members recall one of the Northeast’s most popular drivers, whose spectacular Modified career – he won from New England to Florida – was followed by a NASCAR Cup Series victory at Talladega and Rookie of the Year honors at stock car racing’s highest level.

Contributors include Modified icons Bugs Stevens and George Summers, legendary car owners Bob Johnson and Bob Judkins, NASCAR Cup winners Geoff Bodine and Ricky Rudd, broadcasters Jack Arute and Mike Joy, and many more.

All share personal memories of Ronnie B., who had a smile made for victory lane and enough raw talent to get him there.

Soft cover, 264 pages, 100 B&W photos. 

Price: $34.95

Landy's Dodges - The Mighty Mopars
of "Dandy" Dick Landy

by Geoff Stunkard

Landy’s Dodges takes you chronologically through the famous cars of Dick's career, from piloting his first racing mount (a 1954 Ford Pickup) to the historic years of campaigning his mighty Dodges.

Author Geoff Stunkard gives a highly detailed account of all of Dick's cars and his racing results.

The book features archival images from the Landy family's personal collection, as well as modern shots of restored Landy cars.

Soft cover, 176 pages with 407 color and black and white photos.

Price: $89.95

out of Stock
Penske’s Maestro: Karl Kainhofer and the History of Penske Racing

by Gordon Kirby

Karl Kainhofer, an Austrian-born Porsche-trained master mechanic, was Roger Penske’s personal race mechanic, preparing many of the cars Penske raced in the late 1950s and early ’60s. When Penske started the Penske Racing organization in 1966 Kainhofer was the first man he hired as a full-time employee, and over the following ten years Kainhofer became chief mechanic for Mark Donohue’s Can-Am, Formula 5000 cars, Indy cars and Formula 1 cars.

After Donohue’s tragic death at the Austrian GP in 1975, Kainhofer started a second career as the boss of Penske’s engine shop. Over the following 22 years he was Penske’s chief engine man, before retiring at the end of 1997, after 32 years with Penske Racing. Through a career that spanned 40 years from 1958 through 1997 Kainhofer scored a remarkable 170 wins from 535 races, including 22 with Donohue in the USRRC, Can-Am and Indy cars, plus 94 wins, nine Indy 500s included, as the chief engine builder for Penske’s Indy cars from 1977 through 1997.

In researching and writing Penske’s Maestro, veteran American racing writer and award-winning author Gordon Kirby interviewed more than 60 people who worked with Kainhofer at Penske Racing over the years. Hence the book relates not only Karl’s life history but also the inside story of Penske Racing’s first 32 years. Penske’s Maestro includes more than 400 photos plus a complete statistical record of Kainhofer’s amazing career.

Fully Indexed. Hard cover, 360 pages, 400+ photos.

Price: $85.00

Rolling Bones

by Peter Vincent

Great Hot Rods are also Works of Art…Do you disagree? If so, Ken Schmidt and Keith Cornell, the founders of the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop, promise to argue with you until the beer runs out.

Photographer Peter Vincent, an artist in his own right, was among the first to recognize the sublime artistry of the Bones' hot rods. His photographs of Keith and Ken's first coupes helped the Bones get noticed. Today the Bones' creations are recognized around the world as real-deal hot rods that look and sound like something built in the late 1940s or 1950s, but with an aggressive attitude all their own.

Vincent has been there from the start, documenting the Bones' creations, their exploits at the Bonneville Salt Flats and El Mirage and the Race of Gentlemen, and their cross-country adventures to and from their home base in upstate New York. The Bones haven't built a lot of cars, but each and every one of them is documented in the pages of this book. If you are a fan of traditional hot rods, you will never get tired of leafing through the pages of Rolling Bones.

 Hard cover with jacket, 224 pages, loaded with color and black & white photos.

Price: $59.95

Tony Bettenhausen & Sons: An American Racing Family Album

by Gordon Kirby

Over the years, American automobile racing has enjoyed a handful of successful racing families such as the Andrettis and Unsers in Indy car racing and the Pettys, Allisons and Earnhardts in NASCAR. We’ve also seen this phenomenon in Europe and international racing, with the likes of Graham Hill and his son Damon, world champions both, and the legendary Ferrari Formula One hero Gilles Villeneuve and his son Jacques, who was successful in both Indy and F1 cars.

Less well-known with the passage of time, but equally accomplished in a wide range of American open-wheel racing are the Bettenhausens, Tony and his three sons, Gary, Merle and Tony, Jr. The family’s story has been told before by Carl Hungness in his epic “GO! The Bettenhausen Story,” published in 1982. But more than 30 years later, with advice and assistance from Merle and Susan Bettenhausen publisher Racemaker Press decided to take a fresh, pictorial look at the family’s story using their outstanding photo archive along with the Bettenhausen family’s personal collections.

Award-winning author Gordon Kirby has created a visual odyssey of the Bettenhausen family’s epic story, starting with two-time Indy car champion Tony Senior’s first laps at the wheel of a Midwestern Midget in 1938, and following Gary’s, Merle’s and Tony Jr.’s careers. This book features over 350 superb photos and is enlivened by Merle and Susan Bettenhausen’s personal recollections, observations and commentary about their father, brothers and family. The book is completed with full statistical data of the Bettenhausens’ championship racing careers.

Hard cover, 225 pages, 350+ photos.

Price: $29.95

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America’s Racing Trinity

by Bones Bourcier
Forewords by John Andretti & Dave Despain

Twenty years after they hung up their helmets, their names remain synonymous with the sport they carried to new heights. A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, and Richard Petty rose to fame just as the American media – print, radio, and, crucially, television – began to legitimize auto racing. The timing was perfect. In Foyt, Andretti, and Petty, the nation found characters as compelling as any in sports or entertainment.

Foyt was all Texas, John Wayne in a fireproof suit, stomping into Victory Lanes from Indianapolis to Le Mans. Andretti, who’d sailed from Italy with his family at age 15, struck for all outsiders the same yes-you-can chord sounded by another Italian-American, the great Frank Sinatra. Petty, the genial North Carolinian who signed autographs until the last fan went home, put a smiling Andy Griffith face on the American South, no small feat in the tumultuous ’60s.

They crossed paths often, on the track and in the headlines. Take 1967, which opened with Andretti beating NASCAR’s best at Daytona, peaked with Foyt’s third Indianapolis 500 win, and ended with a record 27 victories for Petty. Or the three-season stretch from 1977-79, during which Foyt became the first four-time Indy winner, Andretti earned the World Driving Championship, and Petty captured a landmark Daytona 500.

They even throttled back their careers in near-unison, Petty in 1992, Foyt in ’93, Andretti in ’94. Today all three are revered; as they walk through crowded pit areas, people step back to make way. Charisma never ages.

This is no mere three-act biography. Laced with quotes from first-hand interviews with Foyt, Petty, Andretti, and their peers, and spiced with period accounts from the motorsports world and the changing social landscape, this is award-winning author Bones Bourcier’s history of modern American automobile racing as refracted through the lives of three extraordinary champions.

Hard cover, 348 pages, 24 pages of B&W photos.

Price: $49.95

The Cars of Harley Earl

by David W. Temple

Over Harley Earl’s 50-year career, he created as well as collaborated on the most innovative, bold, technologically advanced cars made by General Motors. As a titan of American auto design, the cars he helped create are still celebrated today. And as an enduring legacy, he inspired a generation of engineers, designers, and stylists.

Veteran automotive historian David W. Temple has researched and unearthed the complete story of Harley Earl's cars, his notable design achievements, and many accolades. Working as a coachbuilder at his father's Earl Automotive Works in Hollywood, California, the young Earl learned his trade. After styling the 1927 LaSalle for GM president Alfred P. Sloan, Earl rose to prominence and ran the newly created department of Art and Color. When the jet age hit, he fully embraced aviation design and infused it into GM cars. He led the team that created the 1953 Corvette, and this iconic American sports car is still going strong today.

Harley Earl's drive toward bold and innovative design spurred American car design during the mid-twentieth century. His work defined the 1950s finned cars and set American automotive design on the path it has followed into the modern era. This is the inside story of these remarkable cars and the man behind them. It's an essential addition to any automotive library.

Hard cover, 192 pages, heavily illustrated with color and B&W photos.

Price: $17.95

Art Pollard: The Life and Legacy of
a Gentleman Racer

by Bob Kehoe

Art Pollard's story deserves to be told, from his humble beginnings in Dragon, Utah, to his untimely death on Pole Day at Indianapolis in 1973.

From a small hydroplane on Oregon's Umpqua River to micro-midgets and modified stock cars on a half-mile oval in Roseburg, Oregon.

A popular Supermodified champion in the western states in the 1960s to, ultimately, the Championship Car Series, achieving the pinnacle of racing at the famed Indy Brickyard.

For some, Art may be just one more racing statistic, but for others he was so much more.

Soft cover, 260 pages

Price: $19.95

Indy 500 Memories: An Oral History of
"The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”

by Art Garner and Marc B. Spiegel

More than 150 drivers, fans, celebrities and others share their personal stories and remembrances of the world’s most famous auto race. Twenty different race winners representing more than 40 victories are among those sharing memories, including the greatest names in the sport: Foyt, Unser, Andretti, Rutherford, Cheever, Mears, Sullivan, Rahal, Montoya, Castroneves and Kanaan. Others include Gurney, Guthrie, Goodyear, Patrick, Power, Stewart, St. James and many more.

The book is as much about dreams as it is memories, from A.J. Foyt listening to the 500 in his daddy’s garage as young boy, to Bev Patrick bursting into tears as her daughter, Danica, becomes the first woman to lead the 500. There is laughter and tears, triumph and tragedy, ranging from Evi Gurney hiding under a stack of sweaty driver uniforms in the back of a car so she can sneak into Gasoline Alley, to Indy’s darkest days in 1964 and 1973. The memories are full of surprises and unbridled honesty. “I felt like I was at the point of an arrow that was being hurled forward by a hurricane,” recalled Eddie Cheever. “It was so violent, to control it for 500 miles and finish a race, I thought would be a miracle.”

Fans and family have always been an integral part of making the event “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” and both are well represented in Indy 500 Memories. Whether the stories are about family traditions or secretly spreading a loved one’s ashes on the Speedway’s grounds, they are often as personal and interesting as those of the drivers. From the first memory by Mario Andretti, to the last one of Ryan Hunter-Reay, Indy 500 Memories is sure to invoke surprise, laughter, tears and awe and is a must read for any racing fan.

Soft cover, 230 pages.

Price: $24.95

"Ohio George" Montgomery: Drag Racing’s Gasser King

by Patrick Ertel with Bill Holder

As a young man, George Montgomery lived for cars. He came of age in the classic era of the hot rod and fully immersed himself in the car culture. George took car building seriously and went on to become one of the pioneers of the sport of drag racing.

From a little shop in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, he built and raced cars that led the world in innovation and craftsmanship. George was a leading participant in the famous "Gasser Wars" match races of the 1960s, where he earned the moniker "Ohio George," while driving his iconic 1933 Willys to victory after victory. The era of the Gasser Wars was one of the most colorful chapters in racing history and George was one of the most successful racers of the time.

Always in innovator, Montgomery built the groundbreaking Malco Gasser Mustang in 1967 and followed it with the revolutionary Mr. Gasket turbocharged Mustang a few years later.

After retiring from racing in 1985, George became one of the most successful engine builders in the country. He is the recipient of the National Hot Rod Association's most prestigious awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award, and is listed as one of drag racing's top 50 all-time drivers.

Soft cover, 130 pages, many color and B&W images.

Price: $39.95

Pontiac Concept & Show Cars
1939 -1980

by Don Keefe

Pontiac distinguished itself from other GM brands. Not only did it create the GTO, Firebird, Trans Am, and Bonne­ville, but the company’s dedicated staff designed, devel­oped, and built some of the most audacious and progres­sive experimental and concept cars. The management, engineers, and designers had a bold and distinct vision for Pontiac, and these cars were infused with their unique passion and vision. With a keen eye on the future, Pontiac created ground-breaking designs to show its customers what was possible.

Pontiac Concept and Show Cars: 1939-1980 gives you a comprehensive perspective of these landmark cars in the history of automotive design. Don Keefe, Pontiac historian and former editor of Smoke Signals, takes you on a fascinating tour of Pontiac’s automotive visions and wildest creations. Some of the cars never went beyond the experimental stage; others became prototypes. You learn the inside story on the design, modeling, and fabrication processes. And you are shown an automotive future that could have been, and the cars that became history.

These fascinating and innovative Pontiacs from 1939 to the 1980s and beyond are examined in exquisite detail. Pontiac fans, as well as auto history buffs, will enjoy reading and learning about these cars as well as Pontiac’s Project X car program. If you’ve been looking for a book that authoritatively and comprehensively covers the re­markable and influential Pontiac prototypes of the past, or simply love concept cars in general, this book will entertain you for hours. Hard cover, 192 pages,

292 B&W and color photos.

Price: $29.95

Lost Drag Strips II

by Scotty Glosson

Fresh on the heels of the best-selling Lost Drag Strips comes a new look at other long-lost and forgotten drag racing facilities from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

In the first volume, the author examined the birth of drag racing and its subsequent popularity that invaded every city and community across America. The first volume was great, but readers demanded more!

Lost Drag Strips II picks up where the first volume left off, covering even more tracks with archival photos of racing in the tracks’ heyday, the cars that ran there, and coverage of the tracks as they exist today. This volume also includes some of the tracks that survived, those that fought off the economic demons and the urban sprawl and continue to run today.

Tracks in this volume include: Fort Wainwright/Rac­ing Lions Motorsports Park, Avenue G Drag Strip, Fre­mont/Baylands Drag Strip, San Fernando Drag Strip, Fon­tana Drag City, Inyokern Drag Strip, Kahuku Air Strip, Las Vegas Speedrome, Continental Divide Raceways, SRCA Drag Strip, Southwest Raceway, Willow Run Raceway, Minnesota Dragways, KCTA Drag Strip, Detroit Dragway, Niagara Airport Dragstrip, New York National Speedway, York US 30 Drag-O-Way, South Mountain Raceway, La Place Dragway, Yellow River Drag Strip, Thunderbolt Dragway, and more.

Soft cover, 176 pages, 249 color and B&W photos.

Price: $26.95

Lost Muscle Cars: 45 Stories of Hunting the Most Elusive and Valuable Muscle Cars

by Wes Eisenschenk

In the world of archeology nothing compares to the dis­covery. Whether it’s related to King Tut’s tomb, the Titanic, or Amelia Earhart, the uncovering of an artifact is worth all the research, work, blood, sweat, and tears. In the world of the muscle car, some of the greatest creations are still waiting to be discovered.

This book is a collection of stories written by enthusiasts about their quest to find these extremely rare and valuable muscle cars. You’ll find four categories (Celebrity, Rare, Race Cars, and Concept/Prototype/Show Cars) within three genres (Missing, Lost History, Recently Discovered) that take you through the search for some of the most sought-after muscle cars with names such as Shelby, Yenko, Hurst, and Hemi. Along the way, success stories, including finding the first Z/28 Camaro, the 1971 Boss 302, and the 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda convertible, will make you wonder if you could make the next great muscle car find.

Lost Muscle Cars includes 45 intriguing stories involving some of the most significant American iron ever created during the celebrated muscle car era. Readers will be armed with the tools to begin the quest to make the next great discovery in automotive archaeology!

Hard cover, 240 pages, 124 color and B&W photos.

Price: $34.95

Sox & Martin: The Most Famous
Team in Drag Racing

by Jim Schild

As the sport of drag racing exploded in the 1950s, two youngsters from North Carolina each rose through the ranks racing Chevrolets. It didn’t take long for one of them to realize that if you couldn’t beat him it might be best to join him. Buddy Martin approached Ronnie Sox about campaigning a 1963 Z-11 Chevy, and with that partner­ship, the most dominant duo in the history of drag racing was formed.

Sox & Martin: The Most Famous Team in Drag Racing is a comprehensive archival recap of straight-line racing’s greatest duo. Historic and modern imagery recapture the celebrated Plymouth race cars campaigned by Ronnie and Buddy throughout their legendary partnership. Also chronicled are the lesser-known Oldsmobile, Ford, Pon­tiac, Chevrolet, and Mercury mounts predating their time with Chrysler. The races, the cars, the events; all of it is covered here during this golden age of drag racing. Author Jim Schild, with the help of Buddy Martin, Herb McCandless, Jake King, Diane Sox, Dave Christie, and others, has created the most exhaustive, authentic review of the illustrious drag racing career of Sox & Martin.

Soft cover, 176 pages, 351 B&W and color photos

Price: $19.95

Winning: The Racing Life
of Paul Newman

The world knows Paul Newman as an Academy Award-winning actor with a 50-plus year career as one of the most prolific and revered actors in American Cinema. He was also well known for his philanthropy; Newman's Own has given more than $430 million to charities around the world.

Yet few know the gasoline-fueled passion that became so important in this complex, multifaceted man's makeup. Newman's deep- seated passion for racing was so intense it nearly sidelined his acting career.

His racing career spanned 35 years; Newman won four national championships as a driver and eight championships as an owner. Not bad for a guy who didn't even start racing until he was 47 years old.

Includes Special Features: Adam Carolla interviews with Mario Andretti, Patrick Dempsey, Jay Leno, Graham Rahal, and Bob Sharp; Adam Carolla restores Paul Newman's 1985 GT-1 Championship Car/Trailer.

Color, 83 min.

Price: $19.95

Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans (documentary)

By 1970, Steve McQueen ruled Hollywood. He was the King of Cool and the world’s most notorious ladies’ man. Hot off the back of classics like “The Thomas Crown Affair” and “Bullitt,” the racing fanatic began production of his passion project, “Le Mans,” centered on the 24-hour car race in France.

But the infamously troubled production was plagued with financial troubles, on-set rivalries and the star’s own personal issues. This documentary film interweaves stunning, newly discovered footage and McQueen’s private recordings with original interviews to reveal the true story of how this cinema legend would risk everything in pursuit of his dream.

Official Selection of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

This DVD edition includes additional interviews with Steve McQueen's friends, family and colleagues and an exclusive interview with three-time Le Mans Winner, Allan McNish.

Color, 112 min.

Price: $29.95

TOP FUEL DRAGSTERS: Drag Racing’s Rear-Engine Revolution

by Steve Reyes

In general terms, drag racing is the fastest form of motor racing; within drag racing, Top Fuel is the fastest of the classes. Top Fuel has always been the leading class in terms of technology, cost, excitement, and speed. Over the years, technology has changed greatly. What started out as a flathead engine, four wheels, frame rails, and a steering wheel has morphed into technological won­ders producing horsepower figures in the thousands and running supercharged nitromethane cars over the quar­ter-mile in the 4-second range.

Over the course of the evolution of these technologi­cal developments in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Top Fuelers were making enough horsepower so that sitting di­rectly behind the engine, as the “diggers” did in the 1950s through the 1960s, was recognized as a fairly dangerous proposition for the driver. Any blower explosion or clutch and bellhousing failure occurred directly in the face of the pilot. Teams and engineers developed the rear-engine lay­out that is still in use today, where the engine sits behind the driver but in front of the rear wheels.

Industry legend and veteran journalist Steve Reyes was there through all the technological changes; he has the photos, anecdotes, quotes, and tales of the era. He discusses it all, including the experimentation that led to incredibly exciting racing and wild mishaps. Join him in the pages of this book where he shares all the stories of this incredible racing era.

Soft cover, 176 pages including 300 color photos.

Price: $39.95

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The Art of Race Car Design

by Bob Riley
with Jonathan Ingram

After building his first race cars out of southern Louisiana junkyards, Bob Riley quickly established himself as a leading light, if not genius, when it came to race car design.

His first major suspension design helped Henry Ford II make good on his vendetta to beat Enzo Ferrari at Le Mans. Riley's first radical Indy car designs, with its ingenious center-hub-mounted suspension resulted in A.J. Foyt's landmark fourth victory at the Indianapolis 500 in 1977.

Since then, Riley has continued to be at the heart of the world of motorsports, working with its most famous drivers at the biggest events, including the Daytona 500, where his engineering helped Dale Earnhardt finally win NASCAR's marquee event.

In The Art of Race Car Design, Riley shares his insights on drawing cars and later creating them on computers, as well as the experience of working with some of America’s best known teams and drivers. It’s a tale told with candor, modesty and humor about what it’s like to work in racing’s big leagues.

Hard cover with dust jacket, 192 pages, heavily illustrated with color and B&W images, plus a complete statistical record.

Price: $39.95

Dodge Daytona & Plymouth Superbird: Design, Development, Production and Competition

by Steve Lehto

In the fiercely competitive world of NASCAR, every manufacturer was looking for a competitive edge. Ford and Chrysler turned their attention to the aerodynamics of their race cars, resulting in a brief era affectionately called the Aero Wars. During the height of this competition, Chrysler and Ford produced, among other things, cars with radically altered grilles and tail sections. Mandated by the series to produce production versions, these exotic beasts became some of the most costly, creative, and collectible machines ever assembled in Detroit, whether in race trim or in stock street trim.

Author Steve Lehto gives a thorough and detailed account of the history of this battle that culminated with the final wars between the Ford Talladega/Mercury Cyclone and the Dodge Daytona/Plymouth Superbird. The story of Richard Petty's defection from Plymouth, the mighty Hemi, and the creation of the street version of these cars all come to light in this all-encompassing tale of Chrysler climbing the ladder to NASCAR supremacy.

Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird: Design, Development, Production and Competition delivers a blow-by-blow account of the biggest races between FoMoCo and Chrysler, along with telling the rich stories of the development of these cars. If you are a fan of NASCAR, or just love outrageous muscle cars, this richly detailed and well-illustrated account of a fascinating era of performance will be a valued addition to your library.

Hard cover, color and B&W photos, 204 pages.

Price: $39.95

The History of AMC Motorsports: Trans-Am, Quarter-Mile, NASCAR, Bonneville and More

by Bob McClurg

When manufacturers’ racing involvement are considered, AMC is not a company that immediately comes to mind. Yet even from the very beginning of American motorsports, the companies that became AMC had some serious commitment to motorsports. From the early Nash and Hudson models all the way through the muscle car era, AMC directly participated in racing. The success of Nash and Hudson in early NASCAR racing, AMC Javelins in Trans-Am racing, and AMC's involvement with Mark Donohue and Roger Penske in both their Trans-Am and 1970s NASCAR teams prove that AMC was "in it to win it."

The History of AMC Motorsports from veteran racing journalist Bob McClurg covers it all, from a Nash-American Motors corporate history, the first years of NASCAR, the 1960s efforts that included Trans-Am and drag racing Super Stock programs, to the Craig Breedlove land speed record efforts when 106 world records were shattered and covered by Hot Rod magazine. And let's not forget the 1970s Trans-Am championships with Donohue and Penske, and finally the NASCAR success with Bobby Allison in the always-curious-looking Matador, which is also covered here.

Never before has a single volume chronicled the events that encompass AMC racing history. Whether a hardcore racing history fan or a casual enthusiast of the AMC street offerings, The History of AMC Motorsports provides a unique showcase vital to every enthusiast's library.

Hard cover, color and B&W photos, 204 pages.

Price: $26.95

Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR's First Family

by Jay Busbee

A colorful, fearless portrait of the larger-than-life first family of NASCAR, the Earnhardts, and the rise of the world’s fastest stock car racing organization.

More than sixty years ago, Ralph Earnhardt toiled in a cotton mill in his native North Carolina to support his growing family. Weekends he could be found going pedal to the metal at the dirt tracks, taking on the competition in the early days of box car racing and becoming one of the best short-track drivers in the state. His son, Dale Earnhardt Sr., would become one of the greatest drivers of all time, and his grandson Dale Jr, would become NASCAR’s most popular driver of the 2000s. From a simple backyard garage, the Earnhardts reached the highest echelons of professional stock car racing and became the stuff of myth for fans.

Earnhardt Nation is the story of this car-racing dynasty and the business that would make them rich and famous—and nearly tear them apart. Covering all the white-knuckle races, including the final lap at the Daytona 500 that claimed the life of the Intimidator, Earnhardt Nation goes deep into the fast-paced world of NASCAR, its royal family’s obsession with speed, and their struggle with celebrity.

Jay Busbee takes us deep inside the lives of these men and women who shaped NASCAR. He delves into their personal and professional lives, from failed marriages to rivalries large and small to complex and competitive father-son relationships that have reverberated through generations, and explores the legacy the Earnhardts struggle to uphold.

Hard cover, 352 pages.

Price: $24.95

Rock-em, Sock-em, Travelin' Sideways Dirt Show: A History of Robert Smawley’s NDRA

by Gary L. Parker

The story of the first national touring series for Dirt Late Models. Robert Smawley, founder of the National Dirt Racing Association (NDRA) was a visionary promoter who was clearly years ahead of his time. He brought money and national fame to Late Model dirt racing and its drivers. His series changed the sport of dirt racing forever. All of today’s national touring series owe their beginnings to Smawley and his "travelin' dirt show."

Author Gary Parker's father took him to his first dirt race at the famed Boyd's Speedway in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1955. Over the course of 60 years, he has watched hundreds of races all over the South and at several historic tracks that no longer exist. He traveled and became close friends with some of the icons of Southern dirt racing and was a crew member for a number of teams from the late 1960s through the 1970s and into the 1980s. Parker holds a PhD. in Anthropology.

Soft cover, 186 pages, 164 photographs, most in color.

Price: $29.95

Thru My Lens - An Intimate Look at the Syracuse Finale

A film by James Liegeot Jr.

A close-up of the Syracuse Fairgrounds final race and the events of the week leading up to it, with cameras inches away from wide-open, full-throttle Big Block Dirt Modifieds.

Stand alongside the track safety crew: inside views of pit stops gone right and those that went terribly wrong. Ride along in the #00 as it paces the final Big Block field to compete on the storied mile.

Plus, the 358 controversy, captured on film – you be the judge!

Includes day by day activities throughout the week and the aftermath as fans say goodbye to a fixture in Northeast auto racing.

Pro Stocks, Sportsman, 358 Mods, USAC Silver Crown, and Big Blocks. It’s all here, with special effects and a dynamic soundtrack.

Color, 103 min.

Price: $14.95


with Mircea Monroe, Caroline Rhea and Justin Guarini

Racing is in Alex Johnstone's (Mircea Monroe) blood. It was her father’s life and it ultimately caused his death so her uncle Bill (Dwier Brown), who runs the local speedway, is determined not to lose his niece the way he lost his brother.

But Alex is determined to prove to Bill, to the world, and especially to herself that she has what it takes to be the best in a traditionally male-dominated sport. And when she meets up with handsome professional racecar driver Darryl Sands (Justin Guarini), the emotional stakes are raised even higher.

Will Alex crash and burn or can she carry on her dad's legacy and make her dreams come true?

Color, 85 min. (2008)

Price: $39.95
Back by Popular Demand!
Special: $32.95


by Eddie Roche

Back at last is Volume 1 of Eddie Roche’s classic Florida Motorsports Retrospective Pictorial, long out of print and much requested.

But the second edition is greatly enhanced with more track chapters; updated track records and point champs; major event winner listings, additional photos and much-improved photo quality. It’s now a comprehensive directory of 150 past and current Florida tracks (ovals, road courses, and dragways).

Even if you have the original, you will want this collectible second edition.

Soft cover, 200 indexed pages, 1500 photos.

Price: $39.95

RAY CRAWFORD - Speed Merchant

by Andrew Layton

Ray Crawford was one of the most versatile race car drivers of the 1950s.

From P-38 fighter ace to pioneering jet test pilot, to multi-million-dollar supermarket mogul, Ray's story comes to life through Andrew Layton's finely crafted text and over 150 rare or never-before-seen images from Dick Wallen’s superb collection.

 Hard cover, 206 pp, coffee table.

Price: 24.95


Join Brian Darwas and the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop on a cross-country trip full of roadside breakdowns, shop tours, parking-lot parties and plenty of racing at what most people consider the birthplace of hot rodding, the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats.

All 13 hot rods embark on a lifetime adventure from New York to Utah, where Keith Cornell breaks the world record for the fastest Ford Y-block.

Enough salt-pit rebuilds, tech inspections and race runs to keep even the most jaded gearheads on the edge of their seats.

Be there to experience the sun on your face and the salt in the air when it all comes down to that Three-Mile pass!

Movie runs 60 minutes, plus 40 minutes worth of bonus features.

Price: $17.95


by Ken Gross

The So-Cal Speed Shop is legendary in hot-rodding circles, and the So-Cal Coupe is a big reason why. Built to compete in drag racing and top-speed contests, this chopped ‘34 Ford coupe, with its iconic white and red paint job, served as a rolling advertisement for So-Cal.

In the third installment of the Stance & Speed Monograph Series, author Ken Gross tells the multifaceted history of this tremendously influential car. At turns record-setting, tragic, and triumphant, the story of the So-Cal coupe exemplifies the story of hot rodding itself throughout the second half of the 20th century.

Hard cover, 32 pages.

Price: $75.00

Shelby Cobra: The Snake That Conquered
the World

by Colin Comer,
Foreword by Carroll Shelby

In 2011, Shelby enthusiast Colin Comer wrote Shelby Cobra 50 Years; the book met with rave reviews, including Esquire magazine naming it "the greatest car book of all time." Shortly after its publication, Carroll Shelby and Phil Remington–the two most important men behind the Shelby Cobra–passed away. In the wake of this loss comes this special collector's edition of Shelby Cobra 50 Years, Shelby Cobra: The Snake That Conquered the World.

The book recalls the early 1960s when Carroll Shelby, a Texas chicken farmer turned champion race driver, had the audacity to think he could start his own car manufacturing company. To further emphasize the gargantuan proportions of his confidence, Shelby decided his company would manufacture nothing but ultra-high-performance sports cars, beginning with the landmark Cobra, introduced in 1962. To the amazement of everyone, except Ol' Shel' himself, Shelby Automobiles succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations, building cars that would provide benchmarks for performance that stand to this day and winning world championships in the process.

Shelby Cobra: The Snake That Conquered the World is a complete history of Shelby's Cobra sports cars and firsthand accounts from the people who made the car the legend it is today. It begins with the events that led up to Shelby's decision to build a high-performance sports car, continues with the story of the production Cobra street cars and racecars, and wraps up with Shelby's continuation cars and an all new chapter with tributes to Carroll Shelby from Chuck Cantwell, John Morton, Henry Ford III, Kati Remington-Blackledge, and others, as well as new and updated material.

This special collector's edition includes stunning poster-sized gatefolds featuring artwork by Hector Cadamartori and is an officially licensed Carroll Shelby product.

Hard cover, coffee table book, loaded with color and B&W photographs, 272 pages.

Price: $29.95

Ford Y-Block: A Performance History

by Charles R. Murray

Here is a true accounting of the many racing accomplishments of one of the most maligned engine series ever to roll out of Detroit. The Y-Block Ford V-8, an engine that provided Ford with racing victories unrivaled by any another auto manufacturer of the time, became a victim of the internal and external politics of the auto industry and the bias of the automotive media.

 This book will document the wins recorded and records set by Y-Block-powered vehicles on the Salt Flats of Bonneville, on NASCAR and USAC stock car tracks, the lofty heights of Pike's Peak, and on drag strips and bullring dirt tracks from coast to coast. Ford Y Block: A Performance History is packed with previously unpublished photos and personal accounts from those who actually made the history.

Long-time Ford fanatic Charlie Morris delivers the ultimate vindication of this sturdy, historic performing engine series as reflected in the current trend towards nostalgic styles of racing. A renewed interest in the Y-Block has fostered the development of modern aftermarket speed equipment. This has led to heretofore unheard of horsepower numbers and performances that have returned the Y-Block to the winner's circle more than six decades after its debut.  

Soft cover, 196 pages.

Price: $24.95


by Dave Argabright

Jimmy Wilson is back with Sprint Car Challenge, the 4th novel in the highly regarded series based on the USAC Sprint Car trail of the 1970s.

Intense racing action, fascinating characters and situations demonstrate why this series has developed a cult following.

Hard cover, 342 pp.









Price: $24.95

Bumps & Grinds

Bumps & Grinds was produced in 1991 by veteran auto-racing photographers and film-makers Charlie and Terry Melick.

This DVD highlights action from Flemington Fairgrounds Speedway during the years 1987 through the first year of asphalt in 1991.

Modifieds, Sportsman, Late Models, and URC Sprints are featured with plenty of spins, flips, and side-by-side racing thrills. 

Original sound track, no narration.

1 hr. 40 min.  







Price: $35.00

A NASCAR Team Manager’s Career at
Full Throttle

by Greg Moore with Perry Allen Wood
Foreword by Leonard Wood

Greg Moore is one of three sons of NASCAR Hall of Famer Bud Moore. Greg lived in an auto racer's world in which his father's cars and drivers won dozens of races and back-to-back championships. Those drivers were Greg's friends, and two died in racing crashes within a year when he was 6 to 7 years old.

Greg chose racing over college and went to work in his father's business, staying there for the next 25 years. He worked especially with racing engines and became team manager for such winning drivers as Bobby Allison, Dale Earnhardt, Ricky Rudd and Geoff Bodine until Bud Moore Engineering was sold in 2000. Greg accompanies his father everywhere making personal appearances.

His personal recollections of a life that others could only dream of, from childhood to adulthood, gives fascinating insight into the world of big-time stock car racing. 

Soft cover, 240 pages. 

Price: $44.95

Ford Total Performance:
Ford's Legendary High-Performance
Street and Race Cars

by Martyn L. Schorr

In the early 1960s, Ford Motor Company underwent a dramatic change in corporate philosophy. Previously, under Ford's young chairman, Henry Ford II ("the Deuce") safety, not performance, was the goal.

But by 1962, even the chairman realized his philosophy needed to change. Ford was nearly invisible to car-crazy baby boomers. Lee Iacocca convinced Ford that he needed to act decisively or risk losing the emerging youth market to the competition.

Thus began Ford's "Total Performance" program. Ford Total Performance is all about Ford's prime racing era from 1961 through 1971. In addition to purpose-built race cars, it also covers production performance cars, specialty models, and unique concepts such as lightweight drag race cars. The book explores the 427 Fairlane Thunderbolt; Mercury Comet; unique V-8 Falcons that competed in the 1963 and 1964 Monte Carlo Rallies; Dick Brannan's 427 A/FX drag car; Ford Indy 500 winning race cars; 427 Overhead Cam SOHC 427 engines as used in A/FX and fuel race cars; Boss 302 and 429 Mustangs for street, drag racing, and Trans-Am; and many more.

The Ford-Ferrari war that led to the creation of the legendary GT40 Le Mans race cars isn't forgotten. Featuring unpublished period photographs, plus photos and artwork from Ford designers, Ford Total Performance covers all of Ford's classic race and street cars, including Cobras and Shelby Mustangs. It's a must-have book for any fan of classic American performance cars! 

Hard cover, 208 pages, loads of color and black and white photos. 

Price: $59.95

Ford GT: How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans

by Preston Lerner

Henry Ford II, "the Deuce," wanted a race car capable of winning top-flight sports car events in Europe. Specifically, he wanted to win Le Mans. Ford learned that Enzo Ferrari would consider selling his company and negotiations quickly ensued. But after Ford spent considerable time and money reviewing Ferrari's operations and negotiating with Enzo, Ferrari abruptly backed out of the talks.

The Deuce took Ferrari's actions as a personal insult. Word was sent down from on high: beat Ferrari. Ford settled on UK-based Eric Broadley's Lola GT, a cutting-edge car that featured a mid-engine chassis and small-block Ford V-8 power. The Lola GT would morph into the Ford GT. Carroll Shelby helped shape it into the "Mark II" GT40. The result was one of the most legendary wins in racing history: Ford's 1-2-3 sweep of Le Mans in 1966.

Ford GT celebrates the 50th anniversary of Ford's iconic victory, providing the detailed back story leading to that historic win, as well as the follow-up win in 1967. The GT40's last two competitive seasons in 1968 and 1969 are also covered, for a complete view of this remarkable era in racing. Author Preston Lerner details the ups and downs of Ford's GT program, accompanied by Shelby American photographer Dave Friedman's historic images. Come re-live one of the most exciting stories in all of racing history!

Hard cover, 224 pages, heavily illustrated with B&W and color photos.

Regulaar Price: $74.95
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Holiday Special: $64.95

LANGHORNE! No Man's Land

by L. Spencer Riggs

Reprinted at last, with all the original content, this
award-winning volume covers the entire history of one of the world’s toughest one-mile speedways, from its inception in 1926 to its closing in 1971. The book won 1st place in the 2008 Book-of -The-Year at the American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) awards breakfast.

Covers the midgets, big cars, champ cars, motorcycles, stock cars, and modifieds that raced there and includes sidebars on drivers.

A hard cover 560-page book, illustrated with over 1000 photos – posed, action, head shots, programs, and memorabilia. Many of the photos have never been published before. 

Hard cover, 560 pp., 1000+ B&W photos.

Price: $24.95

The Golden Age of Top Fuel, Funny Cars,
Door Slammers & More

by Doug Boyce

Whether you’re an avid fan of nostalgia drags, a trivia buff who wants to stump friends, or simply a fan of the big and powerful drag cars of the 1950s–1980s, this book is an informative and entertaining collection of facts from one of the industry’s most respected sources.

Soft cover, 344 pp., 130 photos.

Price: $50.00

The Tex Smith Autobiography

by LeRoi “Tex” Smith

Nobody has had a greater influence on the world of hot rodding than Tex Smith.

Writer, builder, racer and mentor to hundreds of thousands of hot rodders all around the world,

Smith has done it all and recorded much of it for posterity.

Hard cover, 256 pp., 300 photos.

Price: $39.95

Techniques and the Stories Behind the Art

by David Kimble

Renowned artist David Kimble reveals the secrets, techniques, procedures, and the dedication to craft that is required to produce these amazing illustrations.

Kimble’s step-by-step process features fresh, original art of a McLaren Can-Am car and a vintage Harley-Davidson.

A perfect gift for any automotive or art fan.

Price: $59.95
NOW $39.95

DIRT FLY A Biography of
Carl G. Fisher 1874–1939

by Carl Hungness

The fascinating story of serial entrepreneur Carl G. Fisher, who with 3 partners developed the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy 500, as well as creating Miami Beach, inventing superior car headlights, and other accomplishments.

Hungness spent 16 years researching this uncommon and ultimately tragic character, who died impoverished and alcoholic at age 64.

Hard cover, 192 pp., 251 colorized photos.

Price: $35.00

American Open-Wheel Racing

by Sigur E. Whitaker

The world of Champ Car auto racing had changed.

As cars became more sophisticated, the cost of supporting a team had skyrocketed, making things difficult for team owners. In an effort to increase purses paid by racing promoters and win lucrative television contracts, a group of owners formed Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) in 1978.
Soon after, CART split from its sanctioning body, the United States Auto Club (USAC).

Though Champ Cars ran on numerous tracks, the Indianapolis 500 was the payday that supported most teams through the season. From the beginning, CART had most of the successful teams and popular drivers, and they focused on driving a wedge between the track owners and USAC.

Over the next 30 years, the tension between CART and USAC ebbed and flowed until all parties realized that reunification was needed for the sake of the sport. This book details the fight over control of Champ Car racing before reunification in 2008.

Soft cover, 232 pages.

Price: $34.95

A History of Auto Racing in New England

- A Project of the North East
Motor Sports Museum

There has never been a book like this one, a carefully researched and written biography of automobile racing in New England.

A History of Auto Racing in New England celebrates the colorful past of racing cars in the six states on road courses, up mountains, along the ocean’s beaches, around dirt and paved ovals, and down strips of concrete and asphalt.

More than the cars, we have focused on the people who drove them and those who created the stages on which the drivers exhibited their courage and their skill. The early races that make up much of the book were profoundly dangerous; participation required abnormal courage. As we celebrate the winners, we mourn with the families and friends of those who paid racing’s ultimate price.

A few have become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams through New England racing. The majority have participated for the love of going fast, the joy of turning wrenches while looking for more speed or better handling or to hear the cheers of the crowd following a winning Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

Go inside this book’s covers to discover how racing in New England has made so many lives more thrilling and fulfilling – and in ways that could never happen again.

Proceeds benefit NEMSM.

Hard cover, 400+ B&W photos, 304 pages.

Price: $14.95


I AM DALE EARNHARDT originally produced as a 2015 Spike TV documentary, digs deep beyond the legend to reveal the complex figure at the core of "The Intimidator." He was an idol to millions, but a villain to others; a working man's hero, but also a darling of Madison Avenue; a husband, father and friend, but also a solitary man who few really knew. His tragic death on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 sent shock waves through the nation and immortalized him as one of the greatest stars NASCAR has ever known.

With in-depth and insightful interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport, unforgettable highlights from Earnhardt's greatest moments on the racetrack, and rare footage of Earnhardt's life off the track, I AM DALE EARNHARDT is an up-close-and-personal look at the man behind the iconic mustache.

94 min,

Price: $55.00

TYLER ALEXANDER: A Life And Times With McLaren

by Tyler Alexander

Tyler Alexander has worked with some of the greatest drivers in racing history – Bruce McLaren, Peter Revson, Johnny Rutherford, Mario Andretti, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton – as well as such influential figures as Roger Penske, Carl Haas, Paul Newman, and Adrian Newey.

Here Alexander tells the story of his remarkable four-decade career. In 1964 he helped found the McLaren racing team along with Bruce McLaren and Teddy Mayer. As a mechanic, engineer, and team manager, Alexander played a key role in the development of McLaren’s cars and the team’s early successes in Formula One, the Indianapolis 500, and the Can-Am series.

After scoring Indianapolis 500 victories with driver Johnny Rutherford in 1974 and 1976, Alexander left McLaren in the early 1980s to join the new Mayer Motor Racing team. A decade later he returned to McLaren—in time to participate in the team’s run of success in the late 1990s with drivers Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen. In 2008, his final year with the team saw McLaren score its most recent Formula One championship with brilliant newcomer Lewis Hamilton.

Universally respected within the racing community for his experience, work ethic, and honesty, Tyler Alexander deserves to be better known to a wider audience of fans. In A Life and Times with McLaren, Tyler tells his own story in his own unique style.

Hard cover, 456 pages, heavily illustrated with B&W and color photos.

Price: $35.00

TONY HULMAN: The Man Who Saved the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

by Sigur E. Whitaker

Almost unknown when in 1945 he purchased the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its famous race, Tony Hulman soon became a household name in auto racing circles. He is credited with not only saving the Speedway from becoming a residential housing development but also with re-invigorating auto racing in the United States.

Until his purchase of the Speedway, Hulman had not been involved in auto racing; he was the CEO of Hulman & Company, a wholesale grocer. An astute businessman, Hulman made Clabber Girl Baking Powder a national brand and successfully led the reorientation of the family fortunes to include a range of businesses including a beer company, a Coca-Cola franchise, a broadcast empire, and real estate and gas companies.

This biography of Hulman focuses on his many ventures, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis 500 and his philanthropy.

Soft cover, 248 pages.

Price: $29.95

BUD MOORE: Memoir of a Country Mechanic from D-Day to NASCAR Glory

by Bud Moore with Perry Allen Wood

One of NASCAR's pioneers, Bud Moore won countless races in the sport's early rough and tumble days. In almost four decades as a car owner, he was victorious at the Daytona 500, the Southern 500–three times–and at dozens of other NASCAR events, and won three Grand National Division championships, a Grand American championship and the Sports Car Club of America Trans-Am championship. He was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2011, with 63 wins and 43 poles.

The cars built by Bud Moore Engineering have been raced by some of America's most talented drivers, including Buck Baker, Bobby Allison, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Tiny Lund, David Pearson, Buddy Baker, Fireball Roberts and many others. Moore continuously sought to improve his machines, making them not only faster but safer, and many of his innovations were quickly adopted throughout NASCAR and by the auto industry.

This is Moore's story in his own words, covering his early life in Depression-era Spartanburg, South Carolina, his combat experience during the Invasion of Normandy, his racing career, and his family life and retirement as a gentleman farmer. Many never-before-seen photos are included.

Soft cover, 212 pages.

Price: $35.00

A History of the Sport and Business
Through 1974

by Betty Boles Ellison

The book begins with the nation's first organized, sanctioned stock car road race over the Briarcliff, New York, course–staged in 1908 by one of America's early speed mavens, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. A veteran of the early Ormond-Daytona Beach speed trials, Vanderbilt brought the Grand Prize races to Savannah, Georgia, in 1908. What began as a rich man's sport eventually became the working man's sport, finding a home in the South with the infusion of moonshiners and their souped-up cars. The book is based, for the most part, on statements of drivers, car owners and others garnered from archived newspaper articles.

Readers are given an expanded look at the National Association for Stock Car Automobile Racing's 1948 incorporation documents; how they clash with the agreements adopted at NASCAR's organization meeting two months earlier in December 1947. The meeting's participants soon realized that their sport was actually owned by William H.G. "Bill" France, and its consequential growth turned his family into billionaires. In addition to the sport's earlier races, the book covers NASCAR's first decades of stock car racing, through 1974–with an astonishing lack of safety requirements and minuscule race purses paid by Bill France compared to his gate receipts.

Soft cover, 268 pages. S-1461 $35.00

Price: $19.95

Auto Racing, I Gave You the Best Years
of My Life

by Joyce Standridge

Award-winning auto-racing columnist Joyce Standridge has spent nearly 40 years chronicling life as a racing fan, driver’s wife, car owner and track employee, as well as journalist.

Based on hundreds of columns in national magazines, Joyce takes you on a rollicking ramble to share many laughs—and a few tears.

Soft cover, 238 pages, 273 B&W photos from the author’s personal collection.

 Price: $18.95

FAST MEMORIES: Springfield Speedway

by Joyce Standridge and Terry Young

For 40 years, between the first thaw and the final frost, thousands converged at the corner of Clear Lake and Dirksen Parkway in Springfield, Illinois, to bask in the throaty roar of racing engines.

Springfield Speedway became legendary among racers as the toughest, fastest little bullring imaginable.

This is a comprehensive photo journey through the years.

Soft cover, 148 pages, 431 B&W photos.

Price: $39.95

HEMI: A History of Chrysler's Iconic V-8
in Competition

by Geoff Stunkard

The Hemi is arguably the most iconic American V-8 in competition history. Employing a talented team of engineers, Chrysler refined the hemispherical combustion chamber design and created an engine that produced towering performance. Whether the Hemi was installed in a Charger, Super Bee, Barracuda, Superbird, or any number of other cars, the engine dominated in NHRA, NASCAR, and other forms of competition. And in a production car, the Hemi also became one of the most feared engines on the street.

Author Geoff Stunkard retraces the fascinating Hemi competition history and covers the big wins, many championships, and key developments in the engine's life. First, he delves into the development and racing exploits of the first-generation 392-ci Hemi and gives you a behind-the-scenes retrospective of the mammoth effort and resources that went into developing the 426 Hemi. In eight months, Al Ekstrand, Tom Hoover, and other engineers took the 426 Hemi from drawing board to race track.

In NHRA competition, the triumphs and challenges of Don Garlits, Dick Landy, Sox and Martin, and other drag racers are recounted.

In NASCAR competition, the 426 Hemi debuted at the 1964 Daytona 500. Richard Petty qualified second, lapped the entire field, and won the race. By the end of the 1964 Grand National season, Hemi-powered cars amassed 26 race victories. NASCAR stars, such as Richard Petty, Bobby Isaac, and David Pearson, piloted the 426 Hemi-equipped Charger 500, Charger Daytona, Plymouth Superbird, and other Chrysler stock cars to many victories and championships.

In addition, the Hemi set speed run records and closed-course speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

This engine powered many classic cars and took many drivers to the winner's circle and into the history books. This comprehensive Hemi racing history with never-before-published information is a must-have for Mopar and racing fans.

Hard cover, 192 pages, heavily illustrated with color and B&W photos.

Price: $21.95


by Brenda Magee
with foreword by Michael Andretti

Speed has always been the Milwaukee Mile’s hallmark, and the one-mile oval track has given race fans and drivers thrills, chills, and memories for 130 years. “The Mile,” once a proving ground for the latest in mechanical engineering, has seen it all: from harness racing to endurance races, NASCAR, Midgets, Sprints, and Indy open wheel.

The checkered flag has waved at the Mile for greats such as Barney Oldfield, Rex Mays, Al Unser, and Mario Andretti, as well as a newer generation of drivers, including Dale Jarrett, Kurt Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Danica Patrick, and Will Power.

The infield saw its share of action, too, including circus acts under the big top and Green Bay Packers games.

Soft cover, 180 images, 128 pages.

 Price: $24.95

RED CLAY AND DUST: The Evolution of Southern Dirt Racing

by Gary L Parker

A history of automobile racing on dirt tracks in the southern United States.

The book focuses on the first dirt cars of the late 1950s, the "Late Models," the "Super Late Models," and on the dirt tracks and series.

Included are short biographies of 25 famous drivers, with 92 photographs.

Soft cover, 182 pages.

Price: $49.95

Competition Portraits: The Dirt Championship Cars

by Bob Mays

No form of American auto racing has a longer or more prestigious history than the dirt champ car. No form of racing photography has a longer or more respected history than the posed photograph. This book follows the history of the Big Car from 1946 to 1987 and features some of the most recognizable stars and cars from the greatest era in racing.

The good, the bad; the winners, the losers; the champions and their chariots are featured in the moments before the call to fire engines.

Many of the best shots from the top photographers in the history of the sport are presented in a format that lends itself to the study of the man and a critical analysis of the machine just before the battle on some of the most impressive speedromes ever carved into the earth.

Hard cover, 231 pages, black and white photographs.

Price: $19.95

Tales from the Drag Strip: Memorable Stories from the Greatest Drag Racer of All Time

by Don Garlits with Bill Stephens

Since the moment that young men began modifying and personalizing their automobiles back in the 1940s and ‘50s, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits was squarely in the thick of this intoxicating pursuit. By the time he had built his first serious dragster, drag strips were popping up all over the country – primitive at best – but wild and untamed racing venues where home-built creations laid the groundwork for today's multimillion-dollar high-performance industry.

For the last 50 years, Big Daddy has been on the move, traveling from coast to coast with his series of "Swamp Rat" Top Fuel dragsters, electrifying fans and adding to his already immense legend as an innovator, a visionary, and a champion. In 2001, during the NHRA's 50th anniversary, Garlits was named the No. 1 racer on the list of the 50 Greatest Drivers in History. And at that year's U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis Raceway Park, the sport's most prestigious event, Big Daddy achieved what may be his most cherished personal milestone, covering the quarter-mile in less than five seconds at more than 300 miles per hour for the first time in his storied career. Tales from the Drag Strip with Don Garlits is a first-person account of the many memorable experiences this drag-racing icon has lived through in his half-century of nitro methane-fueled exploits. The many races, racers, race fans and race tracks that have touched his colorful career are recounted as only Big Daddy can, painting a vivid picture of his life at speed and the triumphs and tragedies that came along the way. Insightful, ironic, humorous, touching – but all true – Garlits’ remembrances are the next best thing to reliving the glory days of America's quickest and fastest motorsports through the eyes of an American institution.

Hard cover, 168 pages

Dick Wallen's Racing Classics PAGE HERE

Classic Open Wheel Racing VIdeos

Ttles include:

United States Auto Club: Fifty Years of Speed and Glory

When Midgets Were Mighty


Thunder from the Fifties

Sprint Car Classics, Vol. 1

Sprint Car Thrills, Vol. 1

Midget Auto Classics

Roar from the Sixties Vol. 1

Roar from the Sixties Vol. 2

Roar from the Sixties Vol. 3


NEW Classic Racing Videos HERE

1965-1967 USAC Indy Car Highlights

1968 Rex Mays 150 Indy Car Race

1970-1976 USAC Indy Car Highlights

Stock Car Racing USA

Price: $17.95

1964 Watson - Sheraton Thompson Special

Photographs by Peter Harholdt, text by Donald Davidson, foreword by A.J. Foyt

Part of a collectible series of high-quality books on special race cars. This series is for people who like cars, period. Each book in the Monograph Series examines one significant automobile and the incredible history that surrounds it.

When this car took the checkered flag at the 1964 Indianapolis 500, it was to be the last triumph for a front-engined car in the world’s most famous race. Displayed just as it last raced, graced with lots of patina and pockmarked paint, the Sheraton Thompson Special truly represents the end of a fondly remembered era in American racing.

The fourth installment of the Stance & Speed Monograph series was written by the Speedway’s official historian, Donald Davidson, who interviewed legendary mechanic George Bignotti, chassis-building master A.J. Watson, and the man who created the car’s classic paint job, Dean Jeffries, to get the full story of this legendary car. Foyt adds an insightful foreword recalling that day in May and his memories of the car in which he secured the second of his record-setting four Indy 500 victories.

Hard cover, 11x11”, 32 pages.

Price: $17.95

Gurney Eagle-Weslake F1

Photographs by Peter Harholdt, text by Bob Varsha, foreword by Dan Gurney

Part of a collectible series of high-quality books on special race cars. This series is for people who like cars, period. Each book in the Monograph Series examines one significant automobile and the incredible history that surrounds it.

In 1967 Dan Gurney gained a permanent place among America's greatest racing heroes. Driving his Gurney-Weslake Eagle, he won the Belgian Grand Prix and became the only American to win a modern-era European Grand Prix race in an American car. In doing so he defeated such legends as Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jack Brabham, and Jackie Stewart, more established teams like Ferrari and Lotus, and conquered the menacing Spa-Francorchamps circuit itself, much of which was made up of dangerous and narrow public roads that the racers traversed at speeds approaching 200 mph.

This addition to the Stance & Speed Monograph series is written by broadcasting veteran Bob Varsha, known to American racing fans as the voice of Formula One races on Speed TV for more than a decade.

As always, the photography of Peter Harholdt enhances the classic beauty of the car, while Gurney himself adds a foreword in which he reflects on this remarkable car and his legendary accomplishment.

Hard cover, 11x11”, 32 pages.

Price: $19.95

Ken Squier…His Life So Far

Growing up in a small town in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ken Squier had two passions, radio and race cars. He took his love of broadcasting and motorsports out into the world, forging them into a career that spanned 60 years and took him to the top of the sports broadcasting industry. Along the way he helped create the largest independent motorsports broadcasting companies in the world.

As the inspiration and mentor to countless racers and aspiring broadcasters, Ken is an icon in the racing world. And he has grown his single local Vermont radio station into a network of stations that serve the community and state he loves.

The DVD features interviews with Richard Petty, Bobby Allison, Darrell Waltrip, Richard Childress, Ricky Craven, Dave Moody, Barney Hall, Beaver Dragon, Robbie Crouch, Allen Bestwick, Humpy and Patti Wheeler, Sen. Patrick Leahy, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, Dick Berggren, and many more!

Color, 70 min. plus bonus clips.

Price: $16.00

Rex White


Motorsports Art by Bill Rankin

Price: $75.00
Holiday Special: $50.00

Second to One: All But For Indy

by Joe Freeman and Gordon Kirby

foreword by Michael Andretti

Second to One: All But For Indy is a set of remarkable stories of 40 racing drivers who but for a stroke of bad luck, an unfortunate last-minute mistake, or just the intervention of fate, were never able to win America’s greatest race, the Indianapolis 500.

Written by automotive historian Joseph Freeman and racing journalist Gordon Kirby, with a foreword by Michael Andretti, it is a beautifully produced hard cover book covering the years 1911-2014. The book celebrates the careers of these 40 great competitors, who in many cases were true champions, having won many other important races, scoring numerous wins and championships on a wide range of racetracks, from road courses and high-banked board speedways to the local dirt track “bullrings” at the heart of American racing history.

This select group of men includes names such as Earl Cooper, America’s first three-time National Champion; Harry Hartz, a national title-winner who finished second no fewer than three times and became a winning car owner; Lou Moore, whose team was to enter winning cars for three straight years; and great champions such as Ted Horn, Rex Mays, Tony Bettenhausen, Eddie Sachs, Len Sutton, Dan Gurney, Michael Andretti, Paul Tracy and a host of others.

Second to One also provides an intriguing look at the 100-year history of the Indianapolis 500 and includes an appendix of “Second To One” existing cars.

Hard cover, 400+ archival images, 303 pages.

Price: $19.95

Flat Out and Half Turned Over: Tales from Pit Road with Buddy Baker

by Buddy Baker and David Poole

Driving phenomenon Buddy Baker details the most hilarious collection of racing stories, memories, and anecdotes ever published.

Read about the bumps and brawls; the blood, sweat, and tears; and the practical jokes that happen behind the scenes from the very drivers, owners, crew chiefs, and pit crew that make up the heart and soul of stock car racing.

In this book, readers will find names like Fireball Roberts, Buck Baker, A. J. Foyt, Cale Yarborough, and Tiny Lund, along with racing icons Petty and Earnhardt.

A must-read for racing buffs of all kinds!

Hard cover, 192 pages.

Price: $14.95

Great Moments from the INDY 500
Audio CD

Hear the excitement, the drama, the interviews from racing's greatest event, from 1911 to 1974.

A fascinating collection of rare "500" history from 1911-1974. The late Sid Collins, former Voice of the 500, narrates a historical look at the races from 1911-1941, and a more detailed revisiting of the races from 1946-1974. Each of the post WWII races features a few, if not several minutes of actual audio from the Mutual Radio Network or the I.M.S. Radio Network.

There are also broadcast excerpts and interviews with famed drivers such as Bill Vukovich, Jimmy Clark, and A.J. Foyt, as they actually took place on the track.

Running approximately 1 hour & 20 minutes, this recording was originally released on record, 8-Track, and cassette. It has been digitally remastered and restored and released on compact disc.

Price: $14.95

Sounds of Sanford
Audio CD

Jets - Dragsters - Hot Rods
Recorded at the Drag Races, October 14, 1962, Sanford, Maine

Featuring Walt Arfon's Green Monster Jet, SRC Dragster, 99 Jr. Racing Team 1320 Engineering Special, Miller Racing Team Special, Disisit Special, #2 Son Atomic Engineering Special, Bluebird Special, Ali Baba II, Pink Hog, Tappets, and many others.

It didn't matter what size the drag strip was. It didn't matter whether it was an old airport landing strip or not. What mattered was that a man by the name of Walt Arfons wanted to mount an aircraft jet engine on a drag-racing chassis. What mattered was the hair raising on your arms and the constant pounding on your body as the engine built up the RPMs that would propel Walt through the light beams that would give us all the E.T.s and miles per hour of another breath-taking run. Just when the overflow crowd felt that peak of excitement, a bystander is heard to yell "Wow..." and all hell breaks loose and through the timers went the Green Monster in a little over 4 seconds and well over 200 miles per hour.

Like Arfons, every drag racer in that era earned his (or her) spurs through an unbelievable desire to create a better, faster and safer vehicle. They paved the way to the Super Drag Strips of today. And those experiments brought out speeds of over 300 miles per hour and E.T.s so low as not to be believed – in just 1320 feet.

Original recordings were digitally remastered and restored and released on compact disc.

 Price: $35.95

Dirt to Pavement: 38 Active Ovals, Drag Strips
& Road Courses

Photography and text by Saroyan Humphrey
Foreword by Kyle Larson

A visually striking guidebook featuring 38 active raceways in one of the most diverse and competitive regions of the United States – California, from north of the Grapevine Pass to the Oregon border.

The unique character of each track comes to life in over 250 color photographs. The text outlines each track’s current activities with interesting facts, quotes and historical highlights.

A timeline also gives a brief account of the history of motorsports in Northern and Central California.

Soft cover, 430 pages.

Price: $29.95

Ford Drag Racing in the 1960s

by Charles R. Morris

The 1960s was arguably the most important decade for drag racing. It had exciting cars, thrilling races, rapidly changing technology, and most important, factory participation. Among the best high-performance cars and engines were those coming from Dearborn, Michigan. Ford Motor Company's "Total Performance Years" saw a breakthrough as Ford's drag racing program helped the younger, performance- and style-conscious consumer begin receiving some recognition on the street, and of course, generate sales in the showroom.

Factory participation in drag racing pushed the envelope for high-performance developments. In this new paperback edition, Ford's FE-series engine, Police Interceptors, GT 390, 427 SOHC, 428 Cobra Jet, and Boss 429 are all covered in detail. See the cars and the drivers that made them famous: Dick Brannan's Goldfinger, Bill Lawton's Mystery Mustang, "Dyno Don" Nicholson's Eliminator Comet, Gas Ronda's stretched Mustang, and Al Joniec's Batcar. Follow the progression from the early Starliners to the factory lightweight Galaxies to the Thunderbolts, Shelby Cobras, Mustangs, and more.

Accomplished journalist and lifelong Ford aficionado Charles Morris takes you back to the "Total Performance Years" through first-hand accounts and with more than 400 rare photographs. A drag racer since 1966, Morris has been a crewmember for a Top Alcohol Funny Car and a Pro/Stock team, and has run cars in Stock, Super Stock, and Nostalgia Super Stock classes. This book is a must-read for all drag racing fans, not just Ford enthusiasts.

Soft cover, 168 pages, color and B&W photos.

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AMERICA'S WILDEST SHOW RODS OF THE 1960S AND 1970S: Analysis and Opinions from George Barris, Darryl Starbird, Candy Joe Bailon, and Others

by Scotty Gosson

The 1960s and 1970s were a time of artistic excess. Crazy outfits, new-found freedoms of the boomer generation, and the hippie movement all created an explosion of style completely unique to the period and generation. The 1960s and 1970s were also a time of intense automotive enthusiasm. New car launches every September were greeted with anticipation, muscle cars with excessive horsepower were the norm, and the average Joe was rodding and racing every weekend.

When these two forces came together, the results were unforgettable. A new breed of car was developed: the Show Rod. These creations were never intended for use on the streets, and many of them were never intended for any use at all. Customizers designed and built them to attract huge crowds to the big car show circuit that was traveling the country at the time, and in that they certainly succeeded.

What began as visions of futuristic cars eventually morphed into cartoon-like representations of cars. Things got wilder when the model car industry got involved, and then television shows and pop music acts jumped in too. Icons like Barris and Roth, household names even to fringe car guys, made their name in this era, as did others like Gene Winfield, Dean Jeffries, Candy Joe Bailon, Bob Reisner, Darryl Starbird and Tom Daniel, all important characters in promoting, designing and building these insane pieces of rolling artwork. This unique book is a round-table discussion featuring these great customizers discussing the era, their builds, and each others rods as well.

Soft cover, 160 pages, many full-color photos.

Price: $27.95

BUILDING HOT RODS: 30 Years of Advice from Fatman Fabrication's Brent VanDervort

by Brent VanDervort

For over 14 years, Brent VanDervort, owner of Fatman Fabrications, has written a technical column for the Goodguy's Gazette, the monthly publication of the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association. This combines the best of those columns into one book.

Hot rodding has changed from being primarily populated by the mechanics and hands-on workers of years ago. Today, many Rodders have the enthusiasm, but lack practical experience for the problem-solving that makes building a hot rod such an enjoyable adventure.

VanDervort's columns, respected and well read all these years, are designed to answer the questions of those car builders and customizers. An engineering degree and 30 years of experience designing and building some of the most innovative hot rod chassis components in the world give VanDervort a unique perspective on the technical side of hot rodding.

Building Hot Rods gives both new and experienced hot rodders and car builders the information they need. Whether it's help installing a front frame clip in an old Ford, or solving a problem with an aftermarket fuel injection system installed in a early Mustang, the answers that current car builders need are all here. Soft cover,

144 pages, 200 color and B&W photos and illustrations.

Price: $19.95

Denny Zimmerman Grey Primer # 66

Price: $19.95

Sammy Beaver’s #13

Price: $14.95


with Johnny Sands, Terry Austin, Frank Orth

Johnny Randall is forbidden to go near a race track by his mother, who is still grieving the loss of her husband, a champion driver who perished in an accident at the Indianapolis Speedway. He goes to work for his dad's former mechanic, Breezy Bradley, who now repairs Midget race cars in California.

Johnny is tempted onto the track and everyone is amazed at the boy's ability. To conceal his identity from his mother, Johnny dons a mask, and a mysterious masked driver wins every major race. Things are going great, until a rival team orders its drivers to deliberately send Johnny into a fiery crash.

Johnny Sands headlines this PRC production which features fine Midget racing footage, a sport that was drawing 45 million spectators a year in the 1940s. One-half Cherokee Indian, Sands chose his stage name because of his love of the beach. His most famous role was playing opposite Shirley Temple in 1947's The Bachelor And The Bobby Soxer.

58 min, B&W, 1947

Originally: $45.00
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by Henry Dominguez

Award-winning author and Ford historian Henry Dominguez delivers a huge amount of new information, and revealing family detail in The Last Days of Henry Ford.

Contains over 100 images, including the only known color image of Henry Ford in existence.

Hard cover with dust jacket,  366 pages.
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Price: $49.95

Riverside International Raceway:
A Photographic Tour of the Historic Track,
Its Legendary Races, and Unforgettable Drivers

by Pete Lyons

A beautiful photographic history of one of racing’s greatest lost tracks.

Hard cover coffee table book, 208 pages, color and B&W photos.

 Price: $17.95

Stock Car Racing in the '50s:
Pictures and Memories From Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania

by Ford Easton

Stock car racing truly came into its own in the 1950s. At the end of the War, the economy rebounded, and junkyards were filling up with worn-out cars as people started to invest in new ones to replace them.

A very competitive stock car could be purchased at the junkyard for $25 and with another $75, a clever builder could make it race ready. Teams of weekend warriors could compete head to head against well-funded, highly trained teams and have a real shot at winning.

It was a perfect combination: knowledgeable mechanics and fearless drivers in cars that the public recognized from their daily life. These men and women entertained, awed, and inspired a generation of "motor heads" and race fans.

This book, which includes 48 tracks in Western New York and Northwest Pennsylvania, is a tribute to the drivers and other figures who shaped stock car racing in that region in the 1950s.

Soft cover, 230 pages, B&W photos.

Price: $52.00

The Story of America’s Most Unusual Oil Company

by Charles Seims and Alan Darr

Can you believe that there once was an oil company that everyone loved? From the Roaring Twenties until the end of WWII, the Gilmore Oil Company provided its 3,500 stations in California, Oregon and Washington with much more than gas and oil. There were clowns, circuses, lions (even an airborne one), parades, and a host of giveaways and wacky promotions that gave children and adults alike a smile.

The Gilmore story reads like a fairy tale. From its beginnings in the 1890s as a dairy ranch, the family property in West Los Angeles became an oil field, refinery, sports and entertainment complex and a currently world-class shopping experience. On “Gilmore Island” as it was known, Earl Bell Gilmore built a baseball field, Farmers Market, drive in theater and the first purpose-built stadium ever constructed for Midget auto racing.

Gilmore advertised his oil products aggressively in print and radio media, but the bulk of his advertising dollar was spent sponsoring motor sports–and that meant backing winners. The famous Gilmore Red Lion logo adorned race cars at Gilmore Stadium, Legion Ascot Raceway in L.A. and at Indianapolis (five times a winner) and Bonneville Salt Flats. The company boasted that 253 automobile and aircraft racing records had been broken with Gilmore’ sponsorship–and gas in the tank.

Sold to Mobil Oil during WWII, Gilmore stations faded away, and with them a colorful era. Here is the complete Gilmore story, with hundreds of vintage photographs, and many color images of Gilmore collectibles. Authors Charles Seims and Alan Darr spent ten years compiling this book. In these pages, Gilmore roars again. Hard cover,

240 pages and over 300 photographs.

Price: $35.00


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